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God is speaking to you right now raise you up with graciousness and honor and

make sure you’re well physically and mentally so that I can become yours

which was Lord please and everything that comes with the Deep change your

life will undergo you not only gave us life but also the understanding that you

have already been at work for your own gain and that at the proper moment

you will once more laugh and Trust fill me with joy and your spirit’s healing

power oh lord for myself my friends and everyone I come into contact with I ask

that you will open the gate of heaven and Grant me your healing so that I can

be in the best physical condition of my life my authenticity has never been

embellished may I have faith in Christ to men the wounds and my hurt even when

I hurt the most when I bleed the most it is the same force that will continue to

intensify daily have faith in the love I have for you knowing that I will always

be there for you loving you and never leaving the basis of your power is your

relationship with me which enables you to uphold my precepts cherish the lower

Earth the constellations in the sky and established the profound Earth’s

foundations I am shielded from every kind of evil as I go outside today by

the blood of Christ let Hope be your compass and tell yourself that great

things are on the horizon now is the time for problems to get easy and

enjoyable for healing growth and success after success feel it but also know that

you can conquer it refuse to allow fear to subjugate you angels are your

constant guides prepare to enter this paranormal realm as you welcome the

Fantastic Adventures this month has in store some of you are an individual that

I have shaped assist me in embracing everything which comes my way and in

directing others toward you with unwavering optimism for fulfillment I

embrace and love you exactly as you are as we become more resilient every day

let us remember today’s affirmation I am safe from harm have a sound body and

mind and a am constantly under the Lord’s care I’m always available to

protect you so please comment of course if you promise to preserve and

appreciate our connection in spite of whatever difficulties you may face you

are looking for your last minute Miracle one that will Elevate and educate you

value your soul and present you with fresh prospects imagine that as you

learn new lessons and are amazed by the grandure of your goals the universe is

bringing strength into your life helping you succeed and opening doors recall

that your inner strength of courage and hope will continue to increase

supporting you as you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals this is your

moment to shine therefore take in the divine presence and let the strength of

his word to revitalize the way you think God in heaven I feel the weight of your

word you are fully aware of all of my hardships and The Roots I have taken I

ask that you fill my body and soul with your boundless might give me back my

strength and Purify Me of all wrongdoings please take over my worries

and anxiety and encourage me to trust in your word because I will never be

without my trust in you enables me to recognize the clues you put in my path

indicating that some something truly remarkable is about to happen my heart

is full of optimism for the boundless supply of happiness and joy that lies

ahead and with your Aid I can face any Peril please use your light to guide me

to blessings that will refresh my mind and fulfill my thirst allow your

powerful hands to Shield me from life’s obstacles easing my mental tension and

bringing joy into my existence I know that my goals are not too high for your

grace so I am prepared for the Magnificent ideas you have for me I’ve

evolved my strengths and been ready for the next phase of my journey because of

your affection for an understanding of me in spite of my imperfections so if

I’m ready to accept your unending love and the amazing chances you have been

waiting for me I write yes I am fortunate to always have laughter along

with positive news in my daily existence with you I’m prepared to advance my

abilities growing even more potent and my soul elevated along the root of

divine favor father you are great though everything happens for a reason I hope

you have the best chapters of your life life ahead of you please extend your

healing energy to me depending on that that you’ve got me covered I humble

myself before you this day even when tension seeps in I can manage to stay

happy the entire day give me good in place of my difficulties and Grant me

endless Joy understanding inner Serenity healing

electrical power and the guts to make the proper decisions are what you need

right now as it states in Proverbs he will guide your paths in all that

you do the unanticipated blessings that are heading your way are waiting for you

to put an end to your misery I give you thanks for giving me life for guarding

and guiding my companions and for not wanting to be swayed by events occurring

in the world as we Face our trials tonight I implore you to thrust open

your beautiful windows and refresh me for you can serve as my guide when

hardship comes my way I will take responsibility for you forever because I

love you give me the Triumph but also acknowledge that it’s a result of my

perseverance I am ready to enter a world full with blessings since my

circumstances are about to change do not worry I still have hope for you

pay close attention you can follow the correct road and I’ll forgive you do you

feel prepared to accept recall that your level of worry is excessive you attract

what you are and what you are therefore give your worries and fears to me your

perseverance is going to pay off since you’ve decided to put in the hard work

that your patience will shortly be paid off handsomely is what heaven shares with you today allow your kindness to

