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I know you are busy but please watch

till the end if you love Jesus Jesus

says my child in the moments when life

feels overwhelming when doubts and fears

creep in remember that you are not alone

I am here holding you close guiding you

through every challenge my strength is

made perfect in your weakness and my

grace is sufficient for you trust in me

and you will find the peace that

surpasses all understanding type Amen in

the comments if you believe let me fill

your heart with boundless joy and

unshakable peace these are not fleeting

emotions dependent on circumstances they

are gifts from my heart to yours when

you rest in my loving Embrace and place

your trust in the depths of your being

you will discover the true source of

Hope and contentment Hope Is Not Mere

wishful thinking it is a certainty

firmly grounded in the promises I have

made through my sacrificial love on the

cross I secured this hope ensuring that

your future is secure and filled with

Everlasting Delight though you may face

challenges in this world take heart for

I have prepared a glorious place for you

in heaven this knowledge fills you with

hope that overflows vo by the power of

the holy spirit let this hope be your

anchor grounding you in times of

uncertainty and lifting your spirit with

the Assurance of a beautiful eternity in

my presence as you walk along the path I

have chosen for you it is both a

privilege and a journey filled with

challenges yet I assure you that you are

exactly where you need to be

type Amen in the comments and get



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