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my dear child set your priorities

according to my will in life you won’t

always be able to accomplish everything

you desire or meet all the expectations

others may have for you that’s where the

importance of setting priorities comes

into play it’s a vital tool that helps

you make thoughtful and wise decisions

about what should take precedence in

your life and what can be set aside type

Amen in the comments if you believe

recognize that your time and energy are

finite resources there’s only so much

you can do within the constraints of the

day so it’s essential to seek my

guidance and purpose as you evaluate the

many possibilities and responsibilities

that lie ahead turning to biblical

principles and Promises can be a

valuable compass in Discerning what

truly holds the utmost importance in

your life being intentional about

prioritizing in this way can help you

optimize your time and energy usage it

can also free you from the burden of

feeling anxious or guilty about the

things you cannot do or the expectations

you cannot meet in aligning your

priorities with my will you can focus on

what I deem significant making your

efforts more purposeful and

meaningful as you dedicate yourself to

pleasing Me Above All Else you’ll find

yourself progressively growing into the

Masterpiece that I uniquely created you

to be this transformation and alignment

with my purpose for your life can bring

a profound sense of fulfillment and

peace type Amen in the comments and get



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