🔴 I WILL LAUGH AGAIN ✝️ IF YOU WATCH THIS MESSAGE 🙏|| Gods message today #jesus

greetings my darling child Angels

Guardians of the afterlife are here to

shed light in the darkest Mysteries of

the universe they are here to provide as

a reminder that we are being approach by

a spiritual entity they implore us to

think about the potential that we are

receiving information from sources other

than our own

perceptions it’s possible that dreams

Visions or other concrete Clues are ways

in which Spirits are communicating with

us through symbols signals or even

messages Angels ask us to think about

the idea that we are receiving signals

from the Hereafter when they advise us

to be patient and attentive additionally

they want us to know that we can ask

them or our own higher selves for

guidance and that we can have faith in

the responses we get if you feel that

you are receiving guidance from Beyond

pay close attention and weigh all your

possibilities please like this video If

you believe in God congrats on reaching

this far you deserve it the struggles

you faced are most likely not well

recognized not many people know about

this but it’s it seems like God is

always there to pull you back up he has

never failed you so you can put your

trust in him without fear it’s obvious

that nothing you’ve gone through has

altered the way you look there is hope

because God has not given up on you when

God unveils his intentions for you those

who question you will be shocked simply

press the Amen key if you concur when

those Now or Never moments present

itself don’t back down or allow fear

talk you out of it or allow the

hypothetical scenarios to drag you down

don’t be afraid to try something new and

explore the unknown even while you might

not know how things will work out at

first as you pred amazing things will

happen and a path will be created that

no one and stop take a risk and I

promise you will reap the rewards gain

prominence leave a lasting Legacy for

this generation and accomplish all of

your greatest dreams you are going to

succeed God is telling you today the

tide is Shifting the enemy is slipping

away from him it is not time to give up

just yet I have given you a talent that

the world world needs please get up and

move you have job to do you are valuable

and you have the power to alter people’s

lives all you have to do is put your ass

in the corresponding box to claim it

don’t give up on reaching the top I’ll

be your leader and messenger nobody or

anything else can stop you climb you are

now moving on to the next stage it’s

time to completely give me your fears

your shortcomings your sadness and even

your loved ones for this reason I’m

hoping for your full we can work

together to improve this planet if you

can put your faith first and let go the

fear that has been holding you back stop

trying so hard to grasp it don’t let

your doubts or issues about me control

you or your circumstances just one thing

I need you to tell me right now is who

you trust Mark yes if you believe in the

existence of God you are already endowed

with an endless array of advantages

infinite healing has already taken place

your dreams have already come true what

is beneficial for you is abundant and

unadulterated these incidents have come

to together to form a cohesive whole in

some other reality you just need to

embrace and bring them to reality there

is nothing else to look for everything

you need is right here to navigate the

quantum Universe you’ll need to adopt

new cognitive processes put your eyes

aside and begin navigating to the

frequencies you’re looking for with your

other senses if you love God please

subscribe to our Channel you’re at a

point in your life where you’re not only

at teas more than ever but you’re also

working harder than ever to accomplish

your goals you acknowledge that this

time is special and that helps to

clarify why this is the last step as you

are well aware you are building the life

you have always dreamed of having

everything is in its proper place

everything is starting to come together

after all your hard work you may finally

unwind you have to formidable parts that

have never collaborated before this is

the necessary Synergy enter I am

becoming aware and confirm with this

keyboard you’ll be able to draw even

more success into your life into your

mind body soul and pocketbook with your

newly acquired understanding this is

going to be the best financial year of

your life prepare for an exceptional

chance tailored just for you your

results have increased exponentially as

a result of your commitment to daily

development this is going to be the best

financial year of your life prepare for

an exceptional chance tailored just for

you your results have increased

exponentially as a result of your

commitment to daily development nothing

happens by coincidence but when you

choose to think thoughts that align with

your idea life you may elevate your

internal frequency to the point where

everything is possible the secret is

feeling miracles happen when you say

think and behave like the person you

want to be yes answers signify agreement

you already live with the heightened

awareness in fact you are capable of

making wise and foolish decisions since

you are mature and perceptive it makes

sense that in light of what you’ve

lately learned you would concentrate on

creating favorable events and results in

your life stated differently you’ve

become a better thinker you can now see

reality since your eyes have been opened

you should put all of your effort into

taking the best course at this time you

are equipped with all the necessary

resources to navigate the unexpected

