????God Is Saying, So Many Evil\Bad People Will Skip This But I Know You Won’t| DMFY-869

contemplate the Splendor of my being the

boundless love that compelled me to

forsake the Realms of glory and to

extend unto you the gift of eternal life

as you bask in the radiance of my

presence let Jo permeate your soul for

in the midst of turmoil your happiness

becomes a beacon drawing others on to

the source of true

fulfillment when ch challeng is arised

fear not for I am your steadfast

companion my grace surrounds you like a

shield preserving you from stumbling

though imperfection May linger in this

Fallen World rest assured in the

righteousness imputed unto you clothed

in the garments of Salvation adorned

with the robe of righteousness stand

before me unblemished redeemed


look ahead with

anticipation for the happiness you

experience not shall pale in comparison

to the Ecstasy awaiting you in eternity

it is an inheritance Incorruptible

unfading reserved for you beyond the

confines of time and

space in moments of Despair remember I

am intimately acquainted with your

Sorrows your ter prayers do not fall

unnoticed for I weep alongside you take

solace in the knowledge that I am ever

present ever ready to extend my hand of

comfort and


support my heavenly host stand guard

over you shielding you from unseen

dangers fighting battles on your behalf

though unseen their presence is tangible

their protection

unwavering to not be dismayed by the

taunts of adversaries for their words

hold no power over you you are securely

nestled in the palm of my hand beyond

the reach of harm maintain your peace

amidst the storms of life anchored in

the certainty of my

promises dear cherished soul in the

Embrace of these words I offer you a

beacon of light amidst life’s Labyrinth

let us embark on a journey together

where your burdens find solace in the

sanctuary of divine grace listen closely

for Within These Whispers lie the keys

to unlocking boundless joy and



strength as you tread the path of

existence remember this You are not

alone in the vast expanse of Eternity I

am your constant companion ever present

to guide you through the ABS and flows

of Earthly tribulations release your

worries unto me for I am the haringer of

Peace ready to shoulder the weight of

your concerns with unwavering


resolve in the Symphony of Life each

note holds the promise of a new

beginning let not the shadows of Despair

Cloud your vision for I am the

orchestrator of your destiny weaving

threads of Hope into the tapestry of

your existence Embrace The Melody of

faith for within its harmonies lies the

power to transcend the limitations of



Strife in The Crucible of adversity find

solace in the sanctuary of my love Cast

Away the shackles of Doubt for I am the

architect of Miracles sculpting dreams

into reality with boundless compassion

embrace the dawn of possibility for

within its Embrace lies the promise of a



tomorrow with each breath inhale the

asence of divine presence for within its

Embrace lies the elixir of life itself

let not a tempest of Despair extinguish

the flame of hope within your heart for

I am the guardian of your soul guiding

you through the Labyrinth of existence

with unwavering devotion

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