⭕GOD SAYS “You are going to Be Punished If You Ignore”⚠️🙏| God’s Message Now #jesus #god

God is saying something to you immediately even in the most difficult

of situations my dearest one all of your disappointment will end when we speak

your moral life will be filled with joy you now have protector Spirits designated for you I trust the cosmos

Heaven is bestowing upon you a unique kind of blessing God assures you that

the Wonders that he’s got in store for you will absolutely blow away the days you have left to experience

life observe the amazing progress I’ve made with each difficulty you face

instead love one another the universe will lead the way look forward to

Prosperity riches and amazing Journeys in the future and keep in mind that once

you have experienced healing freedom and complete trust in God absolutely nothing

will continue to be able to damage you in the event that something goes wrong

he is prepared to start over put your trust in me I’ve overcome every obstacle

it is me who fights beside you who defends and looks out for people who leave morally pure lives the Creator you

are the one I have chosen let’s say those sentences of affection and

dedication together it would be nice to spend the night with you but I have to

leave after failing you and accepting your thoughts it’s going to be your lucky day instead of going against you

life is moving in your direction you will receive benefits as I deliver you your freedom and healing as lengthy as

you give it your all you deserve freedom and you can have

happiness it is going to make all of the distinction if you have permission to borrow from beseech or struggle for

hashtag a it the life of your partner is already on his way to you in general

Peter to I will know with every cell of My Flesh if the areas where I

can live a happy and tranquil existence are free no matter how lofty they may

appear I want to assure you that today my strategies are sound because I will

pour forth his happiness and Tranquility upon you I am an innocent creation of

God the creator of the universe and I am surrounded by incredible opportunities

and benefits they shouldn’t depress you since the Lord your God will

unexpectedly Grant you tremendous prosperity and plenty in all you

undertake trust in the fact that you will be allowed to obtain the wisdom you want when you come to me for guidance

when you are feeling lost think of these eight ways that I will protect you on Sunday I am a

messenger from the Lord telling you that it is possible to achieve the seemingly

impossible through long-term Solutions your efforts will stop millions of

people from becoming hungry click the Subscribe button to support this Channel

and no matter what obstacles you encounter never wavering your faith I

adore you as a person and am interested in showing you how to have greater Faith

so even if it seems like everything is going apart circumstances will soon

become much better for you never forget that you are valuable so much and that

you are constantly receiving the financial rewards and benefits would ever have been intended for you every

action you take involves the universe and your state of mind has changed

dramatically even if we part ways I will always be here for you I’ll surrounded

you with people who will encourage you and provide you with numerous Joy you

have been trying for a while to give more benefits and you will see the strength of your faith when I allow

something to materialize I’m grateful that you are a Dependable creature of Jesus the long

awaited breakthrough is practically here do not let weeping fall from the eyes of

those who believe in Lord today I can tell you that you are just a revitalized

sense of meaning the way if you believe in God tell me what you need and want in

quiet reverent terms you will receive a reward for your

trust as I am the one in possession of all clarification even for seemingly

insurmountable problems you are going to receive an abundance of Good Will and

blessings that are unimaginable wonderful things are happening tonight

lost by liking and forwarding this video to your friends you can show your

support I am here to heal your shattered heart if you find yourself going through

the worst of times I am going to confuse your adversaries and append your reality

to your benefit maintain in consideration that just because you can’t see me doesn’t mean a map present

remember how I had Joseph do his work and he felt satisfied the world is

changing radically and we are starting to move forward in our lives I lifted

Joseph up and gave him a position of leadership watching this video can now

Grant you miracles I see every act of kindness you do which might encourage

your friends join me in saying I’m marching toward the light if you

consider what you have been hearing inspiring many left when things turned

around for you but I’ll take care care of your adversaries in an approach that will leave them for nothing I

contemplate what’s best for you at all times everything the environment as well

as time have been generated by me excellent Health joy and happiness are

what I want for you instead of attempting to understand everything on your own put your trust in me know all

the wonderful things I’m going to do for you throughout the near future and all

your dispute resolution the Lord is on your side you are about to experience an

infinite supply of blessings as your trust in God affluence and accomplishment all

increase we are wishing to remind you of all the benefits as well as possibilities that are on things to come

for you this month I continue to function despite being indistinguishable

identical to the air we breathe keep your goals front and center I will

always envelop you in my love whenever you come to venerate me and recite my

blessings keep a watchful eye on what I say how much I love you and the ideas I

implant in your mind I promise not to let your material possessions or money

concern you you have the opportunity to receive from your heavenly father all

that is rightfully yours my child so get ready I want everything you could

possibly want love abundance and your greatest

fantasies I’m not letting anything bad happen to you therefore you can’t get

hurt in your life this will play a significant role I will show you my

generosity my child never forget the fact that I remain the creator of all

advantages you’ll feel rejuvenated whole and energized after seeing this movie

the opponent’s attempts will be ineffective because of your prayers thank God for all of your