turns and turns that life may present

the blessing of a plentiful life was

bestowed to you assume responsibility

for it this month will bring about a lot

of changes a lot of the things you’ve

been itching for completion finally come

to a conclusion at the end of the year

your passion for your visions and dreams

will return throughout this time the

idea is to move forward steadily without

falling over your best days are yet

ahead of you so have faith in the web of

energy at work on your behalf and trust

this ongoing process to be sure type I

am ready to shine everything is coming

together for your benefit everything

taken into account the cosmos would like

you to be aware that reality the only

reason there is Discord Among Us is due

to how we take in and interpret

information but once we come to terms

with the notion that we are being cared

buried and cared for like adult infants

the cloudiness Fades all that’s lacking

is acknowledgement from your end this is

due to the unpredictable nature of Life

acknowledge the essence of perfection

and fulfillment all around you if you

love God please subscribe to our Channel

God says to us today I am always with

you my child holding your hand and

guiding your steps remember that I am

your strength and refuge so do not be

afraid I am your secure Haven and source

of comfort if you put your trust in me I

will grant all of your desires from the

fullness of my


you’re not in this alone declares God

never lose sight of my being there in

good times and in bad on mountain peaks

and in valleys in joy and in sadness

know that I am here for you no matter

what no matter what happens if you’re

ready feel free to enter I’m optimistic

if times are hard or you feel like

you’re in over your head remember


I can do all things through Christ

who strengthens me have confidence in

yourself you are more powerful and

competent than you realize today God is

speaking to you believe me I’ve got you

covered I bring healing you’ll chuckle

once again you’re going to regain

confidence you are going to grin once

more my skills actually go far beyond

anything you could possibly fathom all

you have to do is remain focused on me

and you will witness the achievement you

have been striving for I’m still

thinking about you to accept click the

yes button God speaks to you today and

says I know you have been questioning

your own abilities lately wondering if

you are really capable of doing the

things I have set your mind on instead

of letting fear or uncertainty stop you

from pursuing your goals use this

message as a reminder that you are

capable of anything through Christ stay

calm I looked after you this month and I

will again the following month you

should put your fears aside I’ll handle

things allow me to make your path plain

I’ll make it easy for you to go where

you need to go stay calm I looked after

you this month and I will again the

following month you should put your

fears aside I’ll handle things allow me

to make your path plain I’ll make it

easy for you to go where you need to go

all I need to worry about is myself

please wait patiently for me I will be

here here for you if you ever need me

God says to us today remember my words

from Isaiah and you’re feeling tired or

can’t seem to go on but those who trust

in the Lord will renew their strength

God’s followers will soar on the wings

of Eagles running without fatigue and

walking without growing weak permit my

love to be a source of inspiration and

rebirth for your spirit you will find

new Strength purpose and courage in me

for the journey ahead enter I love you

God to make sure we express our

thankfulness for the goodness and

lessons this month has taught us as we

come to an end give us the discernment

to consider its high points and low

points as well as The Bravery to seize

the opportunities presented by the

upcoming month may we trust in your

guiding hand to illuminate our path as

we stumble into a new chapter and may we

carry on affection

fortitude and maturity we’ve gained the

name of Jesus is amen God is saying rely

on my words of consolation from

Lamentations if you ever find yourself

battling with uncertainty or the weight

of the past weighing you down the

steadfast love of the Lord never ceases

his kindness never come to an end they

are new every morning great is your

commitment with every day that Dawn my

kindness and grace are restored enter I

am open to life as the affirmation in

the text field my kid recall my

statement from Matthew that you are the

light of the world whenever it feels

like the world is weighing you down and

the Shadows are growing longer put your

faith in the amazing spirit I placed

within you and let your inner light to

radiate brightly chasing the darkness

away and giving warmth to everyone you

come into contact with for even the

tiniest flame has the power to

illuminate the deepest ch Shadows you’re

going to experience some wonderful stuff

recognize that you deserve it all you

quit bad habits you distanced yourself

from poisonous relationships and you

came to terms with who you were as you

read this doors to Prosperity are

opening up for you seize them with

Assurance knowing that you have turned

the right key to show that you agree

type yes you have an option to either

change or stay the same you will

continue to experience the same issues

routines storms and situations if you

don’t change until you decide to do so

until you have grown to love who you are

and can say no more or until you make a

different Choice those who love God

should subscribe to our Channel the

entire year of Labor you have put in

will pay off magnificently at last

everything is coming together to help

