⭕God Says: Beware! A person You Know Is Trying To Hurt You.. ????| God’s Message Now #jesus #god

God is saying you today right now even though you may experience the pain of

being a victim and the ache that is not audible racing through your veins you

should make compassion your top priority in every fight it is possible to grow

empathy and resilience even at the most difficult times of your life this is a

really valuable chance I extend my hand to you my beautiful child in order to

show you the countless opportunities that are available to you experience the

reassuring Embrace of my presence as it envelops you providing you with a sense

of security and stability you are firmly ens snared in my clutches and I will

never relax my hold on you being in my presence is like finding a safe haven in

the middle of the desert in light of the fact that I am your God your father and

your sustainer your steadfast trust is the key that will unlock all the desires

that your heart has within the depths of your heart you will find the blessings

that you are looking for kindly allow me to infuse Your Existence with the joy

and peace that comes from Paradise I am here to take care of all of your

requirements and wishes directing you toward Bliss that is genuine and

longlasting I will never abandon you not even in the harshest of circumstances

rest assured that I will be by your side for the entirety of your journey you

will be able to watch the transformation that takes place as your faith grows

stronger and your soul is renewed as you explore the aspects of my existence that

resonate with you keep in mind that the hardship you are experiencing right now

does not indicate that you have failed or that you have been defeated as you

seek comfort from me you are entrusting me with the burden of your suffering I

am here to sooe you so feel free to let your tears run freely if you feel the

need to do so even at the most hopeless and alone moments you are surrounded by

my un flinching support because I am personally familiar with the suffering

you are experiencing I will not leave you behind rather I will provide you

with comfort and Company through each and every difficulty there is no limit

to the extent of my love for you and I promise that I will never leave your

side regardless of how challenging things may appear to be believe this

truth with all of your heart and steadfastly adhere to to the promise

that I will love you without fail it is essential that you do not misunderstand

or minimize the sentiments that I have for you it is important that you

comprehend that my dedication to you is unending and unwavering right now is the

time to give my love the serious attention deserves and to firmly

establish your faith and a firm conviction there is more to the Deep

influence that my presence has had on you even though you have already

experienced it you must entirely hand over your heart to me and you must have

faith in the power of unwavering acceptance have faith that I will bear

your burdens and heal the wounds that you have suffered I am here always

present waiting to hug you and alleviate you of your pains allow this Tru truth

to reverberate within you I am here oh if only you would let me to carry out

the Divine Purpose that I have for your life your spirit will be strengthened

your doubts will be dispelled and I will instill in you an uncheckable feeling of

your infinite value this will enable you to face any uncertainty with steadfast

self assurance your spirit continues to be tenacious in the face of the

judgments of others and you can be confident that my love for you is

forever unwavering there is no way that the chords of tragedy can tie you and

the powers of Darkness do not have influence over your destiny my fervent

requests for comprehension should never have to be endured by anyone who is dear

to you unwavering trust is the means by which malevolence is vanquished bonds

are broken and limits are shattered I am intervening at this time because I have

seen you straying from your honest path as a result of being swayed by the evil

remarks of other people their lies have sullied your honor and depicted you as

someone who is not deserving of Love which has caused me a great deal of

heart take if you give attention to their lives and allow them to influence

your belief Bel it is possible that you could end up heading in the wrong

direction I encourage you to turn your attention toward me as we travel along

the path of Destiny seeking forgiveness and embodying my unflinching love for

you I am here to help you I am showering you with affection right now because you

are standing firm in your beliefs and I am doing it very proudly your heart

which is precious to many many people longs to experience the Embrace of my

message which is suited to your preferences know that the path that lies

ahead may be Frau with difficulties but that It ultimately leads to a life that

is filled with happiness abundance and Tranquility a Heavenly choice is waiting

for you because of your hard effort the foundation has been established for you

to enjoy the results of your your labor on this Voyage you may rest confident

that I am continuously there and a reliable travel partner maintain your

self assurance and endure even in the face of the potential darkness that may

be approaching I will be your champion and whatever Venture you undertake

directing you toward success from the very beginning with my grace even in

times of uncertainty or when submission appears to be unavoidable the way

forward will be illuminated because I am your God your protector and a

NeverEnding source of love and support for you I am your God keep in mind that

I am able to satisfy every need that you have from the very depths of your heart

due to the fact that I have always listen to your prayers I am now

available to assist you in your times of need there are no limits to the extent

of my love for you it is boundless and ending and and wavering your ability to

comprehend this fact and maintain your composure in the face of the diversions

that life presents is of the utmost importance Embrace Tranquility knowing

that my voice will lead and comfort you even before it reaches your ears and

this is a point that I highlight quite frequently remember that my love for you

is unchanging and instead of giving into hopelessness you should keep this in

mind motivate yourself to move forward with the knowledge that I will be by

your side every step of the way cheering you on and wishing for the best in times

when you are confronted with the trials of each day my soul will be there to

accompany who and help you overcome feelings of exhaustion and

discouragement when you are experiencing moments of uncertainty my love will wrap

