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my dear

child I God and I can do

anything I want any

time I want and don’t have to check with

anyone or ask anyone’s permission

whether to bless you or not there are

those that have CED you with words of

unbelief but I have bless

you with the words of power from my

Throne they have mouths and have spoken

swelling words of

hostility but I have not heared them

their Falls prayers have fallen on deep

ears I will turn my face from them and

they will melt as w in the flame as I

bring you out of all the depredation and

asals of the enemy into a new land and a

new place of favor and blessing beyond

that which you have experienced in times

past they struck a blow and said aha aha

now they will fall and now they will

come to run but I have underu guided you


strengthened you in the heart your

Warfare was most difficult that you

might Prevail and come out in honor and

victory with your


intact I am your trust says God and your


assistance cry out to me in the day of

trouble and I will has turn

speedly to your

head and cover you with my father’s till

the storm passes and the bright light of


and triph once again shines in your

land the hand of the enemies turned back

to this

day the challenge of Hell against you

brought to dust and

asses those who

knowly and those who unknown only stood

against you I will occupy


elsewhere they will hear a sound and

turn away from pursuing you they will

get a

call They will receive a message from

another situation in their

life and they will forget all about

making problems for you and focus on

those things by which I am redirecting

their energies away from

percing you to I am redirecting their

energies away from percing you to other

areas of

concern they will turn

aside they will lose their heart and

take their mouth of of you the pressure

will lift and in its place New Life and

hope will come like a fresh wind across

your spirit to give you refreshing and

despite from all the

Warfare you have been facing says God

thank you for watching this video say

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