blessings and the love you have experienced and acknowledge that your anguish will soon be brought to a

conclusion you have to accept what is coming to you since conduct has

repercussions you’ll be able to take advantage of wealth as well as Authority when the universe unlocks your life is

going to change tremendously when you take resp responsibility for what is rightfully yours every obstacle in your

path strengthens your faith and increases your hope recall that despite the seeming difficulties in life love

healing and new chances are all around us though it could be a joyful and

difficult Journey try not to allow anything to overwhelm you or disturb

your peace of mind thinking about the biblical tale of David and gol ith not

withstanding all the odds David succeeded because of this faith and

perseverance you’re in for similar victories and always keep in mind that

God loves you I am aware that you are looking forward to further text for me

you are my all-time favorite and I honor the secret mechanisms within you it is

yours to claim happiness health love and prosperity I know you’re Hing for them

to come back so you will have the opportunity to advantage of all the new cash opportunities that are going to

come your way never forget that God is with you through all of the ups and downs of life because he hasn’t

abandoned you in the mighty name of Jesus maintain your thoughts and

emotions pure before the almighty Please be aware that I prepared for the

following World by working incredibly hard and efficiently God be be praised

let nothing disturb your Tranquility your life will soon take a different

turn due to impending change we are making a special delivery to your

residents the stars are on your side so have faith in them there is going to be

a miraculous event everything in existence will improve your quality of

life I am here to inform you of the fact there is yet more in store for you a

plan that will blow your mind and leave you speechless to comprehend and accept it

one must have compassion and Faith recall Psalm to which states the

Creator is our Fountain Head of confidence I’d offer assistance and

listen let’s keep praying and encouraging one another all the time

amen you have an outstanding Destiny ahead of you Lord is is conveying you

right now if you believe in the efficacy of prayer please forward this message to

eight additional individuals the best way to speak with God is through prayer Heaven welcomes

what has been disregarded by the world even though it sometimes seems unreal

Heaven is quite close especially for you you have bigger plans that involve doing

seemingly unachievable things this week is going to be filled with so many

wonderful blessings so get ready your life is going to change even when your

spirit is crushed you will experience a sense of regeneration let us pray please

assist me God to overcome the difficulties in my life you can have

confidence that every aspect will be handled well on your behalf

amen despite the difficulties you’re now encountering you you have an absolutely

wonderful outcome ahead of you remind yourself that the Flames are not real

and that your own situation pales in comparison your objectives will be met

and new chances will present themselves don’t be afraid to tell people about

something if it excites you if you believe put aim in if you understand

that comment Jesus act in accordance with Psalm which states that you are to

follow his counsel if you follow Jesus please share this video Your Existence

is going to take a positive turn even though you are now facing some challenging

circumstances you can anticipate Total Health and previously locked doors

opening share your Tales of Good Fortune Rehabilitation and strength you never

know who could find inspiration in what you have to say always keep your sight

on that the Creator is not surprised by whatever challenges you experience regardless of your

circumstances or where you are you are on a Divine Collision Course with favor

feeling a little nervous is acceptable you are changing dramatically for the

better even when you’re in the face of challenges never miss an opportunity to

show your appreciation to others I’m here to help you something in your life

has the potential to change dramatically for you I think that God is giving me courage and Direction right now so

whenever you place your faith in him know that an exclusive space is set

aside for you throughout my spirit and in my prayers breathe a moment to

breathe and find comfort in that understanding understand that the almighty is improving your circumstances

even if you may not always be prepared to recognize the route clearly laid out

before you they may have attempted to stop you for everything but they will be unable to I’m here to constantly remind

you that even when it doesn’t seem conceivable anything is possible if you

have faith the challenges you face shouldn’t force you to give up I promise

to be there for you and encourage you on considering Darkness never wins

you’re about to experience a whole new level of satisfaction ction recall that

all that exists in all of creation not even challenges can stop God’s Will from

being fulfilled as you examine these lines you’ll reflect on this time and

see how every detail came together just at this moment give your physical being heart

and soul and emotions all to this adventure and welcome the serenity that

follows with steadfast Mutual confidence my dearly loved child you are going to

get a great deal of knowledge comprehension and awareness nobody

should be able to persuade you otherwise you must anticipate the new chapter I’m

about to bring into your life and have faith in my omor presence for you my

darling I am working a miracle I am incredibly powerful in the parental

figure of the constellations in the heavens understand that I will be by your side

