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God is speaking to you right now I pray

that God is going to provide you another

reason to smile so will make you feel

better if he says he understands us and

we are unable to comprehend why that

friend is more than I could ever ask or

imagine he is aware that you possess the

seeds of grandure which is your destiny

he promises an ending Delight from a

Heavenly source as he carries on his

mission with and through you angels have

lifted the name of you from the verge of

unconsciousness and you will Triumph do

always have hope after praying for God

recognizes when something greater is

destined for you he is aware of when

taking something away from you is

necessary for your improvement you are

God’s creation thus whatever you do now

that Humanity has has been eliminated is

for God watch closely because there will

soon be amazing examples when sinfulness

keeps us apart from God understanding

Rises every time he steps in he is now

ranging amazing and astonishing

blessings to enter your life

unexpectedly in lovely strong ways there

will be calm after any hurricanes in

your life irrespective of Who You Are

you will find Comfort throughout this

entire magnificent video remember that

you get tired sometimes when you

discover yourself wondering the reason

Talent can make the difference between

settling for mediocrity and putting your

all into exceeding what you want from

yourself I give my entire existence to

him as a Creator and strive to become a

better person once more the burden is

being removed he takes away without

offering you anything less you’re

definitely so very close to reaching

your goals that he can tell when you’re

nervous this is for you it’s not an

accident he has not abandoned you you

will never get the benefits of your

Reign if you wait awaiting the ideal

conditions to so take advantage of every

chance since you never know what the

coming week will hold

God understood everything he was doing

when he called you praise him and he

will pursue you with blessings you are

no longer in need of outside approval

from anyone indeed your innermost being

is aching for tranquility as you enter

this season of Ultimate satisfaction

it’s not by accident that you’re reading

this Fortune is conspiring to favor you

Lord I want you to to be in charge may

God’s love envelop you you’ll whenn he

never fails did he not do it for you

please on the cross somebody had to put

an end to what was hurting you in order

to increase because of your prayers and

faithfulness he has wonderful things in

store for you there won’t be any wasted

time because he has the ability to work

Marvels in the air just like he did

during the regaining of all of humanity

he is now discovering the gifts that you

have been given never give up because

there are Miracles every day keep your

hope alive even when circumstances don’t

go your way in order for you to produce

a lot of fruit he will teach you where

to focus your time and energy the

quality of Our Lives is defined by how

we worship God not by our level of

financial achievement in order to be

honored in heaven and to heal our hearts

he took on the sins of

mankind even though his methods may not

always make sense they have the goal of

challenging us and make his greatness

evident his presence is the initial

present that you will receive it is a

promise that no time will be squandered

Christ possesses plans for your

fulfillment even though you can’t see

them yet God will occasionally allow

difficulties to test your perseverance

and Trust in his timeline put on your

seat belt and prepare to live according

to his plan for your life the secret is

to wait with hope and never lose sight

of the fact that the best is still to

come it affects more than just your life

whenever we accept Jesus as our savior

he offers a solution to problems that

seem incomprehensible to us even in

silence he is constantly at work getting

you ready for a season of blessings joy

and prosperity finances and

relationships will get better knowing

loving and serving God offers a

fulfillment that money can out bu if you

think God is worth working for you

please share this and leave a thanks

comment even while Fame and Beauty seem

perfect keep in mind that they don’t

translate into happiness God wants to

give you the employment you need and the

rewards that you are worthy of even

though today’s obstacles appear

insurmountable the following day could

be an unforgettable occasion full of

laughter and opportunities for New

Beginnings have trust even though you

don’t think you’re worthy of whatever

transformation God has in store for you

he is able to mend your heart and cure

your ailments God walks with us through

our hardships directing us to a higher

plan as we have seen with Shadrick

mesage and a bed noo in the furnace even

when things seem insurmountable his plan

is impeccable you’re still going forward

in life even though it’s moving more

slowly because God is leading you he

want to bring joy into your life restore

what has been taken from you and

lavishly bless you the very same God who

took on human form to save humanity is

now able to bring hope and fresh

possibilities into your life his

promised presence is is almost here he

can change your

circumstances and Inc come overnight all

you have to do is stay in faith

accepting Jesus entails giving yourself

over to his unconditional affection and

Direction and letting him guide yourself

into a life freed from the shackles of

sinfulness and hopelessness put your

trust in him and let him take care of

the rest it’s all about developing a

close relationship with God on the

opposite side of refraining from giving

up even after being taken advantage of

Lies what you have been waiting for put

your faith in God as Jeremiah

– demonstrates and observe how he

works in your life you’ll make a

reappearance getting brighter along with

more regenerated than ever his methods

may not always align with yours but they

are always superior assign that he

remains engaged with you get prepared to

experience all the promises that haven’t

yet been

demonstrated declares Jesus to his

beloved child your perseverance and

Patience are paying off Jesus is

prepared to operate through you and

provide his deepest blessings even

though he has accomplished much your

desired financial prosperity and

personal connections are on the horizon

Christ is good even when things are

