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God is saying you today right now in my capacity as your parent I want to

reassure you that it is not that I am withholding blessings from you rather it

is that you have ceased relying on me your heart has been preoccupied with the

fleeting things of this world rather than aligning itself with the message

that I am spreading you have disregarded my teachings your prayers and your faith

because you have been swept up in the desire to fulfill the expectations of

society at this moment it is time for you to return to me with a heart that is

humble and contrite prepared to let go of all the distractions and worries that

keep you from coming back to me you need to ReDiscover your confidence in my

ability to change circumstances and in my grace to redeem you at that point you

will begin to witness the benefits that I have for you as they begin to pour out

in significant quantities it is important to recognize that these gifts

will materialize when you once again come to the realization that the existence of you is not a result of

chance or a change in the course of life but rather the result of my unending

love and intention they are in fact in accordance with the commitments I made I

am the Lord your God therefore you should put your faith in me in the event

that you put your faith in me you will be like a tree that is planted by

streams of water producing fruit at the appropriate time and your leaves will

not wither but will instead remain Evergreen in spite of the fact that you

are experiencing a drought you will not wither or stop prospering I am the only

one who can bring back what you have lost heal your hurts and fix what is

broken inside of you I implore you today dear one to place your trust in me

because I am the only one who can provide you these possibilities permit

the words I speak to transform your present and to infuse your future with

hope if you have faith in me me you will witness the incredible ways in which my

promises are transformed into reality in your world at this very moment I am

working in your favor directing you toward the prosperous life that I have envisioned for you since the beginning

of time on this path that you are destined to follow therefore do not give

up hope don’t let the things that are going on around you deter you proceed in

the knowledge that I am providing you with a strength that is as powerful as a

buffalo so that you can get back up again I just want you to have faith in

me once more and to keep my promises because all that I have stated about you

will come to pass over the course of your life you will encounter my might

and Splendor as time goes on you will observe the development of my plans for

you don’t put put all of your faith in what you can see with your eyes doing so

could result in feelings of dissatisfaction and frustration instead

you should begin to see things as they actually are in accordance with my

promises and Open the Eyes where your faith is located putting your faith in

me will not result in any disappointment I will never leave your sigh and I will

always be ready to direct and direct you into the Abundant Life that I have

prepared for you you can put your faith in my ability to change your reality and

to open doors that appear to be closed do not have any doubts about what I am

telling you now I will work for your benefit even in the moments that are the

most difficult for you put your faith in me with all of your heart rather than

relying on your own own comprehension put an end to relying on other people

and put all of your Faith and Hope in me since I am the only one who can bring

everything back to life and create a path where there appears to be none now

is the time for your tongue to speak words of Blessing about the situation it

will become clear to you how my blessings start to materialize in each

and every aspect of your life can confess my word and Proclaim it even in

the face of difficulty and it will produce the fruit that you seek keep in

mind that genuine faith is put to the test by the difficulty of Life as a

result Ascend at this moment and come to my altar put an end to squandering your

time by going about things in your own way come lay all of your ideas out in

front of me and put your faith in me to deal with your aspirations and nams take

my hand and not let go of the promises I’ve made I can guarantee that your

faith will be ignited and that you will witness the realization of everything

that you previously dreamed of attaining because those who put their faith in me

are never let down by me regardless of how Dreadful your condition may appear

to be at this very moment you must rise now the affection that I have for you

will never change I will never leave your sigh and I will always be ready to

direct and direct you into the Abundant Life that I have prepared for you you

can put your faith in my ability to change your reality and to open doors

that appear to be closed do not have any doubts about what I am telling you now I

will work for your benefit even in the moments that are the most difficult for

you put your faith in me with all of your heart rather than relying on your

own comprehension unconditional and unchanging ready to embrace you in

forgiveness and restoration whenever you return to me with humility and

repentance I am ready to embrace you in forgiveness and restoration you should

not be afraid to get closer to me since my love is greater than any error that

you might have committed I would like to extend to you today an invitation to

once more rely on me to always speak of my love and to walk with the knowledge

that I will always be at your sigh if you make it your mission to find me at

all hours of the day and night I will personally take care of everything for

for you there will be an abundance of benefits and nice things in your life to

the point of overflowing my love and faithfulness will manifest themselves in

your life in miraculous ways and you will be able to witness them you will

witness a change in your life if you believe what I am telling you and put your faith in your words I am aware of

the pain that is present in your heart I am a attentive to the profound cries

that your soul is making I am here to provide you some Solace I am aware of

every difficulty and sadness that you are experiencing as well as the hopes

and dreams that you have I am aware of the things that you are burdened with

and the load that each problem places on your shoulders I never lose sight of you

my precious kid I never let you go keep in mind that I have experienced every

single tear that you have cried and every single amount of Sorrow that you

have felt never once have I abandoned you to face the difficult Moments by

yourself I have never left your sigh and I have encompassed you in my devotion at

all times my love is unconditional and unyielding and it is always ready to

embrace you in forgiveness and restoration any time you turn back to me

with humility and repentance there has never been a moment when I have

separated myself from you because my love is always there for you indefinitely and without conditions I

want you to know that I am always there for you even if you are feeling

overwhelmed or knocked down right now even when things are at their darkest I

will never give up on you dearly love daughter and adored son you should not

be afraid to bring your emotions before me despite the fact that I am aware of

your successes and achievements I am also knowledgeable of your weaknesses

and vulnerabilities I am familiar with the most inaccessible parts of your being I

am aware that you have had feelings of disorientation and isolation on new

numerous occasions as if you have lost your way nevertheless I want to reassure

you that my love for you is not altered in any way regardless of how often you

wander or stumble I love you entirely and eternally till the end of time I

will never leave this spot and I will always be waiting for you to return to

me it is important to keep in mind that my forgiveness is Limitless you will

discover the happiness and Tranquility that you are yearning for in my affection drawn nearer to me and

investigate my words for they contain the Solace and the understanding that

you require in order to confront your challenges you’ll discover the means of

escape and solutions to all your troubles within them you need only put

your faith in me because the kindness I show is more strong than any difficulty

I am prepared to come to your Aid in any difficult situation keep in mind that

the love I have for you is not contingent on the things you accomplish or the things you do at all times I am

