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God is speaking to you right now

challenges I have witnessed your Sorrows

I am about to shower you all with

blessings and abundance of love and an

amen please young one if you stick with

this video through to the very end don’t

allow your legacy of goodness Escape you

God intervenes and the route to where

you’re going is safe God says you have

wept unceasingly for your people we

appreciate your continuous assistance

and support during trying times if

you’re the only one in your family focus

on healing and optimism and everything

will come back to you you are

distinguished from the darkness by your

relationship with God and for that I am

grateful I gave up on life to live for

you ass shuing negativity whenever I

could there is no stopping the path that

fate has planned for you the

communication from God makes it clear

that he is constantly with you and

Promises unimaginable Marvels the things

that have prevented you are now under

protection and have been turned around

and God is going to shower you with

blessings nothing that happens in the

future will depend on your difficulties

in the past Christians please please

help us in our mission and know that I’m

always here to help flowers Blossom as

the sun rises and the rain falls but

rest assured that the Divine will take

care of your worries particularly

Financial constraints a good change is

about to occur in your life accept the

path that has led you so far and provide

a warm welcome to the exciting future

you are LED shielded and supported at

every turn by the Divine so you don’t

need to worry he was Among Us conversed

with us comforted us and the evidence of

his presence will never cease your

degree of obedience can lead to Great

Wonders that are only divinely

explicable they are Divine property and

are not to be taken lightly you have a

purpose for being here here therefore he

exhorts you to be upbeat and centered on

his methods Jesus says therefore I

announce to you that your Excellence is

unfolding between our very eyes an

expression of Love at all we really

need is God we discover when we are left

with nothing else be assured that I have

observed and considered every tear you

have shed as we Usher in new blessings

to bring about substantial improvements

expect to be happier than ever before

put your trust in me to carry out God’s

plan for your Prosperity tell your close

ones about this message the Lord says at

to you need not be afraid you have

what you truly need Embrace this

communication and demonstrate your

belief in him by acting accordingly by

typing to

he is blessing you for your faith

clearing the road and directing your

course you will have better health and

finances which will open your eyes to

completely receiving the grace and love

of Jesus and sharing these blessings

with others recognizing the difficulties

you’ve encountered the Angelic

Messengers provide a message of

encouragement and hope you won’t regret

being devoted I promise rather than

going back to your old habits God is

giving you the chance to accept a new

Direction you’re being invited to place

your confidence in the magnitude of his

love and strength as he works to turn

your life around Lord provides dreams as

a sign of his love and dedication

knowing full well that your situation

may include an uphill battle of debt or

health issues te thank him for his love

and protection and look forward to

experiencing some of the greatest

blessings it will bring you Joy and make

sure that the bad effects of enemies

cannot alter your destiny your love life

will Bloom as much as you may worry

about your financial situation health or

other people’s behavior keep in mind

that those external factors have no

control over your fate God says you have

a choice you can choose to totally

Embrace him or go back to your previous

course if you declare him the primary

focus of your existence have faith in

what God has planned for you for he is

at work to change our perspectives and

ideas about the obstacles we face as

well as your own situation I have given

you my permanent presence during your

journey even in the face of uncertainty

Wherever You Walk With Me by your sigh

my instructions could not match yours

please don’t be

afraid we appreciate your generous

contribution you understand that this

trip is a part of a bigger picture on a

constant basis I am grateful in the

knowledge that you are going to be

blessed and feel happiness which are

only for those who understand and

demonstrate strength I pray that I will

continue to be obedient and discipline

building a strong Foundation this

message conveys purpose and hope show

your believe in God by loving and liking

it it is God’s emphasis that his love is

greater than your situation

your bounds or your past transgressions

their impact will be beneficial to

people around you even beyond your own

life God Almighty I am always working

for your good so that Miracles will

always come into your life because of my

love for you I shall let in the views of

Heaven though I understand that things

may not always go as planned I promise

that if you persevere your spirit mind

and body will all heal don’t give up Avo

sin and have compassion for others since

God wants to claim every one of us as

his own you have the ability to go

through any challenge while we are

together and development and prosperity

will come into your life your angel of

protection is always keeping an eye on

you according to God

despite your past experiences you are

forgiven just remain motionless and

accept the Lord’s presence in your life

please believe that you won’t let me

down because your gift will be

significant possibly even a financial

benefit you are welcome to Pardon an

eternal life with me because I am the

creator of life itself it is imperative

to proclaim the good news of God’s


particularly to people who are in need

of miraculous intervention and are

experiencing obstacles it is my desire

that you use your skills to serve and

glorify God for I am your God and I have

given us the opportunity to do so please

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channel do the affection that you

conveys in the name of Jesus Jesus I

pray amen thank you for being a part of

this journey share this video to your

friends and family in order to spread

the message of love to every corner of

the world your actions can have a big

impact on how much this crucial message

is shared amen

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