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God is speaking to you right now someone is attempting to remove this person from

your life in one way or another I have some serious business to discuss with

you today your kind Heavenly dad about the individuals you hold most dear in

your life I would want to talk to you today about some very important issues

that have an impact on the people you cherish most in your life your family is

getting ready for an amazing Innovative path that is going to take place in your

house really quickly these circumstances have led to your worries and your

emotions of dread and grief happiness and unexpected Financial canes will soon

be yours to experience problems will be resolved shortly these benefits will

result from the obstacles that have been causing you financial hardship

everything has been made possible by God’s favor if you want amazing

accomplishments stick around till the very end of this video I am aware of the

missteps you have had over the past several years I apologize if you thought

this was heavy on you while traveling you could have encountered

difficulties experienced blowback or perhaps lost something significant

nevertheless I want you to believe me when I say that this year will be one of

the finest of your life to better help you I will collaborate with you to

regain control over your assets contacts and health you won’t have to wait too

long for your dreams to come true that being stated you ought to have a

grateful and trusting attitude at all times before long your dreams will come

true if you have faith in God please like and share this video always keep in

mind that trust is the key that opens the door and provides the means for you

to obtain my entire Wellness even while it might not seem like there is a

solution if you have faith in me I will find one right now the almighty is

working in your life to make changes that will please him you accept him into

your existence he will transform all of your sadness into joy and you will go

from being in need to having enough he will do this for you with the assistance

of the spirit of Christ he will thus be successful in reaching this goal in

order to win God’s approval it is necessary that you watch this video

through to the end this includes ignoring any sequences that are

Superfluous my dear children be ready for an abundance of presence prosperity

and victories in the next year I look forward to hearing about the financial

miracle that will take away all of your worries when you get up early tomorrow

morning to allow me to work my magic on your life kindly grant me your trust I

plan to write about the amazing things that come about as a consequence never

lose sight of the fact that I adore you and he I’m here for you whenever you

need me this is something you should never ignore I want you to realize that I am a

God who is closed to you not some distant imp personal Force I want you to understand this I

would want to ask that you not think of me as a personality God I care about all

of your needs and the objectives you have set for yourself please be truthful and upfront

with me please communicate with me in the same way that you would a close

friend additionally I want you to hear me out in the same way that it devoted

parent would if you truly believe in God and the Christian faith you should

definitely subscribe to this channel nobody else except God your

gracious Creator all that lies in between the sun Stars Earth oceans

Summits and everything else is a creation of God you see I am the one who gave birth

to you the one who made you in my image and I love you beyond

expression you were formed by the version of me that I have constructed

this is your mom talking I am the one who is always there to support console

and keep an eye on you you have my friendship you should

never lose sight of the fact that I cherish you more than anything you are

my favorite child and I promise to support you no matter

what I promise to completely remove all of your anxiety fear tension and

unhappiness and to replace it with my boundless loveed Serenity

regeneration and rewards I will take away all the tension

worry anxiety and suffering you are now experiencing ing my most adorable child

you have been through this pain for a longer period of time and anyone

else to to you have been Clinging On to commitments and anxieties that are not

your own rather than letting them go Additionally you have been carrying

duties that are not yours this is because initially you lacked the legal

right to keep children under your care for a very long time you have been

persuading yourself to give up everything in order these anxieties that

aren’t even truly yours to experience have complete faith in me

despite these obstacles now is the moment to let go of this I know that you

have been praying for some sort of heavenly intervention to happen

my little child you’ve been pleading for things to go better for a gift to find you and for

something to work out initially furthermore I want you to know that the

Lord has heard and answered your prayers I want you to take this to heart

because I know that you will leave this experience the happiest healthiest

richest person on the Earth I’ll be the one to find you a feasible

answer even in circumstances when it seems impossible to fix the problem I

truly can restore you to health reconstruct you and give you the strength you

require my darling I promise you that you will conquer your fear you shouldn’t

doubt my tenacity or my Zeal I am a God who can accomplish and thinkable things

there is just one God the Creator God and the worker God I can tackle any

assignment no matter how large or little or how difficult a barrier is for me to

get beyond all of these things are within my reach I am the beginning and the end the

