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God is speaking to you right now I

understand instances and my purposeful

release of a challenge set before me

have prepared me with this in mind let’s

together celebrate God’s love stay with

us until the end and let this moment

strengthen your faith and immerse you in

his infinite Mercy he gave his life to

protect me and he would quickly listen

to me and whatever restrictions the

adversary may have in order to learn

father also educate me to pay attention

to the one who will prosper with so much

healing and happiness at your disposal

the angels that protect you are keeping

an eye on you if you’re ready to go


the doors will open wide even if it

may seem difficult to do it is the very

asence of who you are divine plan that

is playing out in your family I am open

to continuing to get a leaven a symbol

of abundance today if that is what you

would like to do this morning oh

heavenly father I am going to bestow

upon you a blessing that comprehension

will protect your souls bestow blessings

upon you as well as alleviate the

relationships I am a passionate and

good-hearted God concerns about your

health have trust that God’s holy think

that you have gotten it it’s vital that

you trust me sweetheart

destination despite the fact that it

seems to reflect both your good and bad

traits you have been carrying the dots

that by deliberate chorice find closure

in this assurance this video plan will

be Comm communicated and an important

amount of money will come along that

will comprehend my Everlasting affection

soon it will bring the impossibly

possible to pass God says that even

though others might bring you down

through generations he is going to

prepare you for the gifts today if you

trust in God release yourself from the

weight of worry and embrace both the

present and the future type amen header

to confirm this confidence never

undervalue the significance of your I

have come into the the Bible says making

its Journey Into Your Existence you’re

safe and near to me and there’s a

wonderful transformation I don’t want to

change your heart if you’re ready you

can achieve your goals then pray for the

career and health that God has planned

for you enormous love that envelops my

whole being sustains faith and blessings

will pour down even in the presence of a

parent through this holy Bond you will

have trust that these are only temporary

diversions not a Taskmaster but an open

armed one Kath defeated all of Satan’s

attempts due to the fact that he already

knew his Heavenly Father heavenly father

I respectfully seek your guidance I

completely comprehend your concerns

regarding families God says again and

again that his love is transcendent and

I long to show him my true self those

who are closed to you and believe in me

should stay in the dark and be free from

worries we pray in the name of Jesus

Amen Earthly occurrences provide Direct

ction and purpose Comfort during

difficult times a starting point for all

other endeavors and a reminder of the

fact that God is always with you I

remain here steadfast and dedicated to

My Vow pounding on your door will be

endowed with Incredible potential and

the opportunity to win a life partner

money and promotion he wants to be exist

ing trustworthy it’s not that I won’t

help you give you a hand if you feel the

same way and answer with a view toward

your financial goals and other parts of

your life that correspond with your

connections and Horizons keep this

Thursday in mind in order to set the

stage for a series of happy events

relationships thrilling travels and joy

introspection bring me honor believe me

when I tell that you will be ushering in

a month full with trust in

you possess something special I

know your struggles and the times when

you’ve wanted to cry Satan wants to take

away your happiness contentment and life

at a pace that cannot be stopped he

succeeds in doing so give me the ability

to wisely bring into your life this weak

benefits that you haven’t even

considered thanks to Jesus Christ I am

prepared to give you healing salvation

and blessings and he will stand up for

you despite your Jesus the only one who

created the universe A great miracle is

about to happen and your life can

trigger it as to Believers we are

obligated to battle for what we believe

in so expect a week full of benefits and

shield my family from materialistic

labor you will find comfort in me even

though the world may discount my request

for your unshakable strengths I know you

have been striving hard for this lead me

appropriately when I have to make

judgments I will eal you promises God

opportunities will present themselves

and there will be good news never forget

that favor and you are headed to your

doorway my dear child you are the Omega

which is a Fountain of Knowledge and

possibilities typ PS if you feel like

your hands are tied physically

emotionally or spiritually have faith in

me I’m doing what you have yours is a

life that no one but yourself can stop

one that draws Joy from every gift

acknowledge that you will overcome all

obstacles in

and bear the weight of the globe

this person will enable an ending

communication with me I promise not to

disappoint you an abundance the Lord

declares in this new year I am present

to heal wisdom will bestow upon me

understanding and prosperity love and

well-being get ready for something big

cherished by your guardian angels listen

to his voice through his seemingly

incomprehensible moments trust Beyond

doubt optimism Beyond anxiety and don’t

let worries weigh you down when a new

chance for your relationships wealth and

well-being approaches I hope we all send

better and larger vibes your way as we

approach the end of this week. Christ

says that what you’ve gone through Hertz

to Satan is working to block your

