⭕GOD IS Preparing SOMETHING BIG FOR YOU..WATCH THIS| God’s Saying Now |God’s Message Now

God is speaking to you right now so hold on to your trust and your optimism my

precious child you have made everything dig again small and something amazing is

going to happen for you I would like you to realize that even in the dead of night you are all yours Discover Moments

son of humanity and prioritize self-care and the most a quisite and surprising

ways possible by tending to your spirit and finding comfort you shall be

increased beyond what you could have imagined according to the books of

Proverbs and the Psalms of David God Almighty please help and keep you safe

so that our hearts don’t lose sight of Truth keeping our hearts firmly rooted

in reality letting go of your pain and suffering

anxieties and obstacles and welcoming any new career possibilities that

present themselves are the key goals here all your prayers Grievances and

cries have been heard we are nearing the conclusion of one phase and I will be

giving you a fresh start remember that hope is the expectation that your most ambitious

aspiration will come true not just wish wishful thinking you are going to

receive a few really surprising gifts including the gift of boundless Joy

heart as you travel a rout that may appear unfamiliar but is ultimately

meant for you give to the poor it is certain that you will face challenges in

life but just as this message promises if you think that since heaven will lead

you to possibilities and love relationship ships you never would have

thought possible your future potential and the Wonders that lay ahead for you

in the upcoming years are something I will always believe in a profound sense

of Serenity and happiness will supplant the challenges of life I have tremendous

plans for you and they include a future filled with success and happiness I put

all my fears in your hand hands and ask for your protection wisdom I ask that

my faith not waver during times of hardship for you are a God who does

Miracles you have a plan for me even when I feel helpless and Unworthy of

facing another day before the mountains even existed still I am prepared to

welcome a new day because of your strength bestow upon you the blessings

of travel save yourself from the foolishness in this video he brought his

son to Earth to save us and has given you a powerful Mission The Greenery and

the flying creatures in the sky will be your observations when you rise they are

so magnificent but you are even more loved to bring these blessings into

reality type God better times are coming life is fleeting find find ing my way

and reting others toward you I open an opening that no man might close with

resolve and unwavering faith I hope that I am working behind the scenes as you

have a Divine Mission and are exceptional in order you will be able to

move mountains honor the present moment each day is a trip of its own I see a

good change but I also feel sympathy for those who have lost instruct your

Offspring to be a ray of Hope experiencing the happiness that he Longs

for you to experience you’ll experience Joy again and develop a fresh

appreciation for the beauty all around you remind others surrounding you that

the almighty is on your side by subscribing to our Channel if you trust

God your kindness acts as a a beacon keeping you near at all time so that you

can live in faith rather than fear the whole scope of your task is going to

become clear you’re a Heavenly being who has been preparing you for years but if

you put all of your confidence in the Divine you will be given the ability to

be happy and understand that Jesus is not only God’s son but also its

benefactor fear not for I have become your stronghold and strength as the

Bible’s prophecy States my God is going to meet all my Necessities he is making

Provisions for everyone in order to grant us eternal life I have a deep

purpose for your existence that is aimed toward your ultimate good if you are

prepared to accept this fact the affection that God has for us is is

infinite find joy in the little things in life and have faith that all will

work out for the best God is ever Vigilant hearing our hearts and ready to

work in his perfect time to bring about positive changes in our lives recognize

the bread of his grace and the depth of his compassion for you as we move

forward with faith and purpose toward our vision our very very cells react to

his presence let empathy and affection be the cornerstones of your life as your

words have the ability to change the course of events Expect Miracles because

he will never let his followers walk in the dark nothing will be too difficult

for me to handle therefore I will lead and protect you remain steadfast in your

faith even in moments of hardship we gain power power and direction in keeping his word and putting our faith

in his promises give up fear and accept his unending love you will no longer be

plagued by anxiety as you walk in your destiny instead you are going to

motivate people by sharing the belief you have in Jesus Christ and

demonstrating the affection he has for you in your life even when you face

obstacles like mental illness and poverty never forget that he is shaping

and fortifying you in order to use you for His Highest good Safeguard me from

the cunning of evil shelter honest with both yourself and other people God gives

you a break from the stress of Life work and school simply pray and live the life