available to assist you and extend a warm welcome to you step into my

presence my cherished child and know that I am always with you no matter what

what it is you allow me to heal the wounds that are occupying your heart

bring all of your burdensome loads and troubles to me and I will carry them for

you my power has the ability to transform every suffering into strength

and every despair into optimism have the courage to put your trust in me right

now and present everything to me in order to liberate yourself from the

sadness and despair that is bearing down on you I will give you the courage to

succeed simply take my hand and let the light that emanates from my presence to

dispel the darkness that you are experiencing even when storms are raging

around you you should not be frightened to come and find me I will be your sense

of Peace in the midst of your distress your company and Times of Lon less your

source of comfort and strength and Times of Sorrow never forget that my love is

all around you and it is stronger than any difficulty you may encounter stay

close to me I am your Defender and The Rock upon which you can stand I will be

there to take you up and lift you up even when the difficulties seem to be

too much to bear therefore do not be afraid and give my love the opportunity

to change your life and the lives of your family give my light the

opportunity to shine on your way and guide you to happiness and positivity

your heart should be full with excitement and hope and that is what I want to see as you move nearer to me and

prayer you should never have any doubts because I am always willing to listen to

your supplications and reply to them whenever you ask me for something and I believe

that it will be beneficial to both you and other people I will make sure that

you get it because I only consider what is best for you you should have faith in

the plan that I have devised for you come closer to me whenever you feel the

desire to do so today I am here to shed light on your way through life by means

of my words as well as to provide you with the knowledge and guidance you require do not be concern if you ever

come to a halt or experience feelings of weakness I am here to Pardon your errors

and provide you with the power you require have faith in me and allow me to

fill your life with my presence and your heart with love through my presence you

will be able to show others the same love and kindness that I have shown you

through this method in light of the fact that I am releasing you from all of your

problems and sorrow this is a very special day the heavy loads that have

been causing you to feel down guilty or unhappy are being lifted off of your

shoulders by me I want you to forget about the past and instead focus on the

bright future that I have in store for you ignore negative voices and don’t

focus on the mistakes you’ve made in the past kindly feel free to share this

revised message with others if it is in accordance with your wish if there are

any other modifications that you would like please let me know always keep in

mind that you will always find forgiveness and repair for your soul in

the love that I extend to you coner quely do not put a stop to this Voyage

back home do not allow yourself to be swayed by ideas or thoughts that are not

in line with what I have spoken do not allow yourself to be affected by hateful

comments always keep in mind that you are my kid my most prized possession and

that I will be there for you in every single minute of your life beginning today trial that is now move forth with

the knowledge that I will always be by your side I will direct you in the

direction of the lovely life that I have promised simply put your trust in me and

you will witness the transformation that my love brings about in you granting you

power that is beyond your wildest dreams I have a profound affection for you that

is beyond your comprehension always keep in mind that I will be by your side each

and every day regardless of the circumstances consider the prospect of a

future that is filled to the brim with joy purpose and an abundance of benefits

despite the fact that life has presented you with unanticipated problems I am

aware of the difficult times you are going through it is important to keep in

mind that I am always right there with you and I will never abandon you like

some people could have done when you decided to follow the path of faith when

things are difficult it is simple to lose faith and make the mistake of believing that everything is gone

nevertheless keep in mind that I am more than any problem it is always possible

to find a solution or an answer even if it is not what you had

anticipated I want to encourage you my dear kid to not give up to not throw up

the towel and to not droop your head I’ve equipped you with the fortitude and

tenacity to face every challenge that comes your way trusting in the will help

you get through this challenging phase that you are now going through always

keep in mind that I am capable of tackling any challenge in times when it

appears that there is no way out I am here to grasp your hand and guide you to

Triumph never ever give up hope no matter how difficult things become if

you continue to have faith in me you will be able to triumph over any

challenge examination or test for Every difficulty that you encounter put your

faith in my direction my child have faith in the way I have planned for your

life to unfold my influence will be working in your advantage as you will

see it is imperative that you do not lose faith in my Authority or in the

force that my words possess in spite of the fact that the circumstances may take

unexpected twist you should never question that I have a special plan for

you your life is being actively shaped by me in order to fulfill it to do not

let your events to Define who you are you have an unfathomable amount of

strength and it is in your nature to triumph over challenges remain steadfast

in your aspirations and the adventure that you have started my presence is

here to assist you in accomplishing your objectives you need only have faith and

you will see my power at work in your heart and life I want you you to know

that I am always by your side even in the most difficult of times you can

count on me and never give up on you or stop loving you you are never alone

because I have surrounded you with loved ones friends and family members who are

there to support you you should put your complete faith in me my beloved child

you should not allow fear or doubt to slow down your progress ress keep your

head up high and keep moving forward when you are going through difficult

times remember to have courage and to keep your eyes fixed on the bright

future you should always keep in mind that I will always be by your side in

this life providing you with my love and giving you the ability to overcome any

obstacle that may come your way do not be afraid of challenging situ situations

or challenges for you have already achieved success you have the ability

and the will to carry out any dream that you have deep within you I’ve implanted

in you the inner fortitude and resiliency that will allow you to proceed through challenging situations

this bravery and tenacity that I have placed upon you are the tools that will

allow you to triumph over every challenge that life throws at you always

keep in mind that you are my cherished kid capable and tough enough to overcome

any challenge this is something you should tell yourself whenever you feel

lost or uncertain on the path that you are traveling through life you possess

the wisdom that will allow you to find Solutions and make the proper decisions

remember at all times that you’re not wandering alone when you are feeling low

my love and strength will be there to raise you up and encourage you when you

are uncertain I will be with you every step of the way because success is your

destiny I am here to show you the way and provide you with support as you

navigate through difficult moments have faith that you will be able to accomplish all of your goals and desires

if I am a part of your your life make sure you don’t give up keep moving

forward with bravery and commitment you are about to find a wealth of chances

and blessings that are waiting for you in the future you must continue to have faith in me and trust in my power which

will show up in your life in ways that you would not expect so directing you

toward a rich and satisfying future always keep in mind that you are more

powerful than you give yourself credit for and that you have the ability to

triumph over any obstacle and accomplish all of your goals because I am here with