you in a comforting hug as you follow my direction you will discover peace and

the love that is poured upon you will inspire you to take risks it is my hope

that the light of my love would dispel the darkness that lurks around every

corner because it is my desire that you become happy rather than that you suffer

now is the time to entrust me with your entire heart for that is where the

answer lies I will work wonders within you and as I do so you will rise with a

bright smile no longer resigned to suffering and fearful of the future you

have flourished in such a magnificent way my dear being able to observe your

unwavering commitment brings me a great deal of Joy your growth is comparable to

that of the solid and rising tree and at this point every barrier that separates

us must be breached you continue to stride with confidence opening doors

because I am by your side through every difficulty that is because you are in

the ideal position to accept the abundance that I provide if you want to

face your concern s and take ownership of your legacy you should look at them

as opportunities because you are in doubted with courage that runs through your

veins you have the potential to shape the reality that you experience you will

not be able to realize your full potential until you acknowledge that

what I have said is accurate your very being I acknowledges the truth of my

existence and it affords me a great great deal of Happiness to bestow

blessings upon you you have an understanding of my Limitless love when

you are in my hold you always feel at home accept this reality and make it a

part of your being for it to permeate every facet of your life putting all

else aside I invite you to join me in the peace that our connection provides

where I will reaffirm the love that keeps you going allow your life to exude

Vitality rather than allowing it to be characterized by weariness and

uncertainty it is not my wish for you to wish for a dry day to come to an end

rather I want you to flourish secure in the knowledge that I am here you will

have the ability to face challenges head on and with unflinching Clarity because

I provide you the strength to do so you can feel my presence in The Gleam in

your eyes and you are excitedly anticipating the coming of the new

benefits that I am about to bestow onto your life in the same way that the

Majestic Eagle Soares effortlessly to vast Heights may your faith continue to

maintain its unwavering strength you can always count on me to be by your sigh

going beside you through every twist and and turn take comfort in the fact that

the amazing works of art that I have sparked within you will eventually

materialize into a stunning tapestry that is infused with Divine Purpose and

success you should get ready to be showered with blessings that will fill your spirit with happiness

tranquility and Beauty trust in me is your safe haven and I will fill your

heart and soul with happiness that will last forever and a great sense of fulfillment Marvels

will be performed under my direction and while they may appear unbelievable they

will be unquestionably true all that I ask of you is that you remain steady on

the root that leads to the rich benefits that I have in store for you and that

you remain uncheckable in your dedication to my PR promises you will no longer let doubts to hamper your

progress when confronted with problems resoluteness and unyielding are required

I will never leave your sigh T my love for you will never be conditional in the

future you should look forward to an abundance of benefits that will fill your soul and provide prosperity to

those you care about imagine that there is a calm environment all around your

house one that encourages feelings of calm and serenity as the next date

begins you should push forth with a sparkling zest for Life engulfed in

delight and unfettered in joyment hugged by Serenity and free from the burden of

anxiety a disposition that is calm and collected is built on the foundation of

these qualities allow your religion to serve as the durable Foundation upon

which you can always rely I will never leave your sigh and I will love you

without conditions I will steer you away from those who are trying to bring you

down from your position your concern for the people you care about is of the

utmost importance allow my love to permeate your life and hold it in the

highest regard your soul will be elevated and your intellect will be

anchored in the certainty of my Everlasting presence if you begin each

day with praise with me as your constant companion when we are in sacred spaces

the pressures of the world and the passing of time are dissolve and we are brought together

into your love and devotion you will reach new levels of spiritual

emancipation and personal fulfillment as you progress through this place imagine

living in a world where feelings of hopelessness Despair and the chains of

self-pity are as fleeting as the first rays of sunlight in the morning

adoration that is genuine is powerful and unrivaled in its intensity it

renders all else to be nothing more than a delusion you are able to see my

Majesty in everything when you worship me because you are able to experience my

Essence keep the fire of Desire burning in your heart as you bravely get closer

to the Magnificent destiny that lies ahead of you my dearly loved child the

Limitless love and unyielding commitment that I have for you should be reflected

in the way that my words Echo throughout your spirit keep this message in mind

and and Marvel at the way in which my guiding hand will lead you through the path of Life remain unwavering in your

faith keeping in mind that you will soon be showered with extraordinary blessings

keep in mind at all times that I am at your sigh guiding you to Heights that

you could never have imagined please accept my love remain steadfast in your

commitment to my promises and permit my peace to totally Encompass you my

darling your perseverance will be rewarded and I will eventually bring

about the Fulfillment of my holy intentions both my love and my beauty

are gifts that will stay forever they are indestructible and unending proceed

with your prayers for I am constantly paying attention my heart is filled to

the brim with love and blessings whenever I think of you and I want to

take you on a journey into the depths of kindness that I have been saving for you

your charm and attractiveness are evidence of the Limitless love that I

have for you with the help of the entire world you will be able to realize your

goals and realize your dreams I am capable of satisfying the needs that are

deep within your heart and you can be certain that the benefits that I have in

store for you are unwavering and unconquerable you have not merely been

blessed rather you have been moved for a specific reason it is not a stroke of

luck that has brought this about rather it is the manifestation of my genuine

desire and kindness in your life get yourselves ready because the anguish and

suffering that you have been experiencing will no longer have power over you from this point forward each

and every promise that I have ever made to you as the potential to come true

today represents the beginning of a new beginning one in which your most

profound aspirations may be realized what I say is unchangeable regardless of

whether or not you believe it on the other hand if you are hesitant other

people can try to take advantage of your weak weaknesses seek refuge in me and

give yourself permission to go through a process of emotional mental and

spiritual revitalization because of it it is important to keep in mind that your

competitors are always looking for ways to take advantage of your shortcomings even though you have the

ability to dream and the commitment to achieve using the strength that I have

bestowed upon you walk with confidence defeat evil and become a shining example

for those who are in your immediate vicinity my truth and Justice are

protecting you my beloved I am protecting you when all is said and done

truth and Justice will emerge Victorious and even things that appear to be lost

can be recovered steer clear a people that oppose you through trickery or

manipulation and under no circumstances should you ever give up dearly beloved

the chances of success are bigger than you could possibly imagine and blessings

are constantly keeping a watchful eye on you it is important to keep in mind that