Alpha and the Omega the first and the last I am not just one of these things I

am all of these things all of these things are who I am I am the Divine

entity that brought you into being the knowing and loving God who sacrificed

his life to save you the God who perished on the cross for you and The

God Who resurrected from the dead I am the god who created you the God who

knows you the Lord who died for you and I want you my child to be able to have

total faith in me this is the reason I am dying for you I want you to Value

nothing more than supporting me and to entirely surrender to me in every area

of your life I want you to share with me your dreams aspiration and worries but

also your problems fears doubts and

rigidity I would be curious to learn everything please bring them all to me

and then give them to me so that I could take care of them from then on it would

be my hope that you would accept my promises and recognize that I am who I

say I am I want you to know that I am here for you whenever you need me even

when you are not able to perceive hear or see me you should know know that you

can depend on me at all times you can rely on me to support you through

whatever challenge as we Face together My Sweet Child you have to realize how

genuine I am establish a strategy for the future of your life you ought

to understand that I want the best for you an approach that is both visually

appealing and perfect in every manner is the greatest one it also works this

strategy would provide you was something to look forward to and happily

anticipate in the future we developed a stronger relationship as a result so you

shouldn’t worry too much about my little child make a plan since nothing bad will

happen to you be careful not to let someone trick you in to believing that

this is a really difficult or demanding assignment fight the impulse to convince

yourself that you are not deserving of it or that you lack the skills necessary

to obtain it for for because above all the members of my family you have my

atmost respect I have given this specific task a lot of thought before

choosing to assign it to you type for if you believe in God

should you heed my advice and continue to have total confidence in me you’ll

follow me to the life I have in store for you please only have faith in me

that is all that is required of you Jesus’s love and compassion for you

never waver despite the fact that you have violated him and other people Jesus

still has room in his soul and is able to provide for you right now never

forget that I am always at your sigh my sweetest little one I am not going away

because I will always be the one to hold you in my palm and I promise never to

abandon you I am the one who will never leave you because I am the one who puts

one foot into the hollow of my hand and hold you there I am opening a door that

a guy will never be able to close after he passes through it the exciting

surprises are noted there that I have prepared for you you will be utilized

only by yourself and no one else will have access to you nothing will ever be

able to take it away from you no matter how hard they try you will find yourself

in a favorable scenario on a big scale something that has never happened to you

you’ll also find that this is a circumstance you’ve never encountered before you must make sure you are

prepared to handle the information that will be given to you you have to have an

open mind about this circumstance collectively with an open heart as a response

Jesus repli I understand that some of you may feel overlooked or forgotten as

I also experience these feelings however he also assures them that he hasn’t

forgotten about them in anyway throughout this entire time I’ve been

working really hard in the background even though everything is set to go in

order to make the most of your time and go forward even though you might not have seen it

