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God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end my dearest child as you embark on

your journey today know that you may

encounter numerous challenges along the

way but in every step you take and every

moment of uncertainty I want you to

remember this I am with you my presence

surrounds you like a warm embrace

guiding you through the trials and

tribulations that may come your

way listen closely for my voice Whispers

softly in your ear offering you comfort

and strength feel my love enveloping you

like a gentle breeze that soothes your

soul I am here to remind you that you

are never alone no matter how daunting

the path ahead may

seem do not let your emotions deceive

your mind for I am here to guide you

with wisdom and Clarity my love knows no

bounds and my forgiveness is endless if

you have faltered know that my grace is

sufficient to lift you up and set you

back on the right

path to not dwell on past mistakes or LA

guil to weigh you down I am here to

offer you Redemption and renewal accept

my love with an open heart and let it

wash over you like a cleansing

tie you have a choice to make my child

will you walk the path of truth and

light or will you stray from my sigh

though the journey may not always be

easy know that I will walk beside you

every step of the

way my Holy Spirit dwells within you

offering you comfort and guidance in

times of need my word is a source of

wisdom and strength a light to

illuminate your path you have an open

invitation to my presence day and night

bring your hopes your fears your dreams

to me in prayer and I will listen with

love and

compassion your family is not abandoned

for I hold them in the palm of my hand

trust in my protection and I will

surround them with my angels shielding

them from harm I am the same yesterday

today and forever my love for you is

eternal unchanging and failing do not

doubt my love for you for it surpasses


understanding share this message with

those you love and spread the light of

my love to all who will listen subscribe

to the Daily manifestation for you

Channel and let my voice continue to

guide and inspire you on your

journey remember my child you you are

cherished beyond measure my love for you

knows no bounds and I will go to Great

Lengths to show you just how much you

mean to me dot with all my love your



father my dearest child as you embark on

your journey today knowe that you are

not alone challenges may rise but fear

not for I Am With You Always guiding you

protecting you and pouring out my love


you in moments of uncertainty when the

world seems to close and around you

listen closely and you will hear the

gentle Whispers of my presence soothing

your soul and calming your

fears you are cherished beyond measure

and my love for you knows no bounds with

each step you take I am there walking

beside you ready to lift you up when you

stumble and to carry you through the

darkest of night

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