you every step of the way continue to move on my child for a future that is

filled to the brim with happiness purpose and great promises is waiting

for you you can put your trust in me to handle all of your concerns

uncertainties and fears it is imperative that you pay close attention to my

advice since it is the secret to flourishing and achieving success in all

of your undertakings keep in mind that I am your God your heavenly father the one who

brings you into existence and created you there is a significant reason why I

have picked you chosen you and declared you to be mine I have called you from

the most remote parts of the globe it is therefore unnecessary to be afraid

because I will always be by your side because I am the one who provides you

with strength and because I will always be there to assist and encourage you you

should not let yourself become disheartened at this moment it is of the

utmost importance to comprehend that that in order to live a life that is

genuinely full and joyous you are required to pay attention to me and

proceed along the row that I have outlined for you believe in my plan for

it will bring you fulfillment and blessings that are beyond your comprehension maintain your fortitude

since this is the way I have planned for you to go having fashioned you with my

own hands I am the one who is aware of what is most beneficial for you you must

not ignore my teachings or turn away from my words for they are the key that

unlocks the door to a life that is brimming with happiness and an abundance

of blessings if you pay attention to my advice you will find yourself living in

Tranquility surrounded by affection and flourishing in every potential way when

you accept my direction you will be able to experience extraordinary accomplishments and an

abundance of blessings always keep in mind that I am here with you even when

you are confronted with challenges or when you feel isolated you can rely on

me to succeed it is not my intention to forsake you or to Bear witness to your

misery rather I brought you into this world for a precious reason I want you

to take take my hand my cherished child and hold onto with all your might

proceed with self assurance with the knowledge that I will never allow you to

falter I am the uncheckable advisor and supporter of your choices at all times

with each step that you take I will be the one to support you in achieving your

objectives and making your dreams come true put your total faith and me and let

go of all your concerns uncertainties and fears altogether I am

going to make them disappear I will answer all of your concerns and put an

end to your worries because I am your God who is powerful and unwavering and I

will always protect you now my dear child I want to strongly encourage you

to avoid going down dark and dangerous roads and instead to continue to be

steadfast in your faith which is deeply established in Jesus you cannot be

defeated by any force not even the malevolent one that is stalking around

like a ferocious lion consequently do not give up hope instead hold to the

realities that I share with you despite the fact that the way forward appears to

be obstructed have faith in the excellent things I have for you have

faith that I am directing you through each and every step of the process please allow my words and wisdom to shed

light on your path which will ultimately lead you to genuine pleasure and

successes following this route will bring you to locations there are

peaceful hand revitalizing where there is an abundance of Victory joy and abundance be

unwavering and courageous and live your life in a way that not only makes you

proud but also serves as an example of Faith to those around you be a shining

example of Truth by patiently listening to others and communicating the accurate

message always keep in mind that I am here for you whether or not things are

going well every difficulty you encounter is a chance for personal

development and every hurdle has the potential to reveal new understandings

and information believing that my light will illuminate your way will help you

get through even the most difficult of circumstances I have plans for you that

are not going to be affected by any difficulties that you face I will turn

substantial obstacles into opportunities for you to take ADV advantage of with

each bold step you take you are laying the groundwork for a more profound trust

and revealing the root that leads to personal fulfillment step forward with

confidence knowing that you are the object of my admiration and love to the

fullest extent you should approach each day with an attitude of thankfulness and

anticipation since I have wonderful plans the works for you take some time

to relax my dearly loved one and take comfort in the knowing that I am keeping

a watchful eye on you and folding you in the protection of my adoration there

will be new opportunities and blessings waiting for you tomorrow sleep soundly

secure in the knowledge that I am here with you till this time I wish you a

restful night my dear which is brimming with blessings and and encircled by my

unflinching love put your faith in me my dear acquaintance and that my reassurances to

stoke the fires of Hope and enthusiasm for the bright future that lies ahead it

is important to keep in mind that I am always by your sigh ready to guide

protect and shower you with blessings throughout the day permit my love to

penetrate every as aspect of your life by keeping your heart open to it and

allowing it to do so take comfort in the knowledge that I love you deeply and

that I will do everything in my power to make your dreams come true you must go

in faith because I am leading you to a time of joy and abundance that is

unmatched by any other occasion continue to be steadfast in your faith my beloved

child and allow my love to shed light on the way forward the trip through life is

one that we take together and in hand and we rejoice in the benefits that have

been placed upon us put your faith in the blessings that are waiting for us

have faith in me and let your heart to be filled to the brim with joy and

happiness my gratitude goes out to you for being a source of soothing and

revitalizing water ERS that come from inside let the source of renewal be the

source of strength for spirits that are waning keep your trust strong for I am

the one who holds the ultimate decree which is perfect in every difficulty you

encounter during this day have faith that I will lead you to victory by

Paving New Roads and standing at your side in order to receive Words of Love

you should embrace life and open your heart wide not to linger in Gloom or

despondency but rather to bask in the light of my divine presence you were

formed observe the sunrise and bask in its warm brightness Beyond The Darkness

that once encircled you there is a ray of hope that shines brightly you were

formerly enslave to pessimism and solitude but I have lightened the loads

that you were carrying it is important to disregard insults and attempts to

undermine you because they will eventually become insignificant you should not ruminate on the past Sorrows

or make an effort to relive bygone eras because they are no longer present your

spirit has been purified your mind has been stilled and your heart is prepared

for a fresh start that is filled to the brim with happiness countless blessings

are on their way to you the gates and doors of Heaven opening up for you as a

token of appreciation for your unflinching dedication I would want to

express my gratitude for the faith and loyalty that you have rendered to me you

have elevated me to the Forefront of your life and as the most proud father

in the history of the universe I am ecstatic about this development let us

take a stride ahead together rejoicing in the excitement of the impending

victory that you will soon achieve my heart is filled with Joe because of your

fervor which is shown in your daily prayers and the perseverance you exhibit

by Bo without being discouraged by time or circumstance in order to seek my

presence at this moment I strongly encourage you to receive the beautiful blessings that I bestow upon you and to

