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God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end my dearest child as you embark on

your journey today know that you may

encounter various challenges along the

way but fret not for wherever you tread

I shall be there with

you my presence will be like a gentle

whisper in your ear a constant reminder

of my unwavering love and support to

even in the midst of adversity I will be

your Guiding Light Illuminating the path

ahead and dispelling any darkness that

may threaten to engulf

you in moments of Doubt or uncertainty

listen closely for my voice will Echo

within your soul speaking words of

healing and comfort allow these words to

penetrate your being soothing your

troubled mind and calming your restless

Spirit do not let the tumult of emotions

Cloud your judgment for I am here to

Anchor you to keep the flame of Hope

burning bright within your

heart when the shadows of fear and

despair Loom large remember that my

light shines brightest in the darkest of

times evil May attemp to seow seeds of

sorrow and doubt in your heart but it

shall not Prevail against the Eternal

Radiance of my love trust in me and I

shall Vanquish any spiritual enemy that

seeks to bring harm upon

you know that my love for you knows no

bounds it is a love that that transcends

time and space a love that endures

through every trial and tribulation even

when you falter my forgiveness is

boundless lifting you up from the depths

of Despair and guiding you back onto the

path of


righteousness do not dwell on past

mistakes or shortcomings for I have

already forgiven you and instead embrace

the boundless love that I offer you

allowing it to wash over you like a

cleansing tie renewing your spirit and

rejuvenating your

soul there are to path set before you my

child one leads to truth and life the

other to Darkness and separation Choose

Wisely for the path you tread will shape

your Des Destiny though the journey may

be fraught with challenges know that I

am always by your side ready to lend you

strength and support whenever you need

it and your moments of sorrow and

despair call upon me and I shall send my

Holy Spirit to comfort you and my word

to guide you my presence is always with

you a Beacon of Hope in the darkest of

nights and a source of strength in the

face of

adversity you are never alone my child I

have been with you since the dawn of

time watching over you with eyes of love

and mercy you belong to me and I shall

never let you go no matter how far you


stray so fear not for I am with you

always my love surrounding you like a

protective shield trust in me and

together we shall overcome every

obstacle that stands in our way for with

me by your side nothing is impossible

and my love knows no

bounds spread this message to those you

hold dear that they too may find solace

in my love and


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