Humble me rather than to inflate my ego you are receiving remarkable favors on

your pathway believe in me and pay attention to what I say I am bringing

healing back into your life and reassuring you not to be concerned about

any season everything you come into contact with has a strong blessing even

beneath the surface of nature opportunities are presenting themselves

and I’m giving you the courage to seize them give a passionate Amen to this we

have seen your tears and are on our way to responding I’ve made promises to you

and the universe is lining up to shower you with blessings your progress is

being expedited and every Endeavor you make make his being Amplified as you go

into new phases of your life your hardships gradually transform into

blessings remember that the world I have made is colorful with hope and full of

forgiveness even if you stumble though put to the proof your trust wasn’t

placed in vain you will soon witness your labors come to pass since every

tear you shed will spur you onward the alerts I send everyone or not for

nothing don’t disregard them ask for my help and direction today and comprehend

that I have intentions of working for your benefit not for adverse effects to

give you a future and hope I want to send you a wave of delight that will

make your heart swell with appreciation I offer prayers for your recovery a

Resurgence of strength and my peace to permeate Your Existence

be assured that you have found a way to happiness in me and that we will walk

this route together to a prosperous and eternal life I hope my healing energy

surrounds you making you feel valued and

appreciated and that it leaves you feeling renewed to experience what good

things I have and prepared for you open your heart I want to show you my favor

therefore this week expect wonders in your life put your faith in the strength

that is already within you and confront the difficulties of today with courage

knowing that the future is bright and full of possibilities blessings to all

view from God I ask that you manifest the presence of you in my life and

transform my dejection in into optimism I’m confident that I can make them

materialize and my child will joyfully approach me you’ll hear my word tomorrow

despite all the difficulties you have encountered you are in dire need right

now never forget that God still values and regularly loves you amen I

ask in the Name of Christ in jesus’ name thank you Lord

if you have faith in his love your light is becoming stronger and triumphing over

all challenges tonight have faith in God for something remarkable is about to

occur I am grateful for the blessing of family and I ask for forgiveness for my

transgressions since you are the only one who can actually heal me I pledge

all of my assets including money if you keep your feet feet firmly planted and

concentrate on comprehending you will not sink in spite of everything around

you affirm that you are determined to let go of the past and move on to the

Future especially on difficult days by bringing positivity into your life I put

all my trust in you to keep me safe from harm you have been more than your

surroundings allow these words to deeply into your soul through highs and lows

this is your moment to shine in this fragmented World a branch cannot grow

indefinitely without Direction I abide my time in accordance with your grand

scheme I am here because of your amazing care and soon there will be Messengers

with good news to share it’s time to release everything that isn’t right for

me and concentrate on my path to Rehabilitation and healing I ask that

you satisfy me and if you think that God will reward you and your household then

may he also multiply and bless you keep in mind that you weren’t meant to be

abandoned I promise never to go anywhere without you say the word amen if you put

your complete confidence in God for this day he’ll come and pick me up when I’m

weak recognize all the positive vibes and advantages in your life as you pause

and take a look around father most gracious I bless the name of yours

affirmation for today I will move past the past and focus on the future for my

life instead of what has passed God has given me the greatest moments of

blessings and abilities ahead therefore with his love I won’t worry about

anything we are healed by the flowing blood from your stripes which also

serves as a reminder of the life you gave and the grace that should be honored I ask that you give us The