yet it’s crucial to have faith that it is on its way to you even if it’s

something you’ve never seen before what I offer is boundless Joy come to me when

you’re tired of the Sensation that there is no hope confused and furious with

yourself I’m prepared to assist you you are now unable to even begin to

comprehend the blessings that I will bestow onto your life I guarantee that

it will be completed I genuinely promise in God’s name that I will never leave

you and that I will be there to support you any time you need it in whatever way

you see appropriate I am the Beacon of Hope The Guiding Light among the Roaring

darkness and the Tempest of pessimism we we are a single entity you won’t have

time too reflect on how alone you are you’ll have entertainment while you’re

with me I am aware of the difficulties you are now facing together with your

hardships and anguish personally could you please help us spread the news by

sharing this video it’s imperative that you understand that my goal in being

here is to support guy and assist you on your road to

recovery I promise to always be there for you I have a keen understanding of

both the challenges that life presents and those that still need to be

surmounted nevertheless I want you to know that I’m putting in a lot of effort

to improve the situation for your family I am aware that obstacles still remain

in our way and that life can be difficult at times you only need to come

to me in order to feel empowered and too acknowledge that you want me to be a

part of your life I promise to honor you and your family and heal every aching

part of your body I’m going to start this healing process right away I treat

you thus it is important to me to help you and and I want to help you because

of this since you have been looking forward to a fresh start for some time

you are all quite thrilled about the prospect of getting one today recognize

that this Fresh Start is not only a pipe dream but at least a real possibility

you will soon be rid of the Restless thoughts racing heart and trouble

falling asleep I think you should be able to trust me have faith in me and

acknowledge that I am working behind the scenes to put together the best course

of action for your welfare I am the one who knows what’s best for you I would

want to draw your attention to something that I believe is incredibly important

the idea of forgiveness you may expect your spiritual father to forgive people

who have wronged you just as he would forgive you for your faults if you are

not able to forgive then we will not accept your repentance granting

forgiveness to others is a crucial act even if it’s not always an easy chore to

complete this has made you feel less burdened by the anger rage and

bitterness you have been dragging around something only someone like me can

provide the ability to live the remainder of your life in peace not only

am I always here but even when you can’t see me I still shine brightly like the

sun I am similar to Sunshine in that regard even though you aren’t able to

feel my presence directly know that I am always available to help you in some

manner if I am invisible to you I am just like the surrounding Heir I love

you and I will always love you and I will try to raise you the way a parent

raises their kid you must never forget that I am the god of Miracles little

ones this must constantly be kept in mind I am the god who created the bridge

across the sea of reeds cured the sick and brought the dead back to life all

you have to do is trust me believe in me and have confidence in me because I am

the god capable of the most amazing things I just ask that you believe what

I say have confidence in myself have faith in my talents I want to reassure

you that you are not alone in suffering through whatever it is that you are

going through at this moment because you’re not the only one going through it

not just your father but your close friend and me your God are at your

disposal I’ve come to really make you happy to support you and to guide you in

the right direction I’ll be here for you at all times my presence here is

intended to assist you now all you have to do is attempt to connect with me put

your trust in me and reach out to to me this is all that is required of you I

swear to you that I will constantly pay close attention to what you have to say

and make sure I’m prepared to live up to the standards you have set for me my

children I want you to know that I have a plan for you and that plan is

something you should follow for the rest of your lives I pledge to always follow

through on my commitments I want you to do this because I want the best for you

it’s a good tactic if you follow this procedure you’ll have hope for the

future and a future of your own it’s this that will bring you Prosperity I am

aware that it is sometimes hard to finish but I also recognize its

necessity there is no other way to truly feel feel the breadth of my love the

profundity of my kindness and the Majesty of my purpose in this world it’s

now time for you to truly experience the event in your life that you have been

anxiously awaiting for a very long time dot it’s now time for you to start

reaping the benefits of your prayers which I have reserved for you because of

your exceptional consistency and praying your intercession will result in you

bearing the fruit that I had planned for you it’s about time you started to enjoy

the fruits of your labors as you have put in a lot of work even though I am

well aware of the difficult experiences you have experienced I still want you to

know this my goal is to provide you as much financial support and help as I can

considering that in keeping with my grandure I would attend to all of your

demands you don’t have to be concerned about how you’re going to pay for your

expenses I’ve got everything covered for you if there doesn’t seem to be a

solution for how you’re going to pay for your bills right now you shouldn’t worry

about it despite the fact that you trusted me I will locate one for you I

am also aware that you have been facing obstacles with every relationship that

constitute your identity I am aware of how awful things are here I have no

doubt that everything in your love life is going to blow up in your face but you

will just have to have faith in my prediction if you think there is a God

please watch the entire video for you I know who’s best and someone who will

embrace you without any preconceived notions about who you are and motivate

you to reach your greatest potential in life as I am that person I am familiar

with this individual the Essential Elements of strength are endrance and faith that I

will bring this person into your life at the appropriate moment I will present

them to you and bring them into your life at the precise time that it is

supposed to occur you can’t lose by pursuing your sincere interests and

objectives thus don’t be afraid to dream big and follow your heart’s genuine

wishes I constructed you with the expectation that you would accomplish

the mission I intended for you to do never forget that I didn’t just take you

this far because I could I did it because I thought about you and want the

best for you I have big plans for you plans that will help you grow and not

hurt you plans that will give you hope for the future I’ve considered these

ideas because I care about you and I want the best for you despite the

impression that you are working alone I find these preparations fascinating God

assures you that he will be by your sigh holding your hand and directing you at

every turn even when it seems like you’re working alone all the time I will

strengthen you support you and keep the right hand of my Justice at your side I

am always considering your Viewpoint if you believe in me I will

per perform miracles in your life and provide you benefits you can’t even

begin to conceive as your Eternal Father I much enjoy performing you favors I am

now one step closer to fulfilling my responsibility I pray that you always

have God’s favor please don’t lose hope in me I pledge to keep all of my

promises to you I am fully aware that life May occasionally provide difficult

times in addition to unpleasant and Melancholy times and difficult to handle

situations but I also want you to realize that no matter what you are

never alone no matter what the situation you never feel alone I promise that even