challenging he wants to make the most of

your hardships and turn your suffering

into something worthwhile in the midst

of difficulties remember that your

creator has been preparing you for

someone bigger the one who’s never wakes

is healing your nighttime Agony and

chasing Darkness away with his light

recognize that Jesus Christ lived die

and is living today for your salvation a

life full of his benefits is possible

via this acceptance God is exposing the

abundance of his goodness and tenderness

by bringing your dreams to pass he

pledges to emulate Jesus Christ and show

you the amazing powers of his devotion

if you agree with the promises of God to

free you from suffering and bring

Prosperity into your life type am in and

share there is love hope and a bright

future ahead of you and God’s plan for

you he is kind understanding and always

working for you put your complete

confidence in him he will fulfill his

promises and get you ready to be

astounded by the Abundant Life you have

been entitled to do not undervalue God’s

influence in your life our happiness and

contentment in life are what Define our

value rather than our financial

achievements although wealth fluctuates

a life conducted with faith and purpose

is the path to true happiness you are

entering a new phase of your life

in which major Transformations will

result from your belief and confidence

in God your level of financial

Independence General Health and

well-being will all improve do Christ

has been your Safeguard keeping an eye

on you men your Wounded Heart and

getting you ready for all life’s

blessings God is working for you even

when you face obstacles transforming

your circum cumstances into a treasure

Trove of luck praying and having faith

will help your relationships grow and

help you reach your goals God calls us

to surrender ourselves to him so that we

can receive un imaginable gifts and

healing you will see answers to your

prayers and ways you cannot yet imagine

and doors you never imagine will open

are ready to do so even while familiar

your roads come to an end Fresh Starts

and achievements in all facets of your

life always follow God assures us that

Joe and Recovery are ahead recall God’s

goodness even in the most desperate

circumstances give him control of your

life by giving it to him now the Creator

who is pledged to give you rest and

victory is the rightful owner of the con

conflict not you Jesus values you

immensely and loves you

unconditionally remain positive and

resist giving into hopelessness or

whining you’ll go to a fantastic

position Beyond Your Wildest

expectations and your route forward will

be free of hurdles if you think Lord

will always work for the good in your

life please leave a yes comment and

share this with others God appreciates

you and has many wonderful things in

reserve for you if you accept God’s

allmighty Authority you’ll be prepared

for amazing transformations in your life

engaging in truthfulness and being

receptive to gaining deeper

understanding are more important then

simply go into church each week or

adhering to routines we invite those who

believes to welcome the prospect of more

favorable times ahead as we petition for

blessing over everything we undertake

God is diligently working underneath the

scenes towards bringing about prosperity

and success despite the obstacles and

skepticism of others recall that we are

blessed with the prospect of seeing God

Splendor justified by faith and

reconciled with them for those who

decide to live a life full of Faith

surprises and miracles are in store our

struggles and hardships are not in vain

they help us to persevere and serve as a

constant reminder that the Creator is

always working for our good the Lord is

the god of healing he never stops trying

to make up for what was lost and to

Lavish us with abundance keep in mind to

lead with love and have faith in God’s

plan when you begin questioning why

certain things occur he never goes to

sleep and is always clearing the way for

us and lining our root with blessings

you could never fathom remember that God

never takes away something without

planning to replace it with someone

better as you approach a new period full

of his promises

God keeps his promises to those who

trust in him whether they are blessings

of a fresh start protection from harm or

the return of what was lost accept the

love of God which spills out into our

hearts and live knowing that we can

obtain eternal life by turning to him if

you are prepared to enter a new season

of Plenty love and security under the

curse careful eye of our savior enter

to convey your experience of God’s

blessings I will therefore acknowledge

before my heavenly father anybody who

confesses me before others it’s possible

that life isn’t always enjoyable and I

admit that I don’t always feel grateful

enough however every challenge presents

a chance for happiness and insight for

which I will always be thankful I chose

to give thanks to God no matter what

because I firmly believe that he

resurrected Lord from the grave your

faith is growing more powerful and Lord

knows just when your breakthrough will

come recall that feeling uncertain or

unsure is not an indication that he is

not present Even in our toughest moments

God is good for individuals who wa wish

to deepen their faith and to understand

the steadfast love of God Church’s

function as Venus for worshiping and

communion appreciate God’s Miracles and

have faith that good things are coming

God has planned victories that will

materialize in your life your current

circumstances are not permanent your

life will be wealthy and full of hope

hope that won’t end in disappointment if

you permit him to rule over you Lord

indicates that there are going to be

fresh chances doors that previously

appeared closed will suddenly open

bringing blessings in terms of both

finances and spirituality God offers

happiness and healing even if the world

is full of Sorrow maintaining a strong

faith Foundation may lead to an anticip

ipated positive developments that

completely change your outlook on life

almighty God my life my family and your

forgiveness are all things I am thankful

for come Jesus my Savior and Lord and to

my heart I know you have my best

interests in mind and I have faith in

your timing let me have success and

favor throughout the current phase of

change in my career prosperity and

relationships amen blessings and