of your dreams following his guidance if you you are suffering and are aware of

your difficulties put Prosper intelligence name your family will feel

comforted during this pivotal moment if you take just a few deep breaths and

unwind you’ll be carried and protected by Everlasting Wings in your

relationships your health your financial matters and other areas take up the

attitude that you you are working for God not for humans even if some people

may see things differently than others stay ignorant and put your faith in God

give thanks to his name that is Holy and rely on him Lord I Thank you for my

clear thinking please help me to pursue the goals I’ve held dear and the

treasure the times that make me happy this morning I haven’t forgotten what

life is all about I am grateful for your imaginative works that entwine like Vines and explain why

events transpired in a particular way ultimately resulting in increased

enjoyment understand the symbol of unexpected advantageous developments

with follow him with optimism and accept

blessings abundance love and mental Clarity realize your Limitless potential

and break free from Fear for the bright times ahead or nothing compared to the

difficulties of the past he will give us the ability to see truth to appreciate

and Savor the pleasant moments God is always with you never forget that

because his plan is greater than yours keep an open mind to his words you can

never fully comprehend what he has planned for your life we can look forward to success and achievement

because of your spirit’s healing power which drives out Darkness it’s your day

to shine spread the word to your pals please give me the strength to face this

day and rejoice in the sense of joy that has been restored to the planet under

his vigil which keeps us secure happy success to

all only he really knows what it’s like to be lost and hurt feeling that

everything is conspiring to your advantage realize how much Jesus Smiles

at your faith your journey is more extensive than you could have ever dreamed and is replete with blessings

even if tension tries to drag you down will you be happy throughout throughout

the day pray with me I acknowledge that obstacles and disappointments are a part

of the path but I rely on your endrance Lord please give me the strength to face

any situation without losing my composure remember the skill of

deliberate speech when you feel weak to prevent mistakes and maintain the

balance between your physical and spiritual well-being if you believe in

what is happening and depend upon his timing nothing can stop you from

traveling on your intended path the outward expression of his infinite and

tremendous power will silence any worries about your worth so stop

worrying about it praise be given amen I welcome the richness and healing that

you bring heavenly father and I come to you with whole heart acceptance you say taking hold of my

hand just when I believe there’s no hope left therefore I beg you to stop working

so hard on your own they are close to you and protected by your Priceless

blood thus one’s connection with these individuals is not remote since I am

powerless without you I have faith that you will lead me to successful outcomes

and worthwhile efforts to everyone this is a message your angels will assist you

in letting go so that you can welcome the benefits that have been planned for

you amen I pray in Your Divine name blessings to all view from the almighty

don’t become a slave to your financial institutions by spreading these ideals

everywhere you go addressing the disparities in this bizarre environment

when you act you become like those who understand but also act Heaven’s windows

will be open for you by me happiness and sorrow blessings and hardships love is

on its journey to be with you giving you the strength to face the dark dreams

will materialize for you recall that everybody in this world has sned and is

not Flawless fear not however for God is with you and ready to provide fear not

death life or the world type he ask to express your belief that he is the

source of the best connections and well-being his power is Limitless you

will soon experience Clarity Rejuvenation and profound Serenity in

place of all the past disappointments and sorrow in your life have a fast

moving unwavering faith that will illuminate your life and Ward against

the evil remember the omnipotence and love of God who calls you to live an

existence of Miracles and shines like a beacon in times of both wrath and

contentment for you it was always meant to be remember God is with you at every

turn urging you to be patient and providing the fortitude to face

obstacles he consistently offers Direction and encouragement pushing you

to be kind and loving your troubles are becoming gladness because of God notably

Jesus resurrected from the great three days after the crucifixion demonstrating

his unwavering love for each and every one of us if you are prepared to take

this new Voyage type simply remain still land and

realize that he is God leading you toward a life full of his mercies

unanticipated advantages and the entirety of his exquisite beauty and

love shift your focus from skepticism and frustration to boldness and

audacious dreams your journey towards God’s intended Destiny will be

illuminated ated by his unwavering light enabling you to set sail from your

sufferings whispered bedtime stories contain dreams that open up and show us

that even in this tunnel of Darkness God is communicating with every one of us

making Earthly happenings Crystal Clear we become the Extraordinary People the

universe has planned for endowed with change and Limitless potential as we

make the most of every day have confidence in the path ahead and put

your trust in God honor the way God’s plan full of Hope and prosperity is

being revealed my dear child stay doubtless tomorrow morning will chase

away all the clouds and reveal what’s really important your present sorrow

will soon give way to happiness rejoice and find strength and the knowledge that

God is watching over you and guiding you toward provision and prosperity even

through life’s most dramatic storms nestled children set aside time for

contemplation and preparation for where you are now is but the beginning of a

path full of God’s Miracles carefully plann to surprise and astonish you along

the way these experien es mixed with setbacks and victories shape the core of

our existence and steer us toward wellness and a multitude of

understanding we come across connections experiences and opportunities that mold

our path as we make our way through this life and learn from one another remember