embrace the victory at is waiting for you my words serve as a Pillar of

Strength for those who are courageous serve as the backbone for those who have

triumphed and serve as a beacon of wisdom for those who have accepted me

into their hearts remove yourself from the life you used to lead which was

devoid of faith and hope I present to you a holy portal and I give my hand to

assist you in ascending to another dimension where the supernatural will

have an impact on your existence perceive the Marvels that occur on a

daily basis because your conviction is the key you will be led by the holy

energy that I possess it is not for frivolities or dreams that you pray

because you are aware of what it is that you are requesting after receiving your

message I am Overjoyed to learn that you are grateful you should make use of my

benefits to help other people and to give away from the riches that I Supply

to those who are in need I bestow upon you an abundance of blessings you are

not among those who provide only a small amount of assistance rather you bring

happiness and consolation into hearts that are tormented by spreading this message of Hope and healing your

blessings will increase in this manner instead of being afraid of winning you

should welcome Triumph and avoid wealth your relatives will be given a great

deal of favor and even your adversaries and Outsiders will be touched by the

Divine and they will be transformed from grief into Delight behold in your Vision

the results of the decisions you made via prayer through the fresh and

Powerful happenings families that have been torn apart will be brought back

together and those who are sick will be encouraged to get out of bed by my word

any and all of your financial obligations will be settled and your

table will always be stocked with Provisions I will replenish your resources and a plentiful manner so that

you can freely contribute to those who are in need as I have promised more

wonders are going to find their way through you once you are freed from the constraints of stress have faith in the

new day because it will bring you fresh experiences and information that you

have not before known take in the views of the vast blue skies which are

brimming with opportunities maintain your resolve put in your best effort and have courage

because there is a great deal to accomplish my affection for you is

profound and it is my wish to bestow onto you a multitude of benefits can you

put your faith in me there is no need to be concerned about the difficulties that

your family is experiencing I have everything under control your home is surrounded by my

angels and my hand is guiding you along the journey despite the fact that the

conditions appear to be in opposition to your expectations love envelops your dwelling

please be patient since I am in charge of doing this I am the one who will

provide you with rest today put your faith in me I am going to turn each of

your challenges into even more significant winds offering you

encouragement and helping you to rise over them because my words provide you

the ability to persevere and Achieve success and whatever you do you should

not let fear to take root in your heart do you wish for your family to be at

peace and to be in good health do you have a strong desire for peace and

Harmony to Prevail in your home carry on with your prayers concentrating not on

the difficulties you are facing but on the sincere request you are making we are aware of the faith and

trust that you have placed in us I will shower you with my Abundant Blessings as

you wait for the unfolding Miracles you should anticipate that benefits will flood your life and that Strife will go

your family should be encircled in prayer and you should watch and Safeguard them during my presence set

aside one hour of each day for the purpose of collective prayer in spite of

the difficulties and storms I have given a tremendous number of favors upon you and

I have consistently never abandoned you however there are certain people who

despite be thankful for my favors give to Pride and repudiate the God who saved

them be sure to protect your household from such foolishness through consistent

prayer you should remind them on a regular basis of the origin of their

benefits they will not be affected by the curse and they will be freed from

illness and lack of resources your Dwelling Place will be protected by a

multitude of angels it is forbidden for adversaries to get closer imagine that

your family is backed together and that your children are blessed last as a

manifestation of my Supernatural power every single member of your household

serves a unique function for me not a single one of them will be taken away

from me every day I shower you with blessings and I watch over you to

safeguard you in return I ask for your heart and your pledge of loyalty the

promise that I will care for you and bless you is unchanging and my word is

living and eternal I implore you to have even a small amount of Faith to make a

commitment to seek me out to continue praying throughout the day and to never

stop believing you should get ready to experience Marvels and wonders as my

power will materialize in houses that seek me with appreciation and humility

there is no change in me whether it it be yesterday today or eternally with you

an unwavering pledge that I will never break is something that I have made your

Holy Spirit and other supernatural abilities have been placed upon you by

me your heart and affection for your family your attitude and your thankful

Soul give me pleasure I cherish all these things however you also show me

respect when you look for the best in the people you care about it is here in my presence that you will discover

everything that you require including patience Faith strength and wisdom

please acknowledge my passion and accept my love in these days that are yet to

come your blessing is on the horizon make room in your heart for Joe for the

miracle that you have been waiting for will eventually come to pass possess the

same same level of self assurance that you did during those moments while you were cornered and without hope my spirit

revealed to you the powerful presence that I possess you have not been

predestined to fail the path that leads to success is yours I hope that you will

seek me out and get to know me on a deeper level there is no love in this

world that is as comprehensive and profound as as the love that I have for

you some people might not be able to comprehend this and as a result they

might choose to disregard or reject such love not only are they unable to believe

but they are also greatly treasured they are attempting to create in other people

the impression that they are alone and that there is no God who loves them

tremendously through their doubt however here here I am in front of you with my

arms wide open prepared for you to entrust me with your worn out heart

which is one that is filled with dreams and occasionally sheds tears it is my

sincere wish to satisfy the aspirations that you and your family hold dear and

your intentions are completely honest I will not allow you to be burdened by

bills that out of your control to put it simply I do not want you to be dependent

on anyone my blessings are freely provided to you so that you can help

those around you and provide for your loved ones rather than so that you can

amass them for your own benefit because it is buried a seed will never develop

you should make room for the flow of wealth to flow freely and you should

welcome the prosperity that is destined for you whoever helps us others gives

generously and shares with others is a part of my God it is I who provides for

you I will multiply the blessings that I bestow upon you ensuring that you will

never be in need of anything it is my declaration now is the time to put an

end to your troubles and the enormous obligations that you face on a daily

basis for the sake of nourishing your spirit I speak Words of Love Hope and

Faith this is not merely a collection of words for exhibition rather it is a

promise of life that will remain forever the more you cherish them in your

thoughts and heart the more success you will achieve as a result of their influence you do not need to be afraid

of your adversaries you will not experience a lack of resources nor will

your children beg or be defeated I am improving your understanding of the

supernatural power that is possessed by my Holy Spirit it is not merely for the

purpose of comfort that I touch your spirit rather it is an empowerment for

self-discipline it enables you to stand act fight and Conquer causing your foes

to retreat and dismay and assuring that you fear no condition you possess a

tremendous capacity for resilience yet it is important to keep in mind that it

is my presence that strengthens you your anguish has been transformed into

delight and your aimlessness has been given Direction the alteration that has

taken place in you is so profound that it speaks of heavenly

influence and even people who have known you in the past are able to recognize it