I am the creator of everything that exists and will ever exist and this

universe where love flows Without End by entering the world that is beyond the

reach of time you will discover that you are completely submerged in the

Perpetual expression of my Limitless love and calm your presence fills me

with an Indescribable amount of delight and the extent of my passion for your

family is unbounded the fact that you are willing to connect with me in this

manner through the use of this valuable time is very remarkable in the process

of completely submerging yourself in my divine presence you draw from the vast

reservoir of divine energy and Grace that resides within you be aware that I

will bestow upon you an extraordinary capacity for resilience which will

enable you to rise beyond the everyday obstacles that the world presents it is

possible for for me to enhance your comprehension and extend your spiritual

perspective so revealing the beautiful riches that are waiting for you take a

closer look at me for I will give you the power to overcome challenges and the

answers you are looking for will be as calm as the morning sunshine in times of

melancholy I come to you and hold you close listening to every sound and

feeling that you EX press rest certain my darling love that your spirits will

gradually climb even in the middle of the difficulties that the industry is

experiencing due to the fact that you are my cherished child you are strongly

encouraged to maintain a tall and proud stance as no one will attempt to hinder

your path keep these words closed to your heart allow them to nourish your

spirit and bestow upon you the virtues of tranquility and confidence as you

travel on I pray that the Heavenly Legion which is responsible for

protecting you from the harsh realities of the earth is able to bask in the

brilliant light of my divine presence it is important to keep in mind that you

are never truly alone because I always there by your side through every success

and every failure despite the fact that it is the darkest night of the year I

promise you that you will take safety in the Embrace of the most high you should

recite these words softly in the sanctuary of your heart where you are

protected by the arm of God and where love holds you in its Embrace despite

the fact that the world may pass judgment on you I look upon you with an

inexhaustible amount of Love reflect on this Splendor of your lord I want you to

know that I see the core of your being and I adore you just as you are even

when the industry is trying to mold you into something different even if it may be hidden from view in the midst of the

passing seconds there are times when I am making arrangements for something

that is significantly more momentous and in harmony with an Everlasting Vision by

your side I have come to realize that ultimate Victory is not merely

attainable rather it is guaranteed even in the face of the approaching shadow of

death on the other hand the essence of this Victory is not in avoiding

obstacles rather it is in climbing Beyond them rooted and steadfast trust

in my Divine Purpose perseverance and Faith when you are presented with

difficulties that are comparable to raging wines you must resist the urge to

give in to the iy grip of Despair you should instead seek me out and Lay Your

Troubles at my feet this should be done not via fruitless Warfare but rather by

fasting and prayer that is real remain unwavering in your commitment to my

teachings for they include a source of both strength and con olation as you

travel along the holy path pay close attention to the holy spirit’s gentle

proding and pay attention to what he has to say my dear Soul regardless of how

terrible the current circumstances may appear to be you should be aware that

they are nothing more than passing Shadows think on the way I have paved

the route for you even while you’re experiencing uncertainty about the way

forward since the seed of Victory is hidden within every obstacle to emerge

Victorious from challenging circumstances it is not necessary to

avoid them but rather to face them headon with me at your side and emerge

Victorious fear the questioning of the origin of such trials and the

questioning of whether or not you deserve your fate are all reasonable emotions to experience when the weights

of Life appear to be insurmountable these kinds of responses

are naturally human as they originate from a place of vulnerability and

uncertainty in the same way that oxygen and water are absolutely necessary for

survival the human drive to understand and control one’s own life as an innate

requirement trials are an unavoidable component of the human experience with

that being said even in the midst of these trying circumstances you have a calmness and a

sense of comfort that many people do not have because I have already won the

battle in the arena of your heart within you I offer consolation and an energy

that is not limited by the difficulties of the outside world it is okay to let

go of the burden of mistakes made made in the past as every mistake and

imperfection is Forgiven this day represents the beginning of a new Journey that I will take along my road

one that will be filled with Heavenly favor Grace and Assurance your feelings

are not bound by anything and nothing can disrupt your peace of mind if you

submit yourself to my Divine will the chains that bind you to destructive

behaviors vices or previous failures will be broken you will emerge

Victorious despite the fact that there are others who are skeptical of you or

who are trying to undermine you for I am with you every step of the way despite

the fact that you’re predetermined fate cannot be changed my holy spirit will

fill your life with an abundance of benefits and Joy by means of my promise

es you are going to be given the illumination that you require in order to successfully navigate through life