Bravery to confront whatever comes cloudy or sunny and that you give us a

fresh lease on life and salvation you have given us hope via your your

promises and in those hopes we discover Faith at decision not just an emotion

but an act a trust in the face of fear and confusion as I guide your heart and

mind I will bring your grace into our lives so prepare yourself for the gifts

that are about to arrive we are your children and you have promised to heal

our fractured bones and take away all of of our Agony so there can be no more

hurt let us immerse ourselves in thankfulness for everything life has to

give acquainted with every idea and aspiration prepared for our angels to

lead us to Tranquility within and to maintain the work of our own making

since you are the lifegiver and the King those who put their complete confidence

and you will be rewarded with renewed strength it’s time to go out and find

new chances to appreciate ourselves the way you do our spiritual and mental

health are in your capable hands since you have given us such immense

significance we are giving this day up to your powerful care you are

Transforming Our circumstances and you are leading us to a happier existence

Lord Jesus please purify my heart tonight and Deliver Me from the enemy’s

schemes everybody around will be happy for all the length of time we had to

wait and your blessings will increase and come true we pray for protection

from all evil for the ability to remain motionless and for the assurance that

our dreams will come true as we walk outside this morning led by angels open

the doors of opportunities and purpose for us Christ is about to destroy every

bridge that belongs in our life and serves as a prompting to be content no

matter what people will perceive us as Priceless gifts and open their hearts to

us you will mend every Wounded Heart with the promise of recovery and life

control you provide to us the living water as a harvest requires time so to

do our tears therefore in the name of the Savior I pronounce Divine blessings

and encouragement over our lives today believing in your boundless love and

righteousness seize Tranquility with firm faith for the future will genuinely

astound and Enlighten your heart this is a call for opening your heart to the

opportunities at each new day bring and to attract and preserve your

greatest wishes never forget that I have everything you need even when it seems

like the world is against you hinting at the synchronicities that permeate our

existence you can find me in the small pleasures of life such as the comforting

glow of a Sunbeam or The Whisper Of The Wind our Focus grows and we may produce

what we dream about using meditation to help you manifest the life you want can

be very effective finding the good in life is not enough you also need to turn

your obstacles into opportunities have faith and me to fulfill all of your needs as I have

promised enabling you to find calm even under trying circumstances you will

experience inner Serenity and a barage of benefits when you realize that your

life timing is precisely matched with a larger design make an effort to find the

positive aspects of every circumstance and to turn setbacks into

learning opportunities appreciate all the gifts you already have in your life and have

faith in the plan I have for you a plan that is not just headed toward success

but also toward Victory Angel Number for today serves as a reminder of

the boundless unconditional love that is there for you as well as the new

beginning that is just Round the Corner embrace the possibility of Miracles and

let go of the pain of the past knowing that faith can bring about a major

breakthrough this message is a Celestial reassurance that you are not alone and

and that the universe is guiding your strength and direction knowing that

unexpected blessings are there to meet your needs as you go through life’s

challenges will enable you to not only survive but also Thrive and be a benefit

to others keep in mind that your struggles will end and leave you stronger and with a more lovely Soul put

your faith and The Bravery to embrace life’s fullness in your path mapped out

path and let your spirit soar to new heights pray for The Bravery to face any

Challenge and the audacity to follow your aspiration as you go about your day

have faith in the ability of prayer and the blessings it can bestow onto your

life recall that your faith is capable of moving mountains we are on the verge

of blessings that are rapidly approaching so please leave amen comment

if this message speaks to you the heart is filled with expectation when one Embraces the Divine

promise of blessings ahead this message describes a dramatic shift in which

challenges give way to thankfulness all facilitated by Divine scheduling and the

awareness that God sees and hears every prayer it serves as an a information of

the universal reality found in First Peter the Great to which emphasizes

the transformational path from sorrow to forgiveness and is relevant to all

aspect of life from the peaks of mountains to the depths of valleys it is

encouraged for you to speak with discernment and wisdom relying on the

Lord to direct your words and deeds it it’s an appeal to let go of the past and

extend forgiveness to others just as we would like to be forgiven the message

invites one to live life more fully and freely as well as to be freed

spiritually and from the chains of previous transgressions with a potent

invocation for both physical and spiritual restoration healing and

Rejuvenation are prioritized this verse expresses a strong belief in Divine

provision which sees too that needs are satisfied and fears about the future are

avoided there is a deep appreciation for God’s omnipotence and thankfulness for

being freed from all types of captivity including emotional spiritual and

physical Additionally the message serves as a reminder to stay anchored and Faith

keep linked to the spiritual source and yield the fruits of a life lived in

closed communion with the Divine it’s an invitation to see the value of every

interaction the beauty in every moment and the opportunity each obstacle

presents to promote development and fortitude essentially this sermon is a

sincere prayer for direction defense and L that ends with an exhortation to

prepare for the gifts that are about to come a life lived happily joyfully and

constantly conscious of the numerous opportunities that await those who choose to believe adhere to and maintain