in the face of adversity I will never leave you alone keep an eye on you and

per provide guidance if only you would welcome me into your life on Earth I swear to take

away from your soul all the suffering you are now going through and replace it

with eternal Joy satisfaction and peace all I ask of you

is that you let me into your daily life by opening your doors to ensure that no

one who follows me and believes and me is ever without water all you have to do

is open the door for me to enter will never go without food there will never

be hunger for those that seek me out I am the living bread so whomever comes to

me will never thirst or go hungry if you believe in me and to embrace me you will

never experience hunger or thirst if you come to me I will take care of all your

requirements I want to share with you my vision of an abundantly wealthy life

both in terms of material belongings and spiritual Prosperity comment amen if you believe

in God I’m waiting for you to come to me by extending out my arms because I truly

can’t wait to give you a hug when you do I promise not to refuse your request

again in the future I am aware that there are times when you find it hard to

put your faith in me particularly when confronted with tense circumstances I

speak from personal experience when I say this since I have already been in

your position I have the authority to Enlighten you even if you are unable to

view my work please keep in mind that I constantly work very hard behind the

scenes please keep this in mind determine your life’s purpose and

ensure that it does not include engaging in any unpleasant activities you’ll have

something to look forward too and a sense of optimism for the future since

I’m going to be talking to you about another strategy shortly I truly want

you to be aware of this one get ready my precious child as I am

about to demonstrate to you my generosity and love Advance has already

been made to guarantee that you receive a promotion have time to heal and are

let go from your current deis you have trust in me and made that

choice so even if you can’t see it right now it is still there looks like there

aren’t any but I’ll open doors for you nevertheless you still believe and

have trust in me looks like there aren’t any but I open doors for you since I am

the deity who can make something seemingly impossible happen I’m prepared

to take on a whatever Duty you give me always keep in mind that you are the

most significant person in my life and that my love for you is unfathomable you

should come to me and let me take care of you because I want nothing less than

the best for you should you allow me to be your life’s Mentor it will become clear to

you that life is full of wonder and Beauty you will discover that what I say

is accurate if you decide to live your life with me as your guide and if you

have faith in me for you and the fact that you are weak my favor suffices

gives me the chance to prove how strong I really am I swear that I will never

leave you behind and that I will always pay attention to the prayers you offer

up on my behalf prepare to receive your Miracle as well as your blessing and

prepare to do it today prepare to act upon this now I was the one who created

the universe considering each of you and your unique needs at every stage of the

procedure I have given you the means to fulfill the purposes and destinies I

have fashion for your existence Destinies that are exclusive to you and

no one else I have granted you extraordinary powers and powers that are

unique to you and I have provided you with all you need to live a complete and

satisfying life on the other hand there are times when you could feel alone and

cut off from the world it’s possible that you’ll feel as though you’re

stumbling around in the dark while you search for solutions that are evading

you this is a result of your on going Hunt For answers that evade you but I do

want you to know that I am always available to you and that I am waiting

for you to come to me so that I may provide you advice and ideas I want you to know that you can

count on me at all times I shall be the light that leads the way for you the

life that will satisfy you and provide for you and the truth that will set you

free permit me to explain the process to you over the next weeks there will be

significant improvements in your love connections financial status and

physical health all of which will bring you a great deal of

enjoyment God has spoken to him on the job telling him that the happiness that

is about to arrive is incomp to the misery that you have been going through

at work early in the morning as when this miracle will happen this is going

to be a miracle occurrence that happens early in the morning God has told you

that you are about to enter a new season when things will start to go your

way this is a very encouraging message for you today you should have gotten it

you will get an abundant of benefits and the course of your life will alter for

the better as long as you let me be your tutor in life you will come to the

conclusion that life is amazing and beautiful if you choose to depend on me

and use me as your guide in life I can assure you that all I say is true your

Frailty says volumes about you you don’t need my favor give gives me the ability

to demonstrate my actual strength I promise that I will never abandon you

and that I will always be aware of the prayers you say for me God promises that

all of your questions worries and sorrow will go and be replaced with calmness

blessings affection and healing he claims that everything will happen in

due course and that he will remove all of your anxieties concerns and

challenges when you get to the Gates of Heaven pray frequently and kindly then

God will respond amen I was occupied with you child never forget that no

matter what you are going through God will get you through it type our man if

you believe in God


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