you stand out not as extraordinary my Essence is reflected more and more in

you with each passing day and holy anointing has been bestowed upon you and

I have bestowed upon you the strength to Stand Tall once over again my promise is

that I will make doors of opportunity open for you and bestow benefits upon

you wherever you go I encourage you to flourish and to spread kindness about in

all that you do actions taken the good news should be shared with everyone you

come into contact with regardless of the Urgent needs they may have your

generosity will not go unnoticed as each and every piece of happiness that you

share with others will be returned to you in a magnified form when I pledge to

shower you with blessings adopt my perspective and accept my Assurance

imagine a greatness that goes beyond having material wealth imagine living a

life that is primming with an ending amounts of wealth and unending energy if

you pursue this diligently everything else will fall into place I invite you

to investigate my word and learn from it it is important to take note that behind

every miracle was someone who had a peaceful and sincere Faith the fact that

they believe in the Unseen regardless of whether they were considered significant

or modest fueled your faith the flame even hotter as Witnesses they witnessed

a number of on inspiring actions including The Parting of seas victories

over huge armies provision for those in need healing of those who were Afflicted

and unwavering perseverance through hardships without complaining you now

possess the same spirit that allowed them to achieve their goals currently

you are in the presence of a genuine God when you are in my presence you will

discover that love Grace healing Redemption wisdom patience Serenity and

insight Bloom here I am responsible for your destiny your answers your escape

and your resolution I am in touch with you to get closer the

force of my heavenly presence is something I want you to experience and I

want you to explore further into my Essence assure the success of my kingdom

by acting as a conduit for it your own willpower will prevail within you and

you will emerge Victorious throughout your life get rid of any idea that you

have lost make sure that you do not allow toxic words to permeate your being

regardless of where they originate from at this moment it is time to fully

accept the reality that I hold you in high regard and that my affection for

you is continuous and unchanging even if you fell to your lowest point in life

you will eventually find your way back up again all the same I need your

attention make it a daily Habit to seek me out with sincerity and humility

identify the need that you have for me please respond to my request I am

reaching out to you kindly accept my assistance thank you there is no shame

in displaying bravery you have demonstrated a tremendous deal of

Independence and you are one of a kind I am aware of your strength but I am also

aware of the increasing burden that is resting on your shoulders admit that you

are in need of freedom I am the only one who can grant Freedom that lasts forever

have faith in me take a moment to relax with me and pause your stde as I

strongly encourage you to do allow yourself to be rehabilitated by the

power of my word words allow the effects of my promises to wash over you removing

all of your worries from your heart you are conscientious and motivated to

achieve achievement your commitments are respected yet you have a tendency to

weing an excessive amount laboring without a specific goal in mind will not

produce any results leaving you feeling as though you are drifting aimless ly

although you make an effort to provide sustenance can ensure the well-being of

your family your efforts are fruitless if you do not have my direction there is

no point in having sleepless nights or dreams that are not fulfilled put your

mind at ease take a moment to remain still and give me the opportunity to

shed light on your ideas since your body is exhausted I would like to offer you

words of healing and encouragement and consolation at this time you have to

fight fights on a regular basis many people are against you and adversity is

blowing in your direction with great force on the other hand I do not want

you to become overwhelmed by these difficulties permit me the opportunity

to be of assistance to you and experience my love once more allow this

to rekindle your Faith with the same fervor as it did previously I hope that

you will regain the Zeal that you once have for seeking me and I want you to

know that you need not feel embarrassed to Lean on Me There is no defeat for you

and your hopes and goals are not extinguished I want you to fill your

thoughts with my words and to spend more time in my presence by yourself this

must be done right away way if there are any issues that you would like to discuss with me first you need not be

concerned I am here to lend my hand to you as a loyal fellow body first things

first let’s get started I want you to feel my hug and it will fill your heart

with happiness and peace there is no justification for you to continue to

live from one challenge to the next and from one tribulation to the next under

the impression that no one is able to comprehend or support you I am aware

that some of the people in your immediate vicinity are overwhelmed with their own lives and that there are

moments when they are so troubled that they are oblivious to what is going on

with you believing me a good number of them do you think people have feelings

for you love you and are concerned about about what happens to you but they are

unable to articulate those feelings the fear of being rejected by you as a

result I strongly advise you to not disregard me you should let that tremendous smile cover your face as it

has the potential to launch a great deal of healing and a great number of

Miracles draw forth from your spirit the happiness that I pour upon you on a

daily basis make sure you smile at everyone today if you do so right now

you will observe how the attitudes of some of them shift as they come to the

realization that they have found a trustworthy friend in you a great number

of relationships that were previously strain will eventually repair people

that will be a tremendous blessing to your life will come into your life keep

in mind that our connection is genuine and and unbreakable I have provided you

with a new beginning I have purified your way and I have led you on a trip

that is full of magical experiences and a Divine Purpose I am going to present

to you the unfolding of events that are still to come utilize these discoveries

with caution and you will become a source of vast delight and happiness not

just to people in your immediate vicinity but also to a great number of

nations much further a field nevertheless your primary blessing

should be bestowed upon your family appreciate the day that has come in the

way that I have outlined for you whenever you find yourself in a

difficult situation you may rely on my strength and see how we will scale the

greatest Peaks together the knowledge that I am with you

bestowing will bring about the discovery of Serenity in your heart and your steps

will be light peace and Tranquility throughout the day our conversations are

quite valuable to me it makes me happy that you have confidence in me and seek

my advice I am here to bless and support you in all you do so stand up now

knowing that I am here to give you strength and support my love for you is

unwavering and unending in its duration I am not just referring to physical

things when I say that you are deserving of the most precious present rather I am

