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God is speaking to you right now I am your God and you will know it by the

faith that permeates your being I am deeply concerned about your happiness

and well-being there is plenty of wealth and things that have been waiting in

store for you regardful people can be amazed by the message that comes from

God when they witness your goodness he makes lofty Promises of wealth and Joy

give your feelings a lot of thought while letting the waves playfully interact with the beach because you know

that I am your God you will Triumph in the face of challenges and hardships

through you I shall work miracles for I am a mantle something that allows for

God to work have faith in my ability to time everything perfectly not

withstanding the difficulties you have my undivided attention it is known that you want to

live fight advance and create an extraordinary joyful environment at home

to increase my benefits in your life accept what I’ve have spoken pray often

and seek understanding if you require my assistance come with confidence you and

your family are safe with me you have power over others and can now let

genuine love in let people follow their goals but focus on your own Journey

because something amazing is going to occur recognize that you are loved

despite your problems and exhaustion I look forward to hearing from you you

understand and are prepared to live your life for God please tell me providing

guidance and a way to prosper erity and blessings I will constantly remind you

of my support never look back justest learn from your mistakes instill

compassion and the strength of perseverance in your child maintain an

open mind about the potential for positive Life Changes don’t let the wealth of Heaven keep you from living it

you will receive God’s assistance in your life if you adhere to this message

God is telling you today Jesus is by your side encouraging you at every turn

going to make right what you’ve sacrificed look around your life has

changed drastically you need to do action and addition to your belief Eda

take the initiative and witness your efforts pay off as these difficult

moments see your success Blossom enormously when you entrust me with your

projects and Ambitions I will guarantee their success and conquer all the powers

of illness infirmity and lack recall that both you and I adore you even in

regions where hardship and lack appeared endless I swear to release you from

emotional servitude and to shower you with gifts Miracles and Heavenly

Messengers do not mingle with people who lie all the time or take part in

activities that make me feel bad blessings will envelop you so guard your

heart and keep your faith confidence in my ability to predict and boldly voice

your belief as you sense a shift coming that may help you find your path and

calm your feelings type to express your faith believe that being grate F

can change your life and keep in mind that I am your Dependable source of

support it’s time for you to accept all the good things and Grace that have come

into your life you are about to enter a season of Plenty stay grounded and Good

Vibes will come pouring into your life recall that humility and true Faith

rather than conspicuous displays are the true sources of wisdom so can the

benefits of your words and lead a life that most closely reflects my desires

put your faith in me stay away from affiliations or business dealings with

unidentified individuals and let your skills and abilities to be used for

greater advantage in my name Refuge encourages you to show affection for me

even when I don’t seem to be around I am by your side at all times in the name of

Jesus I claim that you’re not fully mine until the day I hear you joyfully say

the layout is my child and I look forward to that day I swear to respond

your accomplishments and hard work will not go unnoticed the word that I speak

is in your heart bringing you the Delight of discovering hidden gems

within yourself and supplying all you require for a fulfilled and purposeful

life your request has been received my darling kid don’t be afraid to voice the

desires you’ve been suppressing instead keep moving cautiously and wisely tell

me everything since I have great intentions for you you were saved and

given life a root you succeed obessed by the sacrifice made on the cross if you

have faith you will overcome anything that was intended to injure and destroy

your destiny your approach to handling money and other aspects of life should

demonstrate your faith in God the best days are still to come the prayers you

offered have been heard you have developed and evolved into a different

person than you were in the past I promise to support and Mentor you along

the process and be there for you no matter what allow my love to serve as

your guide and my wisdom as your map reinvigorate the promise of a world

whever hearts beat in harmony with my goal if you feel disconnected from the

world you are at the foot of this mountain now and I will bring you Joy

when you feel that you cannot go any further give yourself over to me

believing that you have the power to change things nothing can stop you if

you do this if you think so type seese the chance that presents

itself before it’s too late please allow my spirit to watch over your heart

asking therein is the secret to knowledge and affection a cry for you to

return to me in kindness and Love Remain aware that you are under observation and

