🔴God: Luck Will 💯 Leave You If You Ignore Me Again😠 | DMFY-556

God says today watch this video till the

end if you believe in

me in the realm Beyond sight close your

eyes and listen for the ears of your

soul feel the warmth of my right hand as

it rests upon your head a gesture that

signifies the cleansing of anxieties

fear dissipates like Mist before the

radiant River of living water flowing

from my Celestial

Throne extend this profound message of

love and reassurance to others share

this sacred wisdom with of your

contacts a testament to your love for

me subscribe to the channel of Jesus

affirmations ensuring a continuous

connection with the soothing Cadence of

my voice Embrace this transformative

Journey for in unity we shall triumph


adversity my cherished child clings

steadfastly to the promises I have

bestowed upon you especially in times of

adversity believe unwaveringly that my

love for you knows no bounds and that I

am in complete control of every facet of

your life with this profound Faith

Victory is already

yours as each morning unfolds to rise

with unwavering faith and Resolute

determination propelling yourself

forward for nothing can impede your

journey towards Triumph the path to

Victory commences with the earnestness

of your morning

prayers in moments of Doubt when it

appears years that I may not be

responding to your pleas banish those

unsettling thoughts instead Focus

intently on the lessons I am imparting


you engage in prayer and attune your

senses to the goodness that surrounds

you during the challenging times I shall

illuminate your path cradling your weary

arms offering respit and fortifying your

faith allow my promises to be edged into

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