🔴God Is Saying I Bestow Upon You The Gift Of Wisdom | DMFY-366

God says today to love child close your

eyes and take a moment to reflect can

you perceive anything no your vision is


now open your eyes can you perceive the

world around you yes you can but even

with sight there are limits just as you

can’t foresee the future with your eyes

closed or open you must understand that

certain aspects of your life’s journey

remain hidden until I reveal then to you

trust that your assistance and guidance

originate from me and have confidence in

my grand plan for your life there’s no

need to fret over uncertain


have faith and do not waver in your

trust in me for your unwavering belief

holds a splendid reward

to attain this you must cultivate

patient hindrance to navigate through

challenges without losing your resolve

this entrance allows you to fully

experience and Savor the promises I have

in store for you

so my child if your faith in me is

Resolute watch this message until the


dear one your words have reached me and

I am here as a guiding presence during

your moments of uncertainty

I envelop you with the warmth of

knowledge ready to illuminate your path


as you stand at the crossroads of

decisions recognize that your heart’s

whispers are not lost on me

I bestow upon you the gift of wisdom a

Guiding Light to navigate the obstacles

before you trust yourself for within you

resides the energy to discern what’s


when doubt clouds your mind take a

moment to breathe and focus the answers

you seek are nestled within your Soul’s


if you resonate with this acknowledge by

typing .

as you journey through life remember

that even in moments of doubt I am by

your side a gentle whisper guiding you

through Shadows embrace your instincts

honor your values and to Envision the

future you wish to manifest

each step you take however small Bears

witness to your strength and courage

man if you believe in God and share this

video with people who need it most


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