pay attention to the nuggets of wisdom whispered by the winds this message

arrives just when you’ve been asking for it too an interval of restoration in

prayer and isolation a journey into the unknown places of your innermost being

the goals you have will clear and will find your strength you have my love

claim an offering for connectivity by typing if you’re prepared to accept

forgiveness type indeed instill in your child the virtues of holding the world

Loosely healing hearts and spiritual well-being you are and for an amazing

week filled with Fresh Starts and wonderful relationships I have done you

many kind actions and now I ask to be in your presence from the seat of God I

want you to bring your ideas your personality and objective desires to me

each and every morning when life throws you a curv ball never forget that my vow

to send angels to look out for and shelter you as my way of expressing my

love and unwavering presence I beseech you to heal me and free you from all

your burdens so so that pleasure and happiness May overflow into your

personal existence and the future of your family your mountain of obstacles

lies in front of you during this time of transition but my goal is to change your

life and completely change you I’ll give your feet a heartfelt wash and bring

everything you want to me recognize that you are the object of my eternal

affection today proceed if it brings you Joy as your kids learn to walk encourage them to

accept that their falling steps are a necessary part of their quest to reach

new and different heights you cannot overcome the impending Shadow on your

own and there is no going back but I wish to release you honor and cherish

your friends and family I do not want you to face the storms or Misery by

yourself we have an eternal Covenant when you Proclaim me to be your God and

Lord may all your goals come to pass and comprehend that my intention is to lead

you to the seat of Grace and gratitude throughout this journey remember that my

word reveals my plan for healing and for washing away every disease the word of

God declares and Jeremiah that I intend to offer you a future full of Hope I’ve

entered your life to reveal you to my grace and to provide you Heavenly

Serenity allow this fact to uplift everyone who is experiencing

difficulties in your family soon even on difficult days you will be thanking God

for a miraculous recovery I have the perfect plan and I will make it happen

happen allow The Guiding presence of God to direct your emotions and your way

honestly I’m reaching out because I know that you are always aware of my needs I

believe in your purpose to shine through my darkest moments even when I receive

unexpected reactions I now know the strength that comes from bowing my head

in prayer and the power of reconciliation thanks to you you alone

are able to mend the broken parts of me I believe that I am the next in line for

a miracle therefore I put my trust in you and boldly declare blessings today I

know that you will come to my Aid when the load becomes too much for you never

turn away from my cries for help you have demonstrated to me how to hold onto

your word and to rejoice in any amount of improvement I I now have Clarity and

resolve because you have clothed me in Heavenly Celestial power I put my trust

and you to lead me through life’s ups and downs as I open up my emotions to

you as I get ready for a fresh season of Liberty wealth and Heavenly favors I’m

watching for your direction you’ve made a vow to broaden my spiritual

perspective and take me to new heights and levels of comprehension your promise

of restoration eclipses the sorrow and suffering caused by past transgressions

I come to you with a hope that you will do great things for me I have faith that

you are here and that you will take care of everything you’re coming over to my

house today to look after me and tell me not to fear I am aware that as your

scripture States lost might occasionally come before greater gifts you have a

blessing specifically designed for me as well and I have faith in your schedule

and strategy you promise wealth and benefits as offerings from your hand

providing stability and support I prepared to create a good influence and

accept your gifts separating myself from pessimism and appreciation in the

brightness you have given me my constant means of communication with you’s prayer

