? God message for me today ? The Devil Will Harm If You Skip ? God is saying to you today

God is speaking to you today do not be

worried do not be afraid I am watching

over you every second of the day and

every moment of the night I am guiding

your steps and wrapping you in my peace

you will not be defeated you will

prevail trust in me what is about to

unfold has nothing to do with your own

strength efforts or actions it will be

sourced for my strength favor and

purpose brace yourself for a shower of

blessings that are Beyond Earthly

comprehension God is conveying to you

today I understand that you are

currently navigating a challenging

period in your life you are grappling

with numerous Circ circumstances and

experiencing emotional pain it might

feel as if one hurdle follows another in

quick succession I may not always calm

the storms around you but I do pacify

The Tempest raging within you do not

lose heart I am fortifying you in ways

you cannot yet proceive together as we

always have we will overcome everything

will eventually be all right the number

Heralds the iment arrival of a

miracle this transformative occurrence

even expressed in Arabic is poised to

reshape your entire existence are you

prepared if so type

exercise patience and await what you

desire most do not chase after it

instead allow it to come to you if it is

meant to be it shall be you are on the

brink of a breakthrough accompanied by

blessings beyond your current reality

believe in magic believe in miracles and

watch them unfold type Amen in the

comments and get blessed


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