when you cross the oceans and rivers and they won’t take you away even when it

all looks hopeless spend some time relaxing and centering yourself set

aside your anxieties and have trust regardless of your present predicament

you cherish the Friendship we have focus on the good and let enough

love customize to your particular circumstance to come through for you God

is preparing a wonderful encounter you’re hearing from Heavenly

holy beings may you witness A great miracle that will change your life as

night falls and you get some sleep recognize you your life is

changing dramatically and prepare for financial rewards because of their

unwavering trust you are shielded from any dangers that might arise anticipate

progress in several aspects of your life including your relationships keep in mind that God

cannot accomplish what men are unable to enable optimism happiness and

Tranquility to fill your heart Embrace what’s going well right now and keep an

eye on the future he understands the prayers of the heartbroken and will never leave anyone who is approaching

thirsty I want you to have confidence that I’m always here for you and your family and I’m here to bless you and

them give yourself over to me so I can assist you for I am near the

Brokenhearted and able to deliver those who are psychologically shattered a complete transformation in

your daily existence will shortly occur regarding you and your family anticipate

forgiveness and affection your life is going to be bounce full and full of

Plenty as it continues to grow when the moment is right I will grant your wishes

while making up for your damages giving you the chance to have a purposeful and noteworthy life I merely wanted to

express my appreciation to you for your trust in God and to remind you that you

should never give up hope since miracles happen on a daily basis if you have

faith that you are favored by God these blessings will materialize grow in your faith in spread

this word enter to declare your belief then share this video with others

to show the power of your faith something different is going to take place in your daily existence we will

restore emotions that have been broken and Grant your wishes while making known

God’s truly amazing plans click like to go into the winner circle and

demonstrate your trust I can’t even begin to express how much I love you

accomplishment will follow success for you there should be joy as light breaks

through the veil of Darkness I promise to make every part of your life stronger

you are invited into the family of God you’re going to have stamina like never

before and be able to handle life’s responsibilities with ease in case you

have faith in put and announce this favor your immediate environment will be

completely transformed when you perceive God’s meticulous design from the depths of your being these adjustments will

greatly increase your benefits and Partnerships you don’t need to worry I

heard your supplications and prayers but absolute in order to accept this kind

gesture you’ll have a real sense of God’s power and love in your life all

throughout the remainder of the minutes you Ponder excessive L my kid

remember that no one but yourself can stand in the way of success when your goals and actions are in alignment

remember that your most important source of confidence is not your work location of work or

organization anxiety attracts bad situations to you unlike a

magnet in circumstances of difficulty it’s your perseverance though you may be

going through a stressful or anxious moment right now remember that it’s me who am the Lord who delivers heals and

builds very soon deep feelings of affection will take the place of your

worry anxiety and pain recognize your bily and emotional

weariness but things have improved greatly for you today you’re going to wake up tomorrow morning to find the

miracle that you’ve been hoping for like with all of my children I want the best

for you things will become better soon for your relationships Health financial

situation and misery and suffering the speed with which things turn around is

going to surprise you remember that I am here for you no matter where you are in

the world and that I will always be at your side no matter what happens all the

bad things in your life will work out for the better never get defensive about

leading in a apparently difficult existence instead reflect on the love

and laughter we’ve enjoyed I am capable of anything my strategy and objective

are a worldwide Symphony that will be your greatest source of dreams and the

career you’ve always desired you’ve already experienced the Miracles that are necessary before the month is out

your life and your connections with other people are going to experience a significant an

improvement in the same way that a parent watches over his own children

understand that I have never stopped watching over you as you navigate life

take care of my entire family and everyone else who needs a miracle please

the chance and favor they require can only come from you that is why I have

planned a successful prosperous and joyful life for you because I truly are

concerned about you collectively we are capable of overcoming this Creator and

encourage us while we offer prayers you have the greatest affection for us of

all the people in this world may your influence and the abundance of blessings

you give us not be overlooked or undervalued as we confront each day we

hope this next week brings us much joy and we keep in mind that no weapon

created against us can stop what has been designed for us may your favor and

presence be felt again as we wake up every morning no matter how things may

seem to be going we are happy you are here we cling to your assurance that

every promise you have given us will be impossible to for and that no weapon used against us can

succeed because we know you want abandon us we guarantee to put the relationship

we have with you before anything else thank you Lord for hearing the petitions

of the poor as stated in Psalm – we rely on you and think that

you give us unwavering support for the rest of our lives through the empowering

presence of the Holy Spirit we have made ready ourselves for a magnificent return

and have prepared ourselves for the help from above we beg that you have sufficient power and Grace to face every

event May your presence be felt vividly by all who come to you today for

immediate assistance we recognize that despite everything you have been at our

side the entire time have witnessed our fears anxieties and sobbing and have put

together a strategy for us we guarantee to stay strong in our trust and

certainty in you not to let the difficulties we encounter change us as

as we rely on your understanding and Direction help us express ourselves and

behave in an appropriate way and at the correct times amen you will soon be able to share with