even in the darkest of times I urge you to cling to my lessons with unwavering

determination and to make them your Guiding Light through both the good and

the terrible times it is imperative that you do not deviate from my instructions

instead put your faith in me and be patient as things began to fall into

place maintain your unwavering resolve and resiliency overcoming challenges

without letting go of my unending love even in the middle of difficulties I

will overwhelm you with joy and tranquility and once those difficulties

have passed you will justly be able to enjoy the benefits to the fullest extent

possible accept these rewards let your spirit to be filled to the brim with

profound happiness and enduring joy that is anchored in the understanding of my

Limitless love no longer applauding me merely for my actions but rather for my

own being which is the source of all benefits we have received my desire is

to engulf you in my Celestial Aura infusing every fiber of your being with

my radiant and strength I am the one who bestows

life and wisdom upon you I have painstakingly fashion you to be a vessel

of exquisite beauty filled to the brim with my Essence and a reflection of my

boundless love and Joy to the World throughout your existence through the

use of these spiritual nourishments you will be strengthened from the inside out

gaining strength and and determination you will find an

everlasting source of happiness that will strengthen T Elevate you throughout

your entire life if you allow yourself to be filled with unlimited joy in my

presence my dear indeed Simplicity frequently possesses a great deal of

strength on a daily basis as you travel together with me it transforms into your

strong hold a fixed position that you may use to defend yourself against the

secular storms that may come your way this is a resounding WI a demonstration

of your unyielding faith and unconquerable character in the midst of

the ephemeral Whispers and soft breezes of the day use your unwavering awareness

of my presence to protect you from the traps of uncertainty and the shadows of

hopelessness provide me with the responsibility of managing your life let

go of the past and concentrate on the future and allow me to direct you in the

direction of achieving your goals seek my counsel on a regular basis and I will

shed light on the way to a life that is replete with extraordinary achievements

and Marvels in spite of the difficulties that life presents my love is all around

you and my strength is always in your presence to assist you in overcoming

adversities do not be afraid for those who continue to Be watchful will

discover that the way to Victory is unmistakable never allow your faith to

waver and never allow your actual mission to change your happiness purpose

peace and intelligence are all gifts that I have placed upon you in instead

of paying attention to the demands of the world or the opinions of other people you should concentrate on the

people you care about oh my beloved never stop pursuing perfection in all

you do despite the fact that the seasons causes and challenges are constantly

shifting I will remain stubbornly by your sight uncheckable in the midst of

the nose of voices and I will make sure that my soft Whisper of affection

becomes the dominant voice putting your pursuit of me at the top of your list

priorities will allow me to satisfy the desires of your soul that go much beyond

the fleeting pleasures of this world I am aware of the difficulties you are

experiencing and I provide you with the resources necessary to face them without

fear and earthing the impediments that have been concealed and putting them to rest without any

hesitation does my unmatched worth no longer suffice to Bear the weight that

you have placed upon me you can put your suffering in my hands and I will turn it

into Happy Feelings I will quiet your laughter wipe away your Terrors and

stoke the Flames of passion that are already present within your heart all

our remaining in your presence let the the entire world see you proclaiming

your allegiance to me and chanting my Praises because they will know that you

are mine which is a demonstration of the Limitless love and devotion that I have

for you there is a possibility that even people who have previously disapproved

of you or looked down upon you will recognize my hand directing Your

Existence because it is deeply established in the sanctuary of the Lord

and supported by my love your steadfast faith is not susceptible to being shaken

by any pressure hardship or rejection infusing your spirit with increased

vitality and Reawakening a dormant enthusiasm for life is what I do enjoy

the feeling of release as you allow yourself to be open to me because I will

always be with you I will be a beacon of light in the darkest hours and a

developing incarnation in the moments that you feel the most alone open your

heart to my forgiveness at this time I want you to seize the possibilities I

offer you for romance and provision as they contain the potential to bring you

fulfillment understanding and a more profound connection with me when you

pray I hear the sound of your silent supplications the requests that are not

spoken and the laments that come from your heart it is important that you keep

your sentences brief but that you express everything that is on your heart

since I am able to answer with unlimited compassion rapidly and Tenderly it

brings me great pleasure to listen to your voice and to accomplish the most

profound desires that your heart has regardless of the circumstances or the

challenges that may arise I am your stronghold your shield and your constant

support in times of need therefore you should seek refuge in me my love within

the confines of this holy Sanctuary the boundaries that encircle your spirit

dissipate allowing you to let go of the difficulties that you are carrying my

prayer is is that your worship goes beyond simple devotion to the outside

world and develops into a profound reality that reverberates throughout the

entire universe in spite of the fact that your day may appear to be filled

with Darkness worship will always reveal the Blazing light that is my presence

the Best in Me is brought out by you and with my power you are able to Prevail

over every difficulty that comes your way you should allow the wind of faith

and uncheckable love to Center you in the face of obstacles you should also

accept the profound reality at a tranquil heart is a source of healing

which is exceeding the concept of simple Victory as it is perceived by the world

because I have ensured that the significance of my victory stretches well beyond on the historical setting in