and I put my faith in your scheme for prosperity and peace I’m ready to offer

you my whole being and follow your way as I approach a fresh start that is full

of your love and direction to the Beloved creature in need of Direction

you may rely on me to guide you with unwavering persistent love as I light

your way I have an unending pure love for you and I invite you to come close

to me with your dreams and your burdens my presence is beside you in every Act

of compassion magnifying the goodness that emanates from the inside of you and

for your commitment to loved ones my promise to you is a steadfast guarantee

that will strengthen you through all the different experiences life has to offer

be aware that you are being slowly shaped into a highly capable vessel as

you pursue wisdom and a heart cleansed by struggles and victories for those you

touch your light which is supposed to shine in every dark recess brings

confidence and prosperity my ability to bring blessings and heal is enhanced

When You Believe In My Life love and allow to fill you I invite you to a life

that goes beyond simple existence a voyage filled with Tranquility safety

and the Delight of seeing Horizons full of opportunity let’s put the past behind

us and March forward toward a prosperous future you never have to go alone

because your faith keeps you going even in the deepest of circumstances with an

open heart to Rejuvenation await my Marvels for beneath the cover of my love

Strife becomes less painful your accomplishments in life provide witness

to the Divine collaboration between us as you pursue the illumination of

Sparkles and the promise of Fresh Starts be cautious but don’t allow your fear of

making mistakes break you my love serves as a stronghold a constant reinforcement

that you are loved noticed and never alone past mistakes serve as stepping

stones to Enlightenment imparting lessons about resiliency and the

unwavering power of Faith anticipate Miracles as your life gets ready to

enter a new chapter when wisdom love and Heavenly protection will rule Supreme

you are going to dis over your path when you turn your attention to me you will

be led by a power that overcomes all obstacles lighting Defender you are

destined for great things and are at the Forefront of a spiritual awakening

continue forward with The Bravery that my spirit has given you your presence is

an example to others of indestructible faith and heaven-like kindness be

certain that I I am constantly here prepared to soothe and restore

throughout this path ornamented with love knowledge and and Grace walking

this route together bolstered and supported by an unbreakable tie we shall

Prevail amen Harmony and serenity inside your household I forget about self-doubt

and fear right now remembering that the almighty is always there

my gifts are those that touch your skin my drift I’ve noted in silence is the

highest benefit in the midst of the pain maintain your composure I’m keeping an

eye on you being loved cared for and respected as an innocent being of the

Divine means everything I’ll glow brighter every day for you because

you’ll be drenched in love I have taken care of what you really need as I have

heard your admission that you need me God is attempting to remind you that you

should make a true difference in the globe not just locally if in this

devotion for this afternoon you are looking for Comfort I bless you and you

will be so inspired that you will turn commonplace items into more amazing

Creations that are yet to come as you choose to separate yourself from them I

have watched in silence as others begin to blame you he is thinking about your

kid all the time pay great attention to these cheery messages you have

persevered and given it your all and your goals will grow praying is

important even though the world doesn’t think it’s that important your Grandin

is a reflection of my love and you are an embodiment of Joan hope for others to

create their own painting on a piece of paper of Life they will open the

required doors so the process you experience does not correspond to what

someone says they’re helping you learn to speak avoid pursuing them at that

time strangely just as the opponent is about to give up here I am ready to lead

and assist you don’t put put yourself in an awkward position by yourself ever you

have to keep believing and time will pass you’re going to have to show the

world who you really are and brighten it up because your grin has become muted

and clouded by life I’m here to help don’t worry you are seen and loved by me

nothing is to hard for God you will see my power this film will change your life

and and help you avoid the enemy’s traps if you believe in God it is a source of

Hope and transformation by supporting you and giving voice to the voiceless through

these acts of kindness the cosmos is declaring its support as you endure

regardless of your level of demise now is the moment to acknowledge Your Inner

Strength if you pose no threat to them they wouldn’t be battling you so

fiercely God continues to bless you since you’re my child I have faith in

Jesus he brings forth the greatest you will be guided by the Holy Spirit

continue to pray and hold fast to your beliefs and you will experience profound

serenity blessings upon you you must rise and persevere in order to lessen

your difficulties not with withstanding your hardships and selfless giving there

is Serenity underneath the magic that emerges from your hands my presence is

here for you because of their feelings toward you love is what I have for you

if this message resonates with you in your heart type yes those that disbelieve me won’t help you when you

need happiness and won’t come through for you if you let them you possess the

brush stroke of greatness that I the artist who makes up of your life’s the

paper I am using you are on the verge of a positive Epiphany or breakthrough be a