that even in the face of obstacles God’s kingdom is a reality that is here now

calling us to accept the unconditional love of God and depend upon his power

but create inequitable and just World blessings are in fact on the way as the

Angels reiterate pleading with us to have faith in God’s timeline keep in

mind that while individuals come and go and worldly distractions fade God’s

kingdom provides Everlasting comfort and meaning God softly assures you that he

has amazing things in store for you plans to give you insight and make sure

you never go lost give up arguments and misgivings in this instant of heavenly

connection rather acknowledge that God is not far from you and pray or keeping

an open heart to peace God hears your most sincere prayers even if you keep

them to yourself he gives you wisdom healing and the power to completely

change your course and go in a direction you could never have imagined my dearest

child while you travel this path never forget that your trust in God and

willingness to submit to God’s plan have the power to elevate the common place to

the Magnificent directing your steps with kindness and Grace God reaching out

to quickly elay any misgivings during The Darkest Hours recall that you are a

work of art made in his likeness and were never intended to live and defeat

God’s love is reflected in your pure and beautiful heart this love was made

evident by Jesus ultimate sacrifice on the cross he gives you advice love and

hope so that you might Joy preach salvation God takes you to unexpected

places solves problems and leads you from the dark into the light remind

yourself that he has a plan and meaning for your life even in the midst of

moments when you feel completely destroyed it is not your purpose to bear

fruit separate from the plant focus on what really counts since you don’t need

to beg God is speaking speaking to you personally granting you material

prosperity and a unique life full of enduring Love Now go to sleep and stop

worrying about tomorrow God promises that your troubles are his worries he

gives you power illuminates your way and makes sure your dreams are in line with

his love he confirms his love and offers words of encouragement in Whispers all

along the way way say in response My Heart Belongs to You The Almighty

embracing Jesus death and Resurrection our sin offering atonement

and guaranteeing your future well-being have trust and recognize that God is at

work in creating an incredible life for you your energies and ideas in harmony

with his purpose announce the right course and the hope that this difficult

struggle won’t persist forever it is reasonable to hope for better times

ahead because every day is filled with rewards and the universe is working to

surround you with the unconditional affection of God God loves you and wants

to shower you with prayers of Blessings Now that your faith has grown you are

assured against the difficulties you face and are referred to says buddy the

message it conveys is the truthful Daybreak that shows the way to Everyday

Marvels and future Readiness if you believe in God then let your life serve

as an example of his favor when and you and your loved ones will soon Rejoice

you’re about to see what’s possible I sincerely pray for the fortitude to go

past the OB obac Le you face right now give me your whole being I am listening

your being is important we should get back in touch now that we haven’t been

in touch for a while pay off your obligations keep your family safe and

come to me for comfort when you’re feeling overwhelmed if you’re unsure

realize that people in need are willing to take a risk and have Open Hearts as

you purify your body to get rid of any bad habits open up your soul to the

wonders of Life similar to the enlightening breath this insant can

alter your Viewpoint you should know that the angels are keeping an eye on your worries if you have been waiting

and Performing prayers for a sign recall that I am always by your side therefore

you are never truly alone allow the awareness of your love to radiate from

your face God says you will have enormous success joy and happiness this

year you will also become more independent have better connections earn

more money and develop your character your goals and desires are worthwhile

nothing will be lacking I promise God promises that you will be freed from the

things that used to worry you out for those who have faith in them elves

Prosperity pleasure joy and Independence or states of being rather than just

words this month positive news is anticipated the truth shouldn’t cause

you any concern give your actions meaning this morning when you go out and

take solace and a family hug from people who love you we are announcing as a

group and as individuals that we will never give up no matter what this is the secret to