which it occurred you can take pleasure in the knowledge that the arena is no

longer capable of causing you damage this Victory represents an ending

Liberty Harmony and unwavering affection from the very beginning you should

acknowledge the significant impact it has had on your life and get closer to

it it is impossible for any circumstance pressure or trans to spare to break the

unbreakable tie that my love for you has created in the process of contemplating

these profound truths allow yourself to be engulfed by an overwhelming sense of

delight this will illuminate your spirit and ignite excitement within your heart

having a heart filled with Jo not only lifts the spirit but also nourishes the

complete being including the spirit the emotions and the body physically and the

energy that extends beyond the domain of the visible is something that you

possess my darling explore the depths of your being and you will find the inner

fortitude to endure the most severe storms that life throws at you in order

to enrich your journey through life you should welcome the passing of time

because it brings with it both both wisdom and experience my commitment to

you is absolutely unwavering even as the complex web of time continues to unfold

through steadfast faith and Earnest seeking you can Revitalize your spirit

and realign your priorities which will allow you to regain your Vitality

refreshing your mind which was previously burdened by the weight of years will be accomplished through the

circulation of youthful energy you will find that the energy of your children

which you had previously believe to have diminished will reappear infusing every

action with fresh life you will demonstrate to the younger generation how faith can change people’s lives and

serve as an example for them to follow put your faith in the fact that my love

for you is Limitless and unchanging for your happiness for the Serenity and

Harmony that exist within your family and for a future that is filled to the

brim with blessings my heart longs once you have followed my guidance up to this

point I am able to Grant you this Divine will be because I am all powerful in

preparation for the basis that your family will build upon you should know

that the steadfast faith and Dedication that you have shown me as the foundation

as you close your eyes you will discover that my presence brings you peace it is

important to keep in mind that your prayers have been heard by me both Orly

and in the Cal corners of your heart and that my response has provided you with

Comfort I have the ability to lighten your load when you are feeling down I am

here to help you feel better and to console you in your time of need my own

being is a sanctuary of peace and security I encourage you to spend more

time here since it is not merely a means of Escape but also a Wellspring of power

whether you find yourself in The Valleys of difficulty or slogging through the desserts of strife may your spirit

emerge stronger and more prepared for the trip that lies ahead of you rest

assured that we are guarding and embracing you at this very moment This

Love that I have for you will never fade away since you are my rock during the day and my light during the night always

keep this in mind since the protective Embrace of my holy spirit will protect

you from the dangers that this world has to offer even if difficulties may appear

you should be aware that you are safe and at peace because you have faith in the words that I have spoken even though

you are going through difficult times being with me is like being at home it

is admirable that you have such a firm faith in succeeding in the long run

today I am ready to assist you in conquering the sentiments of Shame regret resentment and grief that are

weighing heavily on you these feelings which were formerly

overwhelming will eventually give way to a profound comprehension of the inherent

value that you possess in my eyes you have the ability to reach New Heights

and terms of your soul if you only come to terms with the fact that I hold you

in the highest regard instilling this truth within you is something that I

want to do with all my heart as long as you continue to have unwavering faith in

me there will be no pressure from the outside world that can extinguish your

spiritual fire I will execute a beautiful Symphony of Salvation and

rebirth in your life and you will Marvel at the Miracles that I perform your

steadfast faith in my power particularly in forgiveness which infuses every facet

of your being with new Vitality should be affirmed be careful not to hurt

yourself since I have forgiven you you have been freed from sin and given a new

beginning as a result of my Mercy in order to avoid being engulfed by the

shadows of your past you need fill your mind with positive affirmations and

thoughts that lead to Serenity the fact that you have remain steadfast and your

commitment to me demonstrates that you are capable of overcoming and any challenge you should establish a firm

foundation in your roots and put some distance between yourself and those

individuals who are trying to undermine you with foolish remarks and vicious

Deeds neither compromise nor negligence should be allowed to extinguish your

fire I have bestowed upon you the qualities of creativity imagination

prophecy and unyielding persistence and a root is waiting for you one that

is illuminated with light and blessings along the way if you keep me close to

your heart the truth that I share with you will eventually reveal the great

dreams that I have planted deep within your soul you are in control of the

environment you are in thus you should totally embrace it redirect your

attention to the things that are actually important and do not waste your

time on activities that are useless because of our connection you are able

to draw strength from it which in turn helps you to remain calm this connection

should not be severed I imagine that in the future I will have significant

conversations with your throbbing heart and that you will hold my hand with

unyielding dedication Direction and figure know that I am always always

nearby hand that I am familiar with the difficulties and objectives that you are

working for the reserves that you have within me are boundless and my spirit is

prepared to rise above the resources that you have it is important to keep in

mind that all you need to do is give a helping hand even in the middle of the

most intense confrontations and the most falling resolve your heavenly partner is a

NeverEnding Wellspring of love and strength and they are willing to provide

you with unwavering support and encouragement while I wait for your response I do so with baited breath if

you are filled with self assurance please raise your hand and respond to my

call in times of need and uncertainty my love is unbounded it envelops you like

an unassailable Fortress remaining steadfast and complete throughout the

process permit this fact to serve as your compass encouraging you to navigate

The Labyrinth that is your life dwelling on difficulties despite the fact that they

may occur is simply going to bring concern and sorrow with that being said

my sweetheart you have been summoned to a higher plane of existence where my

unending love will be your constant companion your connection to the Holy

Spirit which resides within you gives you the ability to live a life that goes

beyond the mundane and goes beyond the constraints of this world you are able

to rise above your natural impulses and see beyond the momentary hurdles that

are obscuring your path when you embrace the presence of the Divine it encourages

you to fix your eyes onto me changing your attention from the fleeting to the

Everlasting from the visible to the invisible the simple Act of concentrating on your issues brings you