living example of God’s Grace by loving God and others are you over your

feelings of discomfort and illness you will walk in wholeness and be completely

healed if you believe in healing during this trip you and your family will be

blessed generate life for every heart and soul you come across enter yes only

if you genuinely believe we are aware of and responsive to your request for

prayer you’re exactly on schedule for your breakthrough Jesus adds my plan is

special and made specifically for you so don’t worry about competition in the

name of Jesus Amen with the help of my holy right hand Miracles will suddenly

appear in your life I submit to your will and you rehabilitate me in every

aspect of my life Jesus I’m grateful that you gave me a fresh start if you

agree please say amen I will always be with you until the end of time declares

God be assured that I have never abandoned you even if you required this

prayer before going to bed I have supported you always I’ll lead you don’t

let discouragement take root in your heart I’ll Elevate you to new heights

and with your affirmation I’ll do amazing things for you please like this

video Jesus promises those who place their confidence in my name will receive

nearly Sevenfold Prosperity love is constant L present fulfilled and

completed do you agree to it even though you got lost in the delusion of

Separation I’m still here and I’ll never forget you seek his guidance and wisdom

to help you navigate the treacherous Mountain who are about to ascend see

amazing miracles happen in your everyday existence and may the Savior provide you

the desire of your own heart I have eternal love for you so trust him one

day you will be free from doubt and I will always be a source of kindness and

priesthood royalty in your life I give you thanks and promise you many

blessings continue spreading love to everyone in your vicinity listen to the

leaves creaking and the chorus of birds tweeting they are all singing a tune I

composed just for you you’re not supposed to spend your entire life

feeling lost give me all of your trust ask for my assistance and have faith in

God put your wishes in my hands before going to bed and allow me to give you

courage and serenity I accept you I forgive you and I allow your shame and

guilt melt away as you change you will become aware of everything thing that is

affecting you as you change the way you think your breakthrough is almost ear

let the shedding of blood of Jesus detoxify you a daily reminder to believe

the amen if you understand you’re going to reap the benefits of your persistence

soon if you didn’t give up I am here to support and shield you to make sure that

family well-being and Financial security flourish you can’t go back now that

you’ve made this far I am the one who got you here and will keep giving you

courage keep your ground face your obstacles head down and prepare your

heart for the amazing changes that lie tomorrow whatever happens keep in mind

that persistence and self- control are essential for getting through these

difficult times depression associated with financial strain will make an

effort to thwart your Ambitions not only are you about to undergo amazing changes

for yourself but also for the Salvation of humanity press yes to indicate that

you’re prepared for breakthroughs I am with you helping you to treat each

living thing with kindness and to face challenges head on with bravery now that

you have been given my affection and encouragement your courage moves me and

I want to pour out my unending love on you the people you love and your heart

something has been stopped that could have stolen killed and destroyed because

you are expected to be an example of Christ have faith that everything you

ask for will come to pass because your life is designed to be an example of his

light never forget that God through Christ Jesus is the one who determines

why everything occurs this is no moment to give up or Run for Cover you should

not be concerned since he is by your side observing over you and leaving you

in amazement of his miracles you have put your faith on him as well putting on

your trust like a faith-filled garment instead of giving giv up have bravery

and strength because you know that people are aware of your feelings of

dread and doubt and that it is acceptable for you to doubt his promises

all things have their proper time thus patience is essential he will provide a

way for you because of your tender heart just as the wise built their homes on

firm Rock recite this prayer with confidence when facing financial

difficulties or any other challenge heavenly father I depend on you and

abandon my anxiety toxic patterns or friendships alone for your miraculous

and blessings he respects your privacy and may make your personal struggles

become triumphs in front of others if they Place their faith in him remember

that you are steered towards contentment and development in this moment even when

opponents attempt to impede your progress don’t hold on to anger or fear

instead pray constantly until your demands are granted hold on to me God is

telling you today since the difficulties you face are but shadows in comparison

to his an ending light knowing that it is his wish for you to prosper petition

for love good health and happiness there’s a wave of change happening right

now what counts as his plan for you don’t worry about what other people

think I pray that you will experience his amazing answers to your prayers and

that hope will overflow from your heart from the beginning of time your father

has loved you and you are meant to live a meaningful life rather than always

crying allow his message to lead you down the most productive route in life

desire his company and the Limitless benefits he provides recognize the

mistakes you’ve made in the past but move forward Beyond them he loves you

and in his illumination your determination will shine brightly ensure you that you’re