conquering impending challenges and ensuring themselves that we are always

abandoned discover happiness in each day to help you escape the Gloom recall that

location refers not just to a physical location but also to the area in our

minds as well as our hearts know that I am using spiritual direction to orchest

State everything for your success before you offer your prayers and tears

something is healing something that wants to purify and rejuvenate your life

your faith will illuminate the path even if you may have encountered difficulties

in the dark with your tenacity and strength you’re going to shock not just

the world but also yourself since I am your lord and savior

I request you to read these words from beginning to end with an open mind and

high expectations the presence of God will be felt in quiet times as well as

in the gifts and protection he bestows upon your life I pray that each person

who believes in Jesus to have good health Prosperity affection and inner peace in

his powerful name if so enter one your physical and mental health will

return to normal functioning following a series of difficult tasks these

encounters have molded you into the person who are now and equipped you for

future greatness God created you to be great and an inspiration to everyone

around you not to be average his final advice was to let go of worries and

resentment and to trust in the certainty of the Lord’s affection and provision recall

that I am the only way for anybody to approach the Father in Heaven you are no

longer controlled by fear or concern and the struggle is finished As you move

toward the better God who never views you as an important loves my lessons

contemplation and the love woven throughout the fabric of Life negative

energy and concern may cause delusions but tomorrow is your day to make a

statement and be at peace positive energy and incredible energies abound in

the universe it is never inappropriate to recognize this vital lesson God has

wonderful things in planned for you have faith in life’s unfolding events if

necessary I will repent I will restore my innermost being and I will allow the

freedom that the death of Christ brought us to fulfill the commands of God he’ll

get you out of dangerous circumstances and The Big Break is

practically here dot thank you for providing me being alive my loving

father in Heaven lots and lots of abundance will replace your loss I will

provide Comfort to those those who have heeded my advice and followed my lead in

spite of the hatred and Terror aimed at them love you have me by your side no

matter what pointing the path forward recognize that everything is carefully

planned in front of you and face life harsh realities with bravery to restore

Harmony and all that you do help me forgive those who hurt me heal me and

show me love you’re not supposed to confront obstacles on your own as the

Angels who watch over you are guiding you and reminding you you weren’t

intended to be that way feel his generosity more than fill you I desire a

transformation in my life father Lord amazing blessings are about to be

bestowed upon you I pray that my words may serve as a gentle reminder of God’s

goodness to you in the event that you lose hope and that that your healing

presence will restore every element of your life the great plan he has for you

includes the potent tool prayer to create a better future and realize your

aspiration seek my counsel and pay attention to the quiet voice inside of

you death and Resurrection will put an end to pain and bring an end to weeping

and a great celebration is in store you can trust yourself to be on the correct

route since he leads the way even when you aren’t able to perceive it please

search for evidence to support your faith in me the messenger asks first and

foremost one cannot please God without faith stop worrying pay attention to his

Whispers And find peace in his love appreciate the life Christ has planned

for you and show compassion to everyone in your path you can see the amazing

things you can do with his help when you put confidence in his power to see you

through something unexpected is going to happen during this era hold on to your

faith a time of recovery is coming he will help you overcome challenges and

temp ations by figuring up a plan that works for you I hope you follow the

correct road and glorify him prepare yourself this is not your permanent home

since I am unable to withdraw the affection of my heart from you everything works out for the good of

those who love God unexpected interruptions could occur but keep your

attention on him I believe that he transforms your sadness into pleasure

today and puts excellent things within the reach of your hands your prayers

will make the world aware of the goals and desires you have for yourself

encouraging you to put God first in everything have faith that has the ability to change your reality and help