closer to my presence and power meaning that you are turning all of your

attention toward me the more you do this the more you will be able to draw

strength understanding and love from me even as you face your issues headon and

refuse to let them devour you this vow goes beyond merely achieving success in

the short term rather it resonates as an eternal truth that is ingrained into

your entire nature it is reassuring to know that I am unimpressed by the

unexpectedness or severity of your difficulties they do not have any

influence over me take comfort in this knowledge of mine even in the darkest

hour of your life they are unable to stop the Eternal plans that I have for

you throughout it all my presence is the only thing that is consistent it is the

one that infuses you with my love compassion Grace and power which emanate

from inside you and dispel whatever darkness that may be surrounding you in

spite of the the fact that it could appear like bad schemes have been successful I can promise you that my

heavenly intervention is currently going on it is as simple as turning to me and

having faith in my direction and provision but I will unlock the door to

my Prosperity transform your defeats into spectacular victories that will

exalt both you and my heavenly Kingdom beyond all other the things the profound

majesty and mystery that characterize my ways are embodied by this Priceless

Spirit it is important to keep in mind that my Limitless love and Divine

Purpose are superior to every obstacle hardship or antagonistic scheme that

exists in this world throughout all of your difficulties and difficult times

pay close attention to my voice and make sure to follow my directions the one who

will lead guy and save you as none other than me in order to achieve true success

it is not enough to Simply dominate the world rather it is necessary to endure

the tasks that are placed upon your heart and emerge Victorious from The

Crucible by going through these experiences you will grow more power powerful more wise and More in touch

with the rhythm of my heart and the high tasks that I have placed in front of you

my commitment to you is that I will never leave your sigh and I will do so

till the end of time I am filled with unflinching confidence as I excitedly

await the days that are to come it is because of the enormous love that I have

for you that I made the de decision to give up my life on the mountain in order

to give you the ability to live forever if you take my reassurances to heart I

will point you in the right route and protect you from the risks associated

with making mistakes when you get closer to me I will surround you with my grace

if you continue to cling to the promises I have made to you in the light of my

affection it is my most heartfelt wish to witness you flourish and reach your

full potential protect you and direct you making sure that you are never

forced to confront the World by yourself rejoice in the knowledge that I am

always nearby and I encourage you to wait patiently for the wonderful rewards

that are on their way to you just take it easy the advantages you’re looking

for will soon be within your reach keep keep the words I have said close to your

heart and pray to me with all your heart I have a propensity of finding Solutions

whenever I am confronted with challenges it is possible for me to fortify your

determination and firmly root you from this point on you will no longer have to

be concerned about unfounded accusations lies or threats since my

word is my body you are not deficient or helpless rather you are powerful and

capable break free from the restraints that your adversaries have placed around

you let go of the load of sins that have been forgiven and rid your thoughts of

any unnecessary anguish you are not deficient or helpless rather you are

powerful and capable break free from the restraints that your adversaries have

placed around you let go of the load of sins that have been forgiven and rid

your thoughts of any unnecessary anguish forgive those who have harmed you let go

of any busness you may have and move on from the past I will keep your future

safe and secure while also making certain that it is brimming with

Incredible and wondrous blessings with my unbounded love I will shower you and

those you care about with an abundance of blessings when you give me your complete commitment I will fulfill all

of your requirements by providing you with the most remarkable honey from The

Rock and the finest wheat remember that there is a possibility that you could

face difficulties in the future but while you tackle these problems have

faith in my provision and guidance contained within you just waiting to be

access have faith in my assurances even when the situation

appears to be hopeless always have unflinching faith in me and cling to the

knowledge that I am meticulously shaping your spirit in preparation for much more

significant things to come despite the difficulties that may be in store for

you in the future you must not give into dread your thoughts should be clear

and your actions should be Resolute and you should not be afraid to embrace the

future that I have meticulously planned for you a future that is full of

opportunities and divine favor it is important to keep in mind that faith is

a Guiding Light that may bright even the darkest of circumstances so revealing the path that

lies ahead standing solid and understand understanding that my unending love for

you will never waver is the best way to handle situations in which uncertainty

obscure your perspective even in the midst of the most terrifying storms that

life has to offer my presence will be your rock providing you with comfort and

the inspiration to keep going continue to be unwavering in your dedication to

my divine plan unfaced by the disagreements and iques of others my

guidance will take you to Realms that are beyond your current comprehension

revealing vistas of beauty and knowledge that are just waiting to be discovered

by you under my direction your life will be in wavering breathtaking and of the

highest possible quality imagine that I am your ultimate father providing you

with unflinching support and careful direction from the very very beginning to the very end when you are energized

by the awareness of my unending love and the Divine Purpose that I have for your

life draw upon the Limitless source of energy that is already inside you

accompanying you at every stage of the journey supplying you with a root map

that is brimming with blessings and Gifts keep in mind the boundless

compassion and love that that I possess and permit them to transform your trip

into a masterpiece of joy and achievement the paintings that I have

started inside of you will result in an infinite number of advantages with each

blessing spreading at the precise moment and producing effects that are Beyond

anyone’s ability to imagine as you make your way through the maze that is life

my beloved I encourage you to Embrace this reality with steadfast trust and to

stay true to these values allow them to direct and uphold your spirit with each

stde breath and heartbeat and do so with the knowledge that you are always in my

presence you are my darling and I find complete and utter joy and contentment

in you allow yourself to bask in the warmth of my devotion and take it

advantage of the calm that I provide rest assured that you are never truly

alone in my capacity is the Alpha and the Omega I announce with all the

Adoration of the cosmos that your love is Limitless and that I will be with you

for all of eternity into a vessel that is both powerful and beautiful I am your

God your author and your Eternal Father love th you should put your trust in my

direction my beloved child I want to offer my hand you from the very

beginning to the very finish this story be sure to pay great attention to my

voice since the words that I speak will provide you with Solace Direction and A

Love That Will Last through every difficulty be assured that I have always been there for you like a Shepherd

