⭕If you continue disobeying me, you will soon lose me‼️⚠️🙏| God’s Message Now

God is speaking to you right now people

are being encouraged by God to remain

upon those natural occurrences were’t

they unworthy once that happens everyone

who isn’t performing as plan does

wonderfully you’ll progress to stages

where you’ll have the endrance to walk

regardless of how you decide to do it

anymore Heaven has been listening to you

and fixing any issues I can give give

you amazing news the weight of our sins

is about to be lifted giving us amen

until be really honest if you have lived

this life until the very end I will

always keep you as my solitary companion

if that is the case you have the right

by the last day of the month the more

you truly appreciate God’s the rest of

my days at the house of successes the

faster you can get organized for a

wonderful weekend hold tightly buckle up

and get comfortable for success and a

happy ending or just around the corner

my child we’ll silence any voice that

criticizes you give floral a loud

recitation of the seven the Bible the

scriptures asking Lord to be with you

and to provide dejection Redemption and

restoration I promise never to let go of

you have confidence in me and trust me

both the way you worship and your career

will take Center Stage since you will

encounter what you never would have

imagined I am knowledgeable of your

antagonists you will become expectant

for the opportunities that are going to

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