steadfast and their faith is inspired by this profession of faith and the

promises of God of tenderness and faithfulness I ask that that you cleanse

me and Astound me despite the mountains I had to climb I have risen Like A

Champion no there isn’t another way accept God’s blessings and protection

upon you storm clouds disperse all that surrounds you and your clothing I

promise to heal your heart tend every wonderful part of our body please give

me Clear Vision because you have never given up you continue to be showered

with blessings and Marvels over my adversaries and those who have tried to

find excuses to give up pour forth your spirit of healing to heal and bless them

everything big and Tiny was made by you give us guidance in the world that is

difficult the road of weeping pain and struggle is necessary to pass the test

Amen Let Your Name be exalted always Lord give me the courage to follow the

rout you have plann replete with an abundant yield of benefits C yes if you

think the Lord will bring what he says today then nowen put a firewall around

me keep evil at Bay and use your intellect heart and soul to pull me out

of the abyss of suffering give up the authority that is already yours and nobody can

thwart God’s purpose for you all over today God is proclaiming awaken it’s a

new day in jesus’ name amen I am creating fresh doors the Divine beings

are telling you that now is a time to experience development and enrichment

even if you may have thought that your aspiration might not come true give me

your full attention extend forgiveness and keep your mind off the past you will

one again experience love so trust and adore me as your restless nights are

about to come to an end everything you have prayed and prayed for will be

fulfilled by God the moment is ripe to devote yourself to your Spiritual

Development give God’s Mighty hands around your life and confess your

anxieties what God has intended for you cannot be stopped by anyone illness or

disappointment believe what John for says if somebody confesses that Jesus is

the Incarnate Son of God God exists alongside them and they in God as you

see benefits and miracles multiplied and your enemies vanquished let this faith

serve as the Cornerstone of your existence God is all around you loving

and protecting you as you approach a breakthrough someone I held great

affection for wounded me but I’m not going to allow it to ruin my inner

Serenity I will not let people’s unsafe attacks stop me from aiming for the best

throughout my life give God all the praise and honor for the wonderful

things that are in store for me in the name of Jesus Take complete charge Lord

M understandings will be resolved filling your heart with tranquility and

your spirit with joy if you think that God Is Lifting every barrier then you

should subscribe to the channel because you will undoubtedly be greatly blessed

you should be living a joyful life confident to God fully understand you

and your circumstances even in the face of seemingly overwhelming circumstances God