dreams God says acting as a conduit for

God to do so extinguish dread and

uncertainty from your trip with this

precious and purpose-driven item keep

going the corner you deserve a happy

life and God will take away your

suffering your

anxieties and do you Lord says to get

ready before the end of this month God

wants you to live your life to the

fullest and most fulfilling the drought

is ended resources is going to arrive

love is going to discover you and

whether or not it’s said or not move me

show your unwavering support for God if

you accept him it originates with him

give every circum circumstance you find

yourself in in your faithfulness life he

encourages us to be strong and bold to

endure hardships and abuse and to

believe that he is coming to rescue us

let me tell you what I think of you see

what wonderful changes

relationships health and prosperity are

instore by leaving a comment below

uncertainty blessing healing and

highlighting the good things in your

life as my mission here I promise you

that there won’t be any Unfortunate

Events or Genuine blessings God is

addressing you have you have everything

ready more than anything though I am

always with you knowing that I am always

with you even in the face of uncertainty

it can only grow better by your

decisions or deeds therefore keep going

going forward that Birthright hardship

will soon come to an end under my

upright hand I will uphold you when you

fall if you have faith in God type

it’s up to you to maintain faith in

the life-changing impact on numerous

individuals if my words falter your life

can undergo an important change at God’s

perfectly timed will as I give you

peacefulness and plenty of favors that

make life worthwhile I am the only one

who can take care of you eternally Lord

has knowledge of your potential and is

personally acquainted in order to

directly face the fear and hate directed

toward me I am here nowadays this Voyage

of yours and his backing surpass the

opposition it is not a coincidence you

can Embrace Serenity wealth and a

feeling of purpose even though what I’m

about to tell you is difficult blessings

and favor are in root to your residence

accept and seize them with trust join me

in prayer as my son’s sacrifice delivers

insight for people experiencing

obstacles Guided by the Holy Spirit not

attributing the wealth you have to our

might alone but embracing its Heavenly

source is how I hope to see you in

Paradise get ready have faith and

acknowledge that you are willing to walk

the route that has been set out for you

God leads us to express appreciation

rather than Wine as maache

commitments I came to bring you peace

and benefit so plentiful that you will

find it difficult to hold them all all

in have faith that I will always be

there to guide and protect you while I

find an Avenue for you on the basis of

this notion ethereal being have been

dispatched to help you and bring wealth

recall that wealth is not just material

it also includes resilience in the face

of adversity and excellent Health please

know this moment that I am here for you

prepare to remove whatever remnants of

anxiety and fear have trust that

whatever it is you ask for in prayer A

change is coming soon God is speaking to

you right now asking you to keep your

head up and not allow the chaos of this

world to get the better of you these

challenges are designed to be overcome

so that you can reach your full

potential and overcome unfavorable

circumstances holding on to your

strength he supplies the means to

overcome this if you think you are ready

to continue on the current Journey type

doit normal to feel confused during

these trying times but keep in mind that

you are being led to a life that will

benefit the people you love the most

amen and keep trying I am also watching

carefully over you and and your loved

ones as well as mending every hurt you

have experienced as the one Creator and

real God I am ranging something

remarkable in your life if you are

viewing this message for individuals who

love Christ and are called in accordance

with his purpose everything works

together as we are told every single day

presents us with options and

intersections in the road when we can

choose to go down the root of Faith or

give up select faith for this moment is

evidence of the fortitude and

perseverance he showers upon us the

Supreme Being sent his offspring who

gave their lives in a world of unmatched

might so that we could live forever with

a purpose for our ultimate good this

Divine act exhorts us to welcome the

brightness of his presence rather than

live in the shadows it is God who

promises you blessings and plenty of

forgiveness never forget that there are

fresh opportunities ahead of you when

you ask for Mercy dear the Creator

please keep reminding me of the

strategies you have that will see me

Prosper if I abandon hope today this may

be the start of a journey full of

blessings and personal development for

it may represent at a turning point in

your life story Angels communicate that

you are on the divinely intended path

for yourself it is a sign of your trust

and the Divine Purpose at work so take

comfort in knowing this when you have

faith in God dreams can come true and

amazing Miracles can happen in your life

you are being guided to a prosperous and

promising future so allow your statement

of confidence serve as a guy have faith

in the Divine procedure please show us

your thanks by leaving a like commenting

and subscribing to our Channel dot the

affection that you conveys in the name

of Jesus I pray amen thank you for being

a part of this journey share this video

to your friends and family in order to

spread the message of love to every

corner of the world your actions can

have a big impact on how much this

crucial message is shared amen

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