caring to his flock and that I am I have always looked over you with unchanging

care as you travel through the ups and downs of life my attention is drawn to

each and every tear that you drop and each and every sigh that you take you

are mine and I will console you with my loving hug even though you are not mine

I am here with you guiding you through every test despite the difficulties you

are confronted with the currents of the world and the adversaries that you can

see and those that you cannot see even when you are experiencing the most

intense pain I am there to restore your power and purify your spirit I will

shape you into a vessel of robustness and Beauty ready to serve the purpose

that I have created for you much as a competent Potter would shape clay during

the process of making a pot putting your trust in me my child will allow us to

sail the Journey of life together with unshakable faith and love that has no

bounds you’re are going to be successful in whatever you do my dearly loved child

I am committed to ensuring that this promise is kept as I have already made

it why should you be concerned when my powerful hand is protecting comforting

and shielding you don’t be scared don’t let yourself be concerned don’t give up

and don’t let yourself become dejected my love for you is immense and

magnificent I hold it for you if you could only see it with your own eyes you

would be so Overjoyed that you would jump for joy a thousand times and Cry

tears of happiness please give me your full attention first I would want to

speak and then you can share your thoughts and feelings I have some

wonderful news to share with you before we move on as you wake up tomorrow greet

the day with thankfulness for your very life and allow me to Adorn your face

with a smile that is bright and beautiful my words should be on your

lips as you start your day and you should also sing spiritual hymns and

pray through the Psalms through the day and as the sun goes down close your eyes

so that you are surrounded by thankfulness for the day’s benefits as well as the challenges it presented

place your head on the pillow that has been witnessed to your tears but now allow gladness to emerge from your heart

allow me to infuse you with chw and I will transform it into a melody of

Praise know this my beloved my love is not limited to the interactions we’ve

had in the past I understand that a great number of people have let you down

leaving you with a sense of being abandoned you went to them in search of love but instead you were met with lies

T there you saw your hopes and dreams crushed in spite of everything I extend

my hand towards you conveying undying love and support court that will never

waver over the course of your confession of your errors and transgressions I have

compassionately cradled you and forgiven you my forgiveness is an ending it will

not be questioned in any way even in the event that you make another mistake I

will not bring back your previous mistakes as a result of the power of my

blood and Resurrection to bonds that were controlling you in the past past

have been broken there is no addiction no destructive habit no unpleasant

emotion and no power in this world that can ever again hinder you from achieving

your goals the strength that they possess is insufficient to erase what I

have accomplished you were forgiven you were set free you were relieved of your

Agony your soul was healed and you were enveloped in my wavering loyalty for you

your heart has been restored to its original state of innocence and Purity

as a result of my love for you in your heart you have the spirit of a child

even before the beginning of the universe I could look upon you with a kind and kind gaze I was completely

familiar with your name and I had written down your fate in my book since

then I have been patiently waiting for your arrival so that I can guide you along each and every path I could not

help but feel a sense of regret when I witnessed certain individuals

mistreating you ignoring their obligations and failing Me by

disregarding and marginalizing you despite this I continue to be here

unchanged and unwavering it is impossible for me to give up on you or

turn my back on you in light of this I beseech you to approach me with

unflinching trust when you are looking for me ask with self assurance because I

am aware that you are looking for me with all your heart I can empathize with

my feelings allow me to reassure you I am with you whenever you come into my

presence you should do it with reverence and fervor because I am able to perceive

your thought thoughts even before they are formed put forth that uncomplicated

Faith Like A Tiny Seed for the faith that you offer will be planted in the

Supernatural soul and it will be nourished by the Terrors that you cry

all of your wishes and aspirations will be fulfilled and your dreams will

transform into reality as you look into your own eyes you will see wonders were

once thought to be impossible because of this I want to emphasize once more do

not give into fear and do not be nervous despite the fact that your difficulties

may appear to be insurmountable I am able to triumph over them I do not

recommend that you disregard anything and let your guard down neither do I

recommend that you ignore your responsibilities or forget the vital

tasks that I have entrusted to you instead I strongly encourage you to rid

your thoughts of whatever unreasonable concerns you may have it is impossible

for any crisis or struggle to permanently undermine or defeat you are

you are in the realm of the spirit confronting challenges is a natural part

of life however you should always keep in mind that I will perform even more

miraculous miracles in your life regardless of the circumstances I am

aware of your vulnerabilities and I am aware that there are moments when you may feel as

though you are not deserving of the blessings that I bestow upon you you are obligated to make a commitment today you