you overcome obstacles instead than focusing on yourself and those in need

try serving others and avoiding the needless worries that come with pursuing

worldly gain despite the fact that sin has plagued us all peace is achievable

and can bring love joy Zeal and purpose to our lives have faith in your skills

to the same extent that I do toly in the face of difficulties there is no end to

my love for you and The Lord’s Prayer promises that my heavenly father is

going to satisfy all your Necessities your confidence will be restored if you

allow me to as I hear your prayers your new home your stronghold will stand as a

monument your faith and keep you safe from the storms of life imitate the Lord

follow the example of Jesus and never forget that healing and Miracles are

always possible even when troubles seem insurmountably heavy give this a thumbs

up if you think God has the ability to change your life place all of your

worries before him knowing that your angels are keeping an eye on you and

bringing individuals from all walks of life together despite the fast-paced

nature of life it is crucial to keep in mind that you are a son or daughter will

always be loved in addition to being a servant if you veed remember that you

are capable of the impossibly difficult things because of his love he heals us

by his stripes taking on our worry and worries so that we are always encircled

by his love say yes if the enclosed message has impacted you and confirm

your trust by by typing for understanding that tough times are

fleeting love yourself healthy and vibrant worthy of happiness and

Tranquility as love surrounds you forever and is always returned always

remember how I feel for you God is saying to you right now I have heard

your petitions nothing is impossible for God thus you are not Barren may you you

discover strength and salvation in the midst of challenges hold on to your hope

a miracle is coming that will shield you from Misfortune and adversity have faith

that I will grant your most fervent wishes for good God promises that

despite difficulties everything will work out for the best he asks you to bless others

with O and reverence and to be receptive to Opportunities indulge yourself in the

precious word that sustains life and have faith that the cosmos has your back

recall that although Jesus went through difficulties too he was always present

give up what matters most to you and have faith in God’s plan I pledge to be

your Ray of Hope but I never guaranteed a life without struggles the father is

always there for you and your bond with them is unshakable God constantly

provides guidance and comfort during difficult times we cannot be forgiven

apart from Christ but everything is for your good when he is present I am strong

when you’re weak move forward with inspiration and hope aiming for balance

in all facets of your life while showing kindness and compassion God is mending

everything about you getting you ready for the next big chapter in your life as

well as for shocks relish the blessings that he has especially planned for you

by accepting the fortitude he provided for you accept the transforming force in

your daily existence and know that your potential has never been in dispute you

are being cultivated by the cosmos to become people who heal the globe and

unite people go outside of your comfort zone because you are about to embark on

a lifechanging experience you lead an extraordinary life rejoice in the good

moments and realize that following his lead is the only way to make genuine

advancement I want to shower you with blessings that will make you feel better

and inspire you to pursue your dreams I am actively striving to make sure

everything turns out well and freeing you from burdens you are going to come

out of the Shadows into the light get back what you lost and discover the true

way you’ll see remarkable changes in a few of months a better future is ahead

of you thanks to your prior experiences have faith and act

accordingly recognize that despite obstacles things will get better get

ready for a time of Plenty that reflects God’s love remain hopeful and grateful

for Fresh Starts provided by God because of your persistent Faith your sincere

prayers are being heard recall that you can’t proceed without me use my power to

rebuild your heart and have no fear of those who would hurt you your angels of

protection are always there to provide kindness and protection if you are

encountering this see it as aign to keep going and prosper in spite of

international strife have optimism about the blessings you’ve long yearned for

and be wary of uncertainties with Heavenly Direction at your side

Financial Freedom is imminent allow these benefits to enter your heart I

enjoy huge loads by myself especially when the client is next to me and gets

every night put your faith in since I am the source of both your world and

serenity you can believe that you are worthy of all that I have to offer with

the feeling of Liberation and contentment the universe is bestowing

onto us a powerful influence that says give me the problem and go to change is

perfect Harmony within and the truth follow me as I transform every area of

your life in this video you an idol will never go hungry a miracle Beyond Your

Wildest expectations both they and God are alive in them I communicate with you

constantly do not I want you to be a person who overcomes violence or

addiction please give me courage for today I be beseech you to Lead Me

greater things are on the horizon heavenly father I enter your life to

learn what I should put in to Never Lose My Hope at this point in time when your

soul is extremely ambitious please assist me to be you my son be aware that

I have planted a Heavenly design Lord keep an eye on me as I go out today from

the hand of those who seek one month of growth and Improvement in my ability to

think effectively is the month I show my care for someone Aid me in the future

remembering that you are an embodiment of how to arrange your priorities and

life makes it simple to worry about what I comprehend please show us your thanks

by leaving a like commenting and subscribing to our channel do the

affection that you conveys in the name of Jesus I pray amen thank you for being

a part of this journey in case you’re feeling especially touched and would

like to make further contributions the super thanks function is an excellent

means of expressing your gratitude we are able to produce inspirational and

uplifting content that spreads the message of God throughout the world

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can have a big impact on how much this crucial message is shared amen

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