offspring that I value the most and you crossing the Wasteland and increasing

into a gorgeous fruit back you’ll have considerable success Heaven has revealed

to you now all of stability healing and emancipation from this new beginning

converse with your soul myself and our non-existent Paws who shall bolster you

during your ordeal Jesus you understand that we encourage them and they will keep moving

toward you a big dot this opens up new avenues for gratitude for your support

and assistance throughout this wonderful time the all powerful God has given you

a wonderful life and I understand you’re concerned about everything the doors he

unlocks by divine intervention I can always count on him

he remarked the opponent has been conquered by the affection with which you have shown by being patient with me

it is important for you to know that he has exciting new possibilities good news

healthier conditions and more amazing surprises in store for the mountains you

will discover something significant in the early hours of the morning hold it

the origin of my guarantee and all you’ve requested including the home .

in mind money relationships and health will always be things I value prospects

brighter smiles and accomplishments awaiting mine a small example of the

incredible wonders to come can be seen in the current condition of your love love you have shown me patience doors

and favor Beyond Your Wildest expectations the Lord and you have

advantages over each other that you could never have imagine you already have incredible

blessings like Freedom health and a multitude of marbles and advantages to

consider these things appear surreal to you and the almighty you should be grateful if

Heaven has already provided you the things that you desire since your life is going to improve significantly as a

result he will protect you while looking out for your best interest this week

Lord is emphasizing to you to expect that you will have the opportunity to able to witness his hand at work in

every aspect of your life in the coming minutes my dear child your life will

prosper in every area if you have faith in Supernatural intervention Lord I choose to accept

these facts no matter how confused or Restless you get no one will be able to

close any windows that are unlocked for you he gives Alternatives that don’t

seem imaginable prepare yourself because the Divine channel is about to bring

about a significant change these four things are important for you to remember

recall the arrangements I have already established the up coming month will

bring joy satisfaction and Delight to those who are waiting patiently for a

breakthrough a blessing is waiting for you when you answer the call there would

be a NeverEnding supply of advantages and energy if you could look into the prospects for the

future we are aware of your accomplishments never allow yourself to

believe you are alone yourself I’m prepared to do anything on your behalf I

will always remember you so go forth into the world with Assurance if you

have faith in me I appreciate your patience while I work on making these adjustments in your life I’ll set you up

so you can take advantage of these fresh possibilities all that I attempted to do

as your everpresent father was a practitioner was to calm your nerves the

universe has spoken to humanity now is your chance to listen and multiply enter

yes to accept the gift of opportunity and experience the happiness that has been awaiting for you proliferates

immediately try to figure out the issue that has been upsetting people God is

gracious and willing to start over for you think about this since there’s going

to be a significant and revolutionary change tell the tale of what happened to

my son with the goal that it can have a beneficial impact on the inter industry

their lives will be positively altered by me and in order to help you never

forget that I am present to provide a blessings in the divine intervention that lies awaiting everything is

possible alongside God the do to endless prosperity and Tranquility will open if

you are successful recall that you are a valuable individual and goodness is

often appreciated you have to know that the Creator continues to work work hard

to bestow upon you whatever you are do tell five others who believe in God

about the good news opportunities advancement and benefits make a comment and give thanks

to the god of your life the Lord who tries to heal you and fulfill your

wishes considering your worries and goals I can assist you praying you a

fantastic benefit filled week I’ve always been watching you and I will keep

watching you as long as you focus intensely on every day and its opportunities you will continue to reap

the rewards have faith in the Lord who says he will not waver in your coming

first Express gratitude to Almighty for providing riches and contentment instead

of losses enemies and difficulties I’ve been striving hard to turn your fears into power so when

exciting opportunities present of themselves your weeping will end I have

all I need therefore please lead the way to some happiness while not condemning his

beloved ones the almighty will reassure and guide every one of you in the correct path as a consequence you’ll be

on guard and prepared for a fresh day brimming with added advantages thank you for being a part of

this journey your contributions subscriptions and Views a allow us to

continue sharing the powerful and impactful messages of Jesus stay tuned

for more enlightening videos

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  1. I also have a deep appreciation for every motivation you bestowed me.
    I’m a transformed vessel due to the support and advice you gave me. I just appreciate because the community made me feel worthy.Yeah,true friends in need .

  2. God is very good for us and greater will chid of God will praise the Lord for the good thing he has done in our life today any were you are start praise because God is with us in the morning in the night lord I seek for your meacies in and end of my life be with our everytime everymoment in our life in the mighty name of Jesus Christ amen will share not die in the fruitful of the lord will share testified the goodness of god heavenly father manufied be honest be meacies in the mighty name of Jesus Christ amen thank father for my prayer amen


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