you reach your full potential in terms

of fulfillment Prosperity health and

happiness since you have developed a

passion for the path to success there is

a huge chance that will bring you

immense wealth and your life is about to

hold her significantly

recall that your highest aspiration will

soon come true so cling to them to show

your faith in God just type onen once

more the cosmos is pulling ancient rues

a blessing will suddenly come your way

followed by a recompense your

perseverance is going to yield results

Beyond Your Wildest

imagination instead welcome these

changes with confidence idence

excitement and thankfulness you deserve

what is about to come your way in the

shape of Miracles your journey speed is

increasing you are going to witness

unheard of growth in your

relationships health happiness

prosperity and Tranquility in the near

future you are part of God’s plan and

things only get better from here even in

the face of difficulty your tenacity and

Readiness to live life to the fullest or

admirable your desire to make the most

of the chances that have been presented

to you as releasing your innermost

potential there is no stopping you when

you set your mind to something and don’t

give up just picture how comfortable you

would be if you could see into the

future and see all the riches that are

coming your way please respond with a

yes if you concur if you love God please

subscribe to our channel it’s obvious

that all of your hard work and realizing

your potential is now paying off count

your blessings right now and celebrate

them being thankful is drawing more

positive energy to you no matter what

your situation there are always things

for which to be grateful the ability to

remain grateful for

circumstances no matter how horrible

they get indicates that you are

improving as a person Good Fortune is

flooding your life usually in the shape

of spiritual advancements you’ll

discover that as you focus on improving

yourself within the environment around

you shifts to match your your renewed

Vitality e if it is collapsing instead

allow what is intended to be flow into

you naturally and focus all of your

concentration on being your finest self

to claim this declaration as your own Ty

by claa if you receive it this year

you’ve made progress that many

individuals only make once in a lifetime

you have experienced great inner growth

and an abundance of blessings as a

result of your unwavering dedication to

become a better version of yourself you

won’t believe how much better things

will be by this time next year you can

move with confidence because you know

that the universe is working miracles

for you your prayers are being heard and

the source is advising you to Step

Beyond of your comfort zone with faith

that positive things will transpire the

universe gives you the tools you need to

achieve your goals when you are in

harmony with your vision the things

you’ve been searching for every versed

course and are now pursuing you simply

put I am taking back my power to confirm

you have not aired in any way nothing

could have gone wrong in this situation

nothing you’ve done has changed your

destiny concentrating on your blessings

is one of the best methods to revive a

tired Soul remember to thank the heavens

for the wonderful Fortune you are about

to receive it’s time for you to reveal

yourself a new period of Happiness

prosperity and fulfillment is promised

to to everybody if you love God please

subscribe to our channel it’s time for

change and Rejuvenation now that the

past is behind you and you have the

means to create the life you have always

wanted you are unstoppable nothing can

stop you or keep you from going forward

the greatest rewards are still to come

so hold on to your self assurance

dedication to your objectives and vision

typing I am evolving will suffice to

achieve the same result this month is

going to be incredible filled with

professional achievements astounding new

friendships and a deepening of your

inner connection it is time for you to

go deeper into your inner consciousness

of who you are T the universe is

confirming this you will will be happier

and your goals will come true more

quickly if you invest more time in

yourself Savor the latest advancement

December is going to be a very

successful month for you in terms of

your career relationships health and


well-being you are receiving the answers

to your prayers so be open-minded and

embrace the shift in Direction

this month your life is going to take a

significant turn for the better you

won’t believe it until you experience it

for yourself simply put Amen in the box

below if you agree the hard work you

have put in over the entire year will

pay off magnificently you fell in love

with the goal setting process which is

going to lead to improvements in your


physical spiritual and financial

well-being maintain your highest goals

at the forfront of your mind they will

materialize type I am strong to affirm

yourself you are amazing the angels are

saying if only you could view yourself

from the perspective of those around you

and your angels we urge you to be more

proud of all that you are able to manage

know that you are an inspiration to

everyone around you and that despite

your doubts your work is having an

impact no matter how much you may doubt

your own value a simple affirmation like

I’m gentle with myself can be typed

please type yes to indicate that you are

prepared and then send this video to

five other believers subscribe to our

Channel and turn on Bell alerts a you

enjoy our material and would like to

help us


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