are going to thrive even in the face of adversity your religion which comes your

emotions and gives you hope for the future is the best gift you can give you

have the power to create a reality that is greater than your wildest desires if

you believe it will ultimately become yours it seems like doors were closed to

you but I promise to open them for you right now just be silent and realize

that I am Almighty my merciful and loving nature is woven deeply into the

Magnificent tapestry of reality have faith in yourself you are capable of

overcoming obstacles because you possess a strong Spirit as you travel your

faithful clothing will be linked to extraordinary power your hard-earned

aspiration and visions that span vast expanses Beyond the Horizon will

eventually materialize it won’t be necessary to worry about scarcity because I’ll make your Journeys

prosperous and make sure your burdens that’s and just when you think they can’t go much farther remember no one

has vanquished you despite the questions and obstacles you have experienced God

has picked and endorsed you as one of my best creations ever recognize that

higher promises for your life are spoken Over You by the blood of Christ I

apologize if at any point I made a mistake or thought something bad I will

try my best to complete the tasks you have given me with a fresh perspective

come closer I am the almighty God prepare to work out a plan that will

bless you answer of course if you agree in this heavenly Direction because you

are supposed to be at the the Forefront of everything in life your decision to

build a future filled with love and harmony as delighted God beyond measure

done a gentle patient modest polite and compassionate demeanor never question

the magnitude of my love for you instead be steadfast and do not allow life’s

upheavals to rock your foundation I will guide you to verdant Meadow and

refreshing streams if you seek me out it pleases me that you have responded to my

appeal showing that you have the strength to withstand caution and

overcome obstacles in these times of worldwide adversity I intend to prepare

blessings that will allow you to treasure each moment we are almost there

and I hope and pray that you have happiness and train Tranquility in your

life my dear understand that the obstacles and bad vibes obstructing your way are just

transient I’ll be with you and guiding you all day so pay attention do not be

alarmed you will not be scared to speak the truth to firmly maintain your

commitment to God and additionally encourage people around you to have

faith to be courageous and to prosper in the present moment Lord is emphasizing

to you that you will ultimately succeed because of your perseverance and trust in him take

affirmation for your recovery from any illness since the Bible assures you of

complete Health you are strong and have an eternal portion because of your

adventure with God let Hope fill the illumination of the path ahead come from

your faith even in the midst of gloomy clouds of battle may you feel less

anxious and more encouraged as you put your faith in this light may your

character and strength continue to shine brightly instilling Grace and success in

your life this light promotes Harmony and peace as you are bestowed with the

courage and knowledge required to confront life’s challenges get ready to

see incredible changes starting today every morning is an opportunity for

Rejuvenation a sign of calm to come and an acknowledgment of the fact you are

not traveling alone the time has come for you to take charge of writing your

story acknowledging your value and the compromises that were made on your

behalf as we enter a season of Peace you are not defined by the challenges you

have faced in life rather they have shaped You by God’s design you are now

strong resilient and valuable even though your faith has been put to the

test over the darkest days and the longest nights it still shines brightly

and persists the message is to Value the Eternal over the Trent and make

deliberate judgments not not only do material belongings eventually fade but

a life lived in faith produces enduring Treasures in the form of love peace and

joy remember that you are a Priceless gem that is irreplaceable as we navigate

by means of these trying times transmit the light that illuminates the darkness

by sharing with others this encouraging message of Hope and Faith those around

you find joy and inspiration in your journey of transformation which is a testament to

your determination and Grace please show us your thanks by leaving a like commenting

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of Jesus I pray amen thank you for being a part of this journey in case you’re

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message of God throughout the world because of your participation share this

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every corner of the world your actions can have a big impact on how much this

crucial message is shared amen

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