𝙂𝙤𝙙 Says the Holy Spirit Will Leave You, If You Skip | 🙏God Bless You

have you ever felt alone even when

surrounded by people struggled to find

purpose in difficult times wondered how

to overcome life’s challenges with

confidence at your heavenly father I

want to offer you something more an

unfailing source of comfort strength and

guidance I want you to experience what

it truly means to Never Walk Alone the

love child I am always with you though

troubles may come take comfort

as your heavenly father I am watching

over you you walk a path I have laid

before you have faith that even and

challenging times my hand guides you

recall that you are never alone I am

your constant companion carrying you

through life’s difficulties my joke

comes from providing for your needs and

protecting you from harm in this

uncertain World place your trust fully

in me surrender to my will for I see

what is best when Darkness Falls

remember that I am the light that shows

you the way if loneliness Creeps in and

Friends seem far know that I am closer

than Annie your most faithful friend by

your side always when sadness weighs

heavy on your heart I am here to wipe

every tear away let my presence fill you

with comfort and in good times I Rejoice

with you in Triumph I celebrate your

victories and in struggle I take your

hand and lead you onwards I am your

shelter your strength and your Refuge

never doubt that you have a purpose in

this life trust that my plan for you is

perfect crafted with infinite Love cast

all your worries on me for I carry the

burdens that trouble your mind open your

heart fully to receive my peace seek me

with unwavering faith and complete

surrender you will witness wonders as I

unfold my blessings in your life have no

fear I am with you each moment let me

guy Empower and inspire you my dear

child I wish only for your growth and

success as you overcome challenges rely

on these words of mine through trusting

in my care and love for you you will

shine as a light to others know without

doubt that is your God and Father I will

never forsake you choose to believe in

me and you will see Miracles my love for

you is eternal will you place your hand

and mine if you trust me follow me with

this prayer Heavenly Father we come

before you now with grateful Hearts

thank you for this time together and for

revealing your patience protection and

perfect plan through your message we ask

now that you accept our complete

surrender help us release any worries or

desires that keep us from trusting fully

in your will fill us instead with faith

courage and peace guide us further on

our journey to knowing you more and use

us as your insta instruments to spread

messages of Hope to others finally we

pray that you continue working wonders

through this channel to bring many more

souls into the light and comfort of your

unconditional love amen

before you leave if you’ve found

encouragement in this message of God’s

never-ending love and guidance will you

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strength and inspiration during life’s

challenges and finally I’d love it if

you’d left a comment below with what

concerns you most and are ready to

release it to God’s control sharing your

thoughts could help others do the same

whether you’re facing uncertainty with

work or relationships struggling with

loneliness or loss or simply seeking

more peace know that the Lord wants to

lighten your burdens

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