👑 God message for me today 👉 I Choose You To See This For A Reason #godmessageformetoday #godhelps

my beloved child I come to you once

again with a message of unwavering love

and eternal hope

in your hearts and listen closely for I

have so much more to share with you in

the midst of life’s challenges and

uncertainties it is easy to lose sight

of the Abundant Blessings I have in

store for you

but I want you to know that I have plans

for your life plans to prosper you and

not to harm you plans to give you a

future filled with hope

even when you feel weak and inadequate

remember that my strength is made

perfect in your weakness I am the source

of your strength and in me you will find

the power to overcome every obstacle and

adversity that comes your way

trust in me and I will provide you with

the courage to face any situation

knowing that I am by your side

do not be discouraged by the opinions

and judgments of others your worth is

not determined by their standards or

expectations I have fearfully and

wonderfully made you and I rejoice in

every aspect of your being

embrace your uniqueness and let your

light shine brightly for all to see you

are a masterpiece created in my image

and I have great plans for you

when doubt and fear try to take hold of

your heart remember that I am the way

the truth and the life

seek my guidance and I will lead you on

the path of righteousness

fix your eyes on me and I will give you

Clarity and wisdom

trust in my promises for they are firm

and unchanging in moments of Despair

turn to me and find solace in my loving


I am the god of all comfort and I long

to bring healing to your weary soul

pour out your heart before me for I am a

compassionate listener who understands

your pain and sorrow

let my peace which surpasses all

understanding guard your heart and mind

when you encounter trials and

tribulations remember that they are not

meant to break you but to refine you

through these experiences you will grow

stronger wiser and more resilient trust

in my sovereignty even when the storms

rage around you

I am in control and I will work all

things together for your good

my dear children do not underestimate

the power of love love one another as I

have loved you let compassion and

kindness be the guiding principles of

your interactions forgive as you have

been forgiven and extend Grace to those

who may not deserve it

as you navigate the twists and turns of

life’s journey remember that I am with

you always

I will never leave you nor forsake you

in moments of Joy I celebrate with you

in moments of Sorrow I offer you comfort

in moments of confusion I provide

guidance you are never alone for I Am by

your side every step of the way

my precious children embrace the call I

have placed upon your life

you are called to be my ambassadors

sharing my love and truth with the world

let your words and actions be a

testament to my grace and Redemption

bold in your faith unashamedly

proclaiming my name and let your light

shine in the darkness do not be

discouraged by the challenges that lie

ahead for I have equipped you with

everything you need to fulfill your


walk in obedience to my word and you

will bear fruit that will impact

generations to come

to have a unique role to play in my

kingdom and I am excited to see how your

life will bring glory to my name

so my beloved children rise up with

renewed faith and unwavering hope

trust in my promises knowing that I am

faithful and true

embrace the adventure that lies before

you for I Am with You guiding your steps

and leading you into a future filled

with blessings beyond your imagination

your loving heavenly father Jesus type

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1 thought on “👑 God message for me today 👉 I Choose You To See This For A Reason #godmessageformetoday #godhelps”

  1. Father God papa thank you for your help even iam in time again of depression you really get all my feelings this even my blessings is not true happen to me iaccept it it’s so hard to be true that arugant I’m in my past iaccept it was happen again many sign he saw me but you are my true loving father Lord Jesus Christ name almighty I love you


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