Innovations to improve your Prosperity

well-being and achievement are on their

way and your road to success is about to

change your difficulties are preparing

you for an incredible recovery in which

setbacks will turn into advantages God

calls you to hold fast to your faith

ensuring that difficulties will soon

pass from your life and leave both

friends and opponents in amazement of

what he has accomplished in you even in

situations where it seems different you

are loved and appreciated never forget

that God is always there to guide and

heal you while you pursue your goals the

difficulties you encounter especially

the impact of evil powers are

insignificant in comparison to God’s

might God hears your supplications and

petitions he does not ignore them know

that having doubts is not a sign that

God is not present or that you should

give up instead it’s an encouragement to

Greater faith and confidence in is will

end timing for your life your

difficulties are not a punishment rather

they are a training ground for the gifts

and wonders that are meant for you

maintain your attention on your

development and give your all to the

things that are really important your

perseverance is appreciated it’s

important to keep in mind that having a

relationship with God involves more than

just going to church or following

religious Traditions it involves having

a genuine

relationship and leading a life that

embodies his love and teachings in every

manner even when it seems like the cards

are stacked against you he’s your

unwavering body for eternity accept the

suggestion with allow

definitely understanding that that

you’re never traveling alone Beyond Your

Wildest expectations Prosperity

development and favor are going to

follow follow your persistence and Trust

proceed with your onward motion the

miracle for which you have been hoping

is at approach it may be difficult

sometimes when he takes you to uneasy

places but I promise that things will

turn around for the better soon you will

experience financial success healing

love and Tranquility the moment you

learn to let go your path will become

abundantly evident to you you’ve tried

everything during these difficult times

so keep praying rather than crying the

connection you have with him will be

assessed and deepen as you realize that

subsequently is always by your side

whenever you need him obtain a fresh

view you are free to have any beliefs

you like but I beg you to purify my mind

and reveal to me what you desire from me

me you’ve assisted them in developing

themselves and getting better have faith

in me live simply and walk humbly permit

my good deed to serve as evidence that

God is able give up wasting time trying

to comprehend and establish every point

I’ll get you through this keep your cool

good news will arrive on your phone

within the next hours decide

everything you are and are not by taking

a leap of faith I pray that God’s light

will lead you I haven’t abandoned you my

child instead I’ve always offered you

the opportunity to grow closer to me

refrain from losing focus of what you’re

good at when you become irate upset or

cry don’t limit yourself before you see

God’s next move Jesus will return and he

will return more by powerfully than

before trusting the process I’m

releasing myself from the bonds of

poverty and lack there will be greater

degrees of Grace for those who are under

his rule if you believe in God’s plan

then dream large and type

any field of study in your life that

wasn’t created for you I’m going to take

out you will witness proof that the

almighty does not not disregard you and

miracles appear where they are needed

you will be healed and return greater

than before have faith that God will be

at your side the entire time watching

over and defending you excellent among

the most intelligent the most perceptive

the most competent in any case he

scrubbed his body and feet and focused

on The Good Fortune at this planet

regardless of any friends offers he is

not swayed by the anxieties that plagued

you in the past moving on to get your

breakthrough behave a specific way

remain steadfast maintain your faith and

give all to God although he is guiding

you toward your anticipated Triumph he

is aware of your weariness and fear God

will indeed return windows that a man

cannot close I shall open God Is

Watching Over Us as this virus has

demonstrated we are grateful that you

saved us and were our Guardian during

these uncertain times Lord he’s looking

out for your career money health and

happiness but he did not take away man’s

sight of all power and spite of man’s

sacrifice ice of sin we worship glorify

and praise scripture portrays God as

being actively involved in transforming

people and Reinventing what it meant to

live in his grace this means that he is

encouraging the life you want the career

the chances the blessings to grow and

prosper while he is watching over you

these are the things that compel us to

confess our faith in Jesus as an

atonement for our sins and problems

because he loves us he gave himself

rejecting an assessment or having to

start again in life shouldn’t break you

his plan encompasses all that you have

been hoping and praying for meditate on

this he is the Lord and it is through

him that we will obtain the life that is

Promised the truth and the path

he rose from the dead and is still alive

in my opinion God we are grateful for

the chances you have given us to turn

our doubts into resolve to make the

necessary changes in our current

circumstances and to turn our anxieties

into concentration we never would have

ventured Beyond of our comfort zones

without these difficulties when your

adversaries arve he will amaz you with a

table ready it is no coincidence that

you are reading this it serves as a

gentle reminder that even if we felt

abandoned or ignored heaven was actually

getting ready for something wonderful to

happen we shall learn that we are

sufficient as a result of our struggles

and he will ultimately become exalted

among the peoples and in our life God

has numerous plans for you and and those

who love you even in the midst of our

difficulties let this be a gentle

reminder replace your mistrust with

faith and yourself up with trust what a

powerful example of his generosity and

provision who are about to witness thank

you for being a part of this journey


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