demonstrated to me that each day is worth celebrating even when it seemed

like that my existence was ending I implore you to quit being pessimistic

and to keep your joy from being Stoned by anger never forget that I am by your

side every day no matter what I’m talking to you now honestly and I am

hoping you’ll listen and get back to me I hope my message resonates with you

despite the potential challenges this year presents remind yourself that the

angels are at work in your life even when it seems impossible I will give you

the endrance carrying and protection of God’s Everlasting Wings God is in char

charge and will heal you you should take charge of the present and have faith in

how your life will work out this is a trip not just for your physical and

mental health but also for the development of your intellect and

spirituality knowing that God’s timing is Flawless and that your time will come

you know my heart oh compassionate Lord and I beseech you to guide me in finding

forgiveness in my past God blesses each and every one of us vowing to send

somebody to brighten our lives and show us his grace every moment is made

exceptional by your goodness and love which serve as a constant reminder that

we are love no matter what remind yourself of God’s love and have faith in

his schedule for your breakthrough and positive outcomes even when forgiveness

appears unattainable let go of the hearse from the past and don’t let the

obstacles in your way scare you to strengthen your belief in the promises

of God of healing restoration and breakthroughs use affirmations maintain

your weekly enthusiasm delight and faith in the knowledge that everything in the

universe is conspiring for your your well-being and presenting possibilities

that will change everything about you the universe is ready to lavishly bless

you thus one of your desires will soon be fulfilled now that I’ve broken the

grip of illness on your life all of your problems will be fixed your desire to

experience wonders and miracles has been conveyed and you will soon see the

benefits of prosperity love and good health materialize in your

life thank you Heavenly Father for giving me life and let me sleep easy

knowing that you are always with me with faith that everything I have lost will

be restored by God’s hand my goal is to be a benefit to my family and Society

your circumstances are about to get much more blessed because he is shifting

mountains in your favor allow yourself to relax and get some sleep tonight and

have faith that God will provide what was intended for you in the perfect time

God I come before you to beg that you fill my every moment with your might and

love I want to be happy no matter what therefore I try to think differently I

pray knowing that you see all my tears and hear all of my prayers God is

teaching to be vulnerable and allow him into every part of my life so get ready

for something that could surprise you God is now taking control and you will

see his glory and tell everyone you meet about the Marvels you have experienced

Christ wants you to have peace of mind and confidence in him to lead you to a

place of grandure and relaxation not toward wrongdoing allow the burning

desire inside you to lead you as you create a painting of your future

together we are going to substitute your fear with faith as I Empower you I

promise to be your Tower of strength guarding your family and life and

ensuring your safety from harm even if you can’t see it right now everything

that will work out in your favor we are healed by his blood and I pray that you

will experience his healing power the appropriate person will appear in your

life and brighten your spirits you’re going to land the employment opportunity

you’ve been looking for you will live a life of Victory rather than loss

transforming Your Existence to glorify God recall that your environment cannot

quell your spirit not even on on a cloudy day my reality is changing along

with my thoughts and it’s changing in the richness of the affection of God

rather than in terms of money in order to revitalize my worn out spirit I

decide to allow this circumstance to draw me nearer to God Almighty grant me

empathy brightness in my countenance recuperation of my well-being and

direction away away from deception observe the Heavenly numbers and signals

that surround you they convey information of Hope and direction for

your path once you make the decision to go It Alone he will completely transform

your life by enveloping your spirit in his Heavenly Essence God’s kindness is

evident in all I own and his light is guarding your dreams today God is

calling you to make your paths coincide with the purpose he has given you and he

is validating his presence in your life through the number with his holy

spirit Illuminating you from the inside out and protecting your heart from all

harm now is your moment to shine stronger than before blessings are on

their way and now is the ideal moment for them to arrive using the strength of

God renew your heart while avoiding the damage that could endanger the people

you care about before you go to sleep develop Serenity and draw from him and

pray for a wall to surround and protect around them guaranteeing their safety by

his blood remain positive and avoid getting sucked into negativity and

pessimism when I’m feeling down and uncertain my Lord will encourage and support me he

gives me a spirit of worship and teaches me to seek him out with unshakable trust

in times of difficulty or overwhelm remember that God is promising you

Everlasting happiness and is bestowing upon you larger and better rewards don’t

forget to accept your own blessings even if you’re exhausted God encourages you

to surrender your thoughts will and feelings to him as the Creator and

sustainer of the universe by doing so you will allow his healing to be

completely present and effective in your life free from anxiety and painful

memories God promises that you will overcome life’s obstacles if you trust

him and let go despite all the challenges you may encounter your life

is meant to be great because his blood has atoned for all of our transgressions

and shortcomings never forget that God’s love endures even in times when interest

and support seem to be waning dot thank the Lord for sending his own son Jesus

Christ as a gift through his atoning work we are able to ask for miracles and

never every area of our life and we are guaranteed his unwavering presence and

Direction make a commitment and believe now let Grace fill your heart life will

always involve pain it is unavoidable Let The Fortress serve as your

fortification and shield Illuminating their suffering and providing context

for everything around you living in God’s presence I am aware of that as you

have promised you want nothing but the best for us and to take away our worries

and anxieties in our homes and hearts your will is done at times when the

situation appears like nothing is left to hope for you step in and change our

course making a daily promise to perform your Miracles as you speak about

bestowing benefits it’s on to us you urge us to take a look around and

recognize them as you deliver all that you have promised let your heavenly

Force pour over our minds and souls by means of the Lord Jesus Christ whose

blood washed away our injustices and suffering God affirms In Prayer that his

grace is sufficient in both good and bad times please type n if you are

prepared to accept his power and sovereignty to remove the cancers of

fear and doubt and to welcome true long-term allies who will support us and

help us to break free from our Chains Get Ready for This is the moment when

your prayers will finally come true as you are an incredibly powerful Heavenly

parent I Want You Lord to help me release all that keeps me from you so

that I could share the good news of your salvation you feed us allowing us to

keep creating our dreams and the mountain of problems will vanish just as

the grape vine nourished its branches encourage us to find your pardon in our

Recollections particularly in the ones that cause us the greatest pain and

suffering remind us that we are the result of our priorities when we

confront difficulties assist us with maintaining our thoughts and emotions

safe and clear by refusing to be distracted by things that could Veer us

off course please show us your thanks by leaving a like commenting and

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of Jesus I pray amen thank you for being a part of this journey journey in case

you’re feeling especially touched and would like to make further

contributions the super thanks function is an excellent means of expressing your

gratitude we are able to produce inspirational and uplifting content that

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share this video to your friends and family in order to spread the message of

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much this crucial message is shared amen

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