referring to my Everlasting Love which is the most precious of all gifts

whenever you turn around it envelops you and provides you with strength and

warmth this delightful Sensation that is building in your heart is what is

igniting the motivation that you are experiencing right now it is this lovely

feeling that is giving you the strength to go forth and battle without fear

meeting any difficulty with a great deal of confidence and resolve inquire about

my word my promises and my is my will in Heavenly places you are sitting with me

and you are surrounded by a multitude of blessings however in order to accept

them you must have faith I am Real and True more definite than the air you

breathe more lovely and pure than the sunlight that fills your day and even if

you may not comprehend them or even expect them at this moment I am Real and

True my presence is ever present and I I am not far from your sigh my vigilance

is ongoing throughout the entire day from sunrise to Nightfall and every

second in between neither do I become weary nor do I Slumber I am always

Vigilant and ready to answer to the screams of your heart that come to me in

Earnest in prayer I ask that you comprehend the character of my grace

this is a gift that will stay forever and it is bestowed upon you from a place

of love not because you have earned it or because you are perfect enough to

deserve it every time I tell you that you are deserving of the greatest it is

because you already have it in my love for you if you want to receive more of

my blessings you do not have to win an infinite number of fights or go through

an infinite number of tests that’s not how things work in my little world

within my sphere of influence winds are achieved by faith and blessings are

accepted with a heart that is both grateful and modest the skills and

abilities that I have bestowed upon you are not intended for the sake of

self-promotion nor are they intended to Garner praise or the admiration of

others those individuals who have a true understanding of me display their faith

via behaviors that are honest and sincere they do not seek followers to

idolize them they do not seek to be perceived as influencers they do not pursue Earthly

Praises or vanity and they do not claim leadership for the purpose of

establishing their own self- Glory it is imperative that you guard your heart

against pry if you waste to experience the fullness of my spiritual Kingdom in

the event that I have bestowed upon you abilities and more blessings it is for

you to walk in humility to extend your hand to those who are in need and to do

so with a sincere Spirit In addition when you do this with genuine compassion

you will be able to see the unfolding of numerous Marvels I have delegated my

authority to you you have the ability to walk on top of confrontations challenges

and Giants you will not be harmed by anything you are free to lift yourself

up and March toward Victory because your victory has already been won take the

next step with faith and self assurance protect your mouth from phrases that

will make me unhappy and eliminate from your life any emot tions that should no

longer be present make room in your life for new hopes and Ambitions by

exchanging those memories and regrets allow the healing power of my

forgiveness to completely envelop your very being I ask that you give me

permission to trade your history for a bright future I am lighting a fire within your very being that will

illuminate not just those who are residing in your immediate vicin

but also and most importantly those who you hold in the highest regard take note

of the way in which their expression changes as they look at you the powerful

anointing of my Holy Spirit which has been lovingly given upon you out of love

is the source of the light that is Flowing from your eyes having said that

it is your responsibility to continually seek me out via prayer

and to nourish yourself with my word it is inevitable that you will feel drawn

to seek me out further as you continue to immerse yourself in this spiritual

realm your dreams will be the place where I will disclose my will to you

make responsible use of this Priceless talent that has been bestowed upon you

it is not for the purpose of proclaiming Heaven to the entire world that I give

you a taste of paradise rather it is for the purpose of walking modestly and

treating others with respect for they are your brothers and children you

should go in that direction treat them in the same manner that you would like

them to treat you I sow a fresh Supernatural seed within your soul with

each act of kindness and love toward another person this seed will grow

abundantly as it will produce new Miracles healing and strength be a

friend who is true and sincere take a look at the happiness and Splendor that

surrounds you your loved ones your friends and everyone else who comes into

contact with you when you make the decision to live in harmony and seek my

presence always keep in mind that my Holy Spirit flourishes in settings that

are characterized by love and acceptance and not in those that are

characterized by conflict and rejection when I see certain people Express their

dedication to me yet their comments toward other people are last and kind

spreading rumors and disparaging gossip without even knowing a complete facts it

causes me a great deal of sadness on the other hand they are hesitant to praise

and quick to criticize a Barren heart which is analogous to a dry well is a

heart that is filled with negativity and is devoid of water at is lifegiving this

heart cannot produce any nourishment please give me the opportunity to bring

about magnificent miracles in your life feel free to respond to my request with

a heart that is filled with faith love patience and humility you should

have a positive attitude toward other people and make it a deep-seated desire

to use the benefits that I bestow upon you to bring happiness and Grace to

other people due to the fact that the most Magnificent Presence are already

within your reach you are eligible to receive everything that is wonderful

Please be aware that I love you very much this reality cannot be questioned

and this heavenly love will remain yours for all of eternity thank you I have no choice but

to remove them from your life since they are oppose to my holy Mission and refuse

to repent of the evil that they have committed you should put some distance

between yourself and such damaging influences which are people that create

strife and untruth despite the fact that they may be insulting and behave in an

unpleasant manner they are unable to accept reality they are similar to

wolves that are camouflaged as sheep because they thrive on deception and

Mayhem steer clear of them since they will face the repercussions of their

acts at some point in the future in response to your prayers I want you to

know that my love for you is greater than anything else and I strongly

encourage you to accept this reality every Dawn I am here at your side

providing you with strength and Reviving you you can put your faith and my

compassion for your future I am extremely grateful to you for your kindness your unwavering Faith

distinguishes you from others especially when you are confronted with skepticism

or contempt over your belief in a spiritual presence that cannot be

experienced because I am here with unyielding determination and unbounded

confidence you will never have any reason to question my presence you are

going to rise with each passing instant aware of your Divine lineage and

radiating Joan selfish Assurance at the beginning of each new day you are a

shining example of gratitude exemplifying the inherent beauty that is

intrinsic to your spirit having firmly established myself on the horizon I have

a strong desire to envelop you once more in the Limitless manifestation of my

unending love as I shower you with benefits even before the sun rises Grace

permeates the world your blessings are abundant know that the air you breathe

the light that is within you and the fortitude to triumph over every

challenge are all gifts that I have bestowed upon you as you awaken from

your sleep take notice for I am determined to lead you through the

complicated twists and turns of life and I will remain steady in the face of any

barriers that block your Delight because of your unflinching determination and dogged

determination I will be able to reveal my plans to you which will lead to a

future that is filled to the brim with prosperous and peaceful circumstances

deep conscious of the fact that I fill your life with happiness and favor and

that my presence in your life will last forever it is imperative that you my

beloved resist the pull of dishonorable and pointless Endeavors and instead remain