are obligated to believe to accept my forgiveness and to cling closely to this

fantastic love from this point forward you should wake up every day with the

certainty that you are my cherished child I am your protector your God and

your companion I am shielded by thee Almighty and protected by my wings of

protection to safeguard you assure me that you will and at this very moment

make a request for everything that you require with this extraordinary and

Supernatural faith faith I have a profound love for you your attention

should be fully focused on my voice and you should allow a sense of peace to

wash over you as tears of Peace well up in your eyes as you listen to these words that are both clear and Powerful

resonating within your heart do not let the cacophony of noises that muddle your

mind and cause anxiety distract you from paying close attention but what I have

to say you have my full sympathy for your feelings I am able to empathize

with the profound feelings of isolation and Melancholy as well as the agony of

being abandoned by Those whom you hold dear and without receiving anything in

return I have experienced the pain of being rejected and more specifically the

acurate pain that results from freely giving your love to another person

I too have experienced this feeling in spite of the fact that you and I both

provide our affection with complete devotion and Zeal we frequently find

that we are viewed differently and that we are left without assistance at the

times when we require at the most the act of giving everything we own pouring

Our Lives into our deeds and some sometimes even sacrificing our own wants

in order to care for those we love and shower them with affection something

that brings us both a great deal of satisfaction although you have demonstrated a strong affection for your

family it seems like they do not acknowledge or value the sacrifices you

have made or the suffering you have endured today you will get up again

today you will embrace life of the fresh fire today you will be I see your pain

and an exchange for your distress I offer a promise today you will be you

are going to be reborn today and you are going to realize the extent of my

unending love and my sincere affection having the knowledge that no enemy will

ever be able to separate you from my side will allow you to comprehend the unfathomable able bread of your

belovedness let go of the whole that the past has on you I want your hands to be

free of any burdens so that you can be prepared to receive the benefits that

are waiting for you you will be lifted out of your grief and let to locations

where you can bloom and prosper as a result of these fortunate circumstances

I have fashioned a crown for you a spiritual blessing that that I want you

to embrace cherish share and multiply you are blessed because your soul has

cried out and I have fashioned a crown for you now is the time for you to put

my words into action putting the Shadows of the past behind you and focusing your

attention on the prospects of the future which will lead you to your ultimate

purpose you should not look for happiness in the shackles of resent F memories nor should you put your faith

in people who are determined to obstruct the plans that I have established for

you I will bestow upon you enormous gifts which include profound abilities

unique ideas and desires that have not yet been discovered if you place your

total trust in me and believe in the powerful purpose that I have given upon

you the reality is as follows Your Capacity to achieve success in a prudent

manner has been provided to you by me if you are confident and knock on doors

people will give in to your demands I am the one who opens doors for you and no

force can shut them it is not my intention to be a witness to you wowing

in the Ry of dreams that have not been fulfilled this kind of goal does not

correspond with the vision Vision I have for you have painstakingly crafted your

way from failure to success with absolute certainty the path that lies

ahead will undoubtedly be fraught with difficulties but you need not be

concerned since angels from heaven will surround you in the conflict it is my

word that will act as your sword your faith that will serve as your shield and

my spirit that will illuminate your path your enthusiasm for life and action will

serve as the engine that propels you ahead from this point on it is not

possible for anything or anyone to break the bond of my unwavering love for you

regardless of the fact that you are flawed and have made mistakes in the

past do not be discouraged or hesitant simply put your faith in it get up and

if you are standing then go with confidence I am anxiously waiting for

you at the end of your journey holding your blessings in my hands do not loer

or cast glances backward for I am waiting for you with great anticipation

because I understand you and continue to love protect and appreciate you my

strong arm is always ready to assist you even when we are separated by a great

distance or when you are are feeling hopeless please ignore the chorus of negativity pay attention to my advice to

maintain your composure and to refuse to allow your feelings to determine your

thoughts actions or judgments it is important that you do not allow the

setbacks that you experience in life to weaken your faith for I have been your

constant companion even in the most difficult and remote time of your life

it is my sincere desire that you cultivate your faith regardless of how

insignificant it may appear to be both my spirit and my word affirm this today

do not ever give up on your convictions and pay no attention to the viewpoints

of others since I my presence by your side as a supporter of yours even when

confronted with the most difficult challenges you are not the type of person to give in to fear you have a

strong sense of Courage you will walk through fires without getting hurt and

you will navigate hazardous Seas without getting hurt always remember that I am

your constant companion and that I will accompany you wherever you go do not

lose heart neither will I ever give up on you leave you or abandon you I am

always is prepared to lend you an ear to empathize with you to forgive you and to

bestow upon you benefits that are above anything you could possibly imagine this

is my solemn Proclamation not only does my love for you have no limits but it is

also an ending and Trust today to my care have faith and watch as doors open

storms subsy and Victory emerges I will see you through stand firm and do not

give in at this moment I bestow upon you the fortitude and insight that will

enable you to triumph over this challenging time it is within my

protective wings that you will discover a safe haven one that is beyond the

reach of any foe you will be lifted up and unfolded in the Embrace of my love

through my actions when you feel yourself becoming exhausted I will

Infuse you with hope and expectation so revitalizing Your vitality and your

enthusiasm for life I have the drive and the power to take your life in a

completely different direction and that is exactly what I will do from this

point forward pay attention to what I have to say my child even if you are

unable to comp apprehend the complexities of what I am saying because there is a purpose for your life that is

profound powerful and of tremendous significance on a global scale in order

to do exceptional things you have come to this place to realize the dreams that

I have bestowed upon you

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