steadfast by my sigh your spirit to unflinching and courageous the extent of

my ability to perform miracles in your life is unbounded even when you are in

the most hopeless of circumstances I am able to accomplish everything and through you I am able to

manifest an infinite amount of love and power take comfort in the fact that I

will always look out for your best interests permit me to bestow upon you

every conceivable happiness and prosperity my dearly cherished in times

of uncertainty remember to cling tenaciously to my assurances and

promises because I will not leave until each and every promise that I have made

to you is fulfilled in times of grief you can find comfort in my unending love

which wraps this loving Embrace around you and is ready to comfort you

throughout the entirety of your adventure I am here with you supporting

you with Loving Hands and never leaving your side in the event that you put your

faith in me I have remarkable plans in store for you with the help of Faith you

will be able to see light Light breaking through darkness and the rekindling of hope within your own heart you may count

on me to be by your side through every Bend and twist my grace engulfing you

proceed with courage for I assure you that I will provide and flinching

Direction believe that I am able to perform miracles on your behalf and have

faith in my capacities your unceasing efforts will be rewarded with the

Limitless love and success that I have to offer make sure that you continue to

have unwavering faith in me even if you may be crying and praying with my

direction there is no hurdle regardless of how intimidating it may be that can

prevent you from achieving success when we work together we are able to overcome

any obstacle and emerge Victorious except the many benefits that I bestow

upon you because your faith and my provision will dispel the clouds of

uncertainty that have been hanging over you as we collectively navigate the

waves we are confident that we will arrive at our objective as we leave ways

let my presence to stay in your heart that is yearning it maintain a close

proximity to me at all times proclaiming your dedication and reiterating your

unwavering commitment the unwavering faith that you have in me enables me to

shower on to you an infinite amount of Love hand to release the great joy that

is contained inside you I can empathize with your restlessness and the fact that your mind

is frequently racing with ideas I beseech you to resist the urge to give

to fear for the touch of my palm clears away any and all residual concerns from

the past today is the day to let go of the weight of mistakes made in the past

and to start a journey toward healing and emancipation having unwavering trust you

can face the future with self assurance knowing that I will be by your side from

the beginning of time to the end of things give yourself to my truth and

allow it to seep into your own being both my unwavering fondness and my

willingness to make sacrifices are evidence of my devotion as I lead you

away from dishonesty and into the light of my teachings I demonstrate the

Limitless potential that is available to those who put their faith and their

relationship with me it is becoming increasingly possible for me to bestow

eternal life thus I urge you to steadfastly adhere to my assurances get

ready to become the recipient of the plethora of gifts that I am about to

bestow upon you I am prepared to bestow upon you an abundance of benefits that

cannot be measured so spread your hands wide in the midst of the Skies revealing

their presence to you I beseech you to continue to be unwavering in your

commitment to me it is imperative that you declare Your Allegiance affirm your

beliefs and make a promise that will remain forever there is no need to be

afraid because I am removing the darkness that has surrounded your confinement and bringing about a new

period of healing freedom and an ending benefits participate in my promises with

all of your heart for they will set you free from the shackles of evil allow my

words of Solace to permeate your home and reverberate among your loved ones as

I bestow upon you the blessings of Health sustenance Independence and

wealth experience the incomprehensible unfolding of the great benefits that are

taking place who else is capable of bestowing upon you such remarkable Joy

your genuine requirements are crystal plain to me and I am able to empathize

with the extent of your suffering my love is kind and reassuring and it

provides you with consolation in each and every moment of your life you should

put your faith in it because I am the one who gave up my life on the cross and

continues to rise from the dead every day unaffected by deception I mold write

and scripture your future I am not afraid of it many people have been

misled by the illusions of the world which has caus them to distrust my love

and Dread Vengeance despite the fact that others are turning away and giving

into lies I continue to be unwavering the Magnificent intentions that have

been decreed for you and your family are a testament that is waiting for you

before you by clinging to my love I can guarantee you that your all powerful God

has not engaged in the fabrication of Illusions my love for you is Limitless

and my patience is unflinching regardless of the circumstances as I reveal my designs I

bestow blessings on to your way and to extend an invitation to gently embrace

my caring love my love wants joy and honesty and it does so without any unnecessary

pop or Envy it is important to include this Limitless love into your

Supernatural advantages despite the difficulties that life throws at them

love desire and Faith remain firm taking hold of the love that you have already

been given is the most precious present hold on to it with both hands and keep

on for a little while longer I am able to be of assistance to you in ways that

are not monetary in nature no amount of wealth can by what I have planned for

you my love for you is obvious and I will keep my promise with INF flinching

Faith this is not only jargon expressing my feelings for you as soon as you step

outside remind yourself to take a deep breath take in the immensity of the sky

and feel the warmth of the Sun the beauty that surrounds you is a

manifestation of the love that I have always had for you being there at all

times and keeping a close eye on you is one of the ways that I would like to

convey my feelings of affection for you I have helped you through times of

hopelessness on multiple occasions and I have come to your rescue each and every

time in spite of the fact that you may experience difficulties or make errors

today you should not give up on your trip from my perspective your dreams are

significant and it is possible that they will come true in the future I have

bestowed upon you a Divine Mission and I looking for a way to make my boundless

love and energy apparent through you the holy spirit of God who is always at work

within you sanctifies you and guides you along the path of your spiritual journey through

the assistance of my instruction you will get clarity that goes beyond

superficial appearances enabling you to recognize the motives of individuals and

collecting knowledge that enhances your comprehension in ways that are unmatched

your actions of unselfish kindness will bring Solace and hope to great number of

people thereby opening doors for those who are in need through the application

of my teachings you will become a living manifestation of your faith which will

be witnessed by everyone I am going to demonstrate to the entire world what is

feasible by having unshakable faith in your capabilities I will always be by your

sigh ready to lend a helping hand regardless of the challenges that you

may be facing I pray that your petitions will never go unheard and your screams

will never Escape my heart I pray that you will guide your spirit it is my

intention to steadfastly preserve the motivation that I have instilled in your

life putting your loved ones first and treating them with the respect and care

they deserve should always be your top priority your your mind should be

protected against negativity and you should devote yourself wholeheartedly to

the pursuit you have chosen avoid confrontations that could lead to

dissension as you walk with excitement and lift your arms in devotion Express

Thanks for the Priceless gift of life that you have been receiving I am the

solution to every problem the relief from every predicament and the cure for

all of your afflictions I am the answer to every Enigma as I make my way through

the great expanse of my presence I hold your family your future and your life in

my arms like a cherished child do not let your dreams which are as bright as

the stars in the sky slip from your sight they are not ephemeral desires but

rather lighted guarding beacons that I have brought into being because I am the

one who created everything the value of you is beyond the standards of this

world I have observed the growth of your ideas the passion that fills your heart

with aspiration and the contentment that you feel I find that the eagerness that

keeps you awake at night is both straightforward and profound and it is a

reflection of my own Joy whenever I think of you I implore you to build an

attitude of thankfulness inside yourself your gratitude will bless you the

passage of time your life force the comfort of loved ones and the nutrition

that Finds Its way to your table are all gifts that ought to be expressed with

thankfulness that will last forever as you look around you will notice that

there are a multitude of benefits some of which are modest yet profoundly

significant continue to persevere dear one because you will eventually become a

guardian and you will treasure these wonderful gifts every morning brings

with it a new chance to rejoice and take pleasure in life a blank canvas on which

you can create the Masterpiece that is your life’s journey it is important to

express thanks as soon as the sun rises a gift that I have given upon you is the

capacity it choose draw in the midst of adversity and to rise above the dots

that have been planted by other people I am the source of your power the Heavenly

assistance and the Eternal guide that you may always rely on your essence will

be revitalized your mind will be ignited with seal and your soul will be

enveloped in Heavenly peace as a result of my help which will Cascade upon you

like a soft and intelligent waterfall this Tranquility will inspire new

objectives and shed light on the roote to achievement resulting in an abundance

of joy that will fill your lives to the brim allow my soul to illumin your path

with Heavenly wisdom as you immerse yourself in my teachings converse with

me on a daily basis and allow me to guide you those who erroneously claim to

have Divine Authority should be avoided be wary of people who profess to be able

to provide you with insights but actually want to control your fate by

making false forecasts or by using compulsion you can find comfort in

prayer during times of uncertainty by reiterating that I your heavenly father

he am your ultimate shelter protector from the grasp of harm pleasee my dearly

loved one do not let anxiety or burdens weigh down Your Precious Heart in spite

of the unrelenting assault of evil and the Darkness that may be all around you

you must not give into dread or uncertainty put up a fight against the

hold that fear has on you instead get ready for your life to be altered as I

lead you to Realms that are beyond your current comprehension at each and every

stage of your journey you will be accompanied by my grace and blessings I

urge you not to be afraid of my warm hug or to question the veracity of what I

have to say keep your faith for there is a tremendous purpose behind your life

continue to be unwavering exuding bravery and determination As you move

forward without fear your future should not be determined by the mistakes youve

made in the past because the love I feel for you is Limitless and Untouched by

the mistakes you’ve made in the past do not let your previous experiences

prevent you from making progress instead draw closer to me and pay close

attention to what I have to say allow my presence to erase whatever concerns and

uncertainties that may still be there in your heart magnificence is waiting for

you and you must be ready to accept its gifts with complete and utter devotion

because of this my dearly loved one I ask that you fulfill my vows today with

uncheckable commitment fight against The Temptations of wicked

inclinations and The Temptations of the traps that this world has to offer just

keep in mind that the transitory of this world frequently lead to feelings

of hopelessness and misery for many people including my own family

depression and ruin have become a way of life therefore I strongly encourage you

to come closer to me right now so that I can hold you in my hands and find a way

to alleviate your suffering these words which are being sent to you from a great

distance by a Divine Assurance of the value that you hold for me the love that

I have for you is Limitless whenever I look at you if your previous experiences

with heartbreak have caused you to question your faith in love I am here to

help you heal your broken heart you are going to experience an abundance of

delight as the seeds of love that you have planted begin to sprout you are a

Marvel to witness both in terms of your tenacity and the Splendor of your

development despite the fact that I have experienced periods of

disappointment I recognize the affection that you have shown I am always keeping

a watchful eye on you regardless of whatever wrongdoings that others may

have committed against you or any misplaced faith that you may have placed

in individuals I become aware of the unselfish acts that you have performed

do not let your previous experiences to prevent you from moving forward instead

draw nearer and pay close attention to what I have to say allow my presence to

erase whatever concerns and uncertainties that may still be there in

your heart the glory that lies ahead is waiting for you and you must be prepared

to accept its blessings with all of your heart consequently my dearly loved one I

ask that you embody my promises today with unwavering dedication it is

important to resist the Temptations of wicked desires as well as the traps that

this world has to offer just keep in mind that the transitory jws of this

world frequently lead to feelings of hopelessness and and misery many people

including members of my own family have fallen victim to depression and

destruction because of this I ask you to come closer to me right now so that I

can hold you in my arms and alleviate the pain that you are experiencing these

words which are being sent to you from a great distance or a Divine confirmation

of the importance that you hold for me there are no boundaries to my affection

for you when I look upon you I am here to restore your Wounded Heart if

thoughts of Doubt continue to linger as a result of previous heartaches the

seeds of love that you have planted will eventually Blossom and you will be

rewarded with an abundance of delight your ability to persevere and the

Magnificent way in which you have grown are simply Aston punishing it is the

love that you have shown that I recognize even in times when I am

dissatisfied in spite of any complaints that may have been brought about by

other people or any mistaken faith that you may have placed in them I will

always be watching over you your acts of selflessness are not going ignored by

anyone in the middle of the violent storms that life brings keep in mind

that Comm is waiting for you even as you negotiate The Daily Grind which is

gradually becoming the background of your existence if you close your eyes

and listen to the soothing Rhythm Of The Music you will be able to sake into a

profound inner Serenity your very own heart despite the fact that storms may

cause your ship to be tossed you continue to be rooted in the expression

of my grace it is possible that difficulties will cause your faith to be shaken but if you

shut out the negativity of the world and concentrate on my gentle advice you will

be able to triumph over problems with your finances your health and your

relationships that have become shattered believe me my beloved things will get

better in the end

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