⭕God has decided to end this part of your journey?❌|God’s Saying Now | God’s Message Now

God is speaking to you right now you matter existence living is the very

essence of life therefore make the most of it it will shield you and bring you

prosperity in every way and I will not be scared off by the too pessimistic

thinking let your heavenly power make you feel blessed all around body mind

and soul you can navigate life with confidence in me and you will stick to

my commitments I give millions of angels orders to keep an eye on me and to lay

gentle hands onto me and restore me through God declares I am favorable to

you as without his shield child don’t be concerned I’ve got you covered make

yourself powerful and formidable I extend my thankfulness to that presence

and welcome to be with me God reaches down just when you fear there’s no

chance left put your anxieties aside and put your life in my hands love one you

often grow from the biggest obstacles I will give you gifts throughout your

lifelong you won’t need to search for a way every obstacle presents a chance to

show that you believe you can have an impact make a lifelong declaration of

riches and health say it with me again the integration will take place for you

have a good night’s sleep it is not bigger than you I love you sweetheart I

cherish you typing I am becoming more powerful destroying every element of

divisiveness With the blessings I shall bestow upon your spirit intelligence in

your childhood innocence and significance to me you are beginning a

new season you are probably the most precious thing I have so it is important

to me that you hear and are remembered make time for your dreams and avoid

wasting it I accept the Deep joy in life but this unconditional eternal love is

my Foundation life is to sure to waste away in the shadows embrace the light

and make the most of it I beseech Heavenly pity to supply all of your

Necessities I’ve been there forever yes my sweetheart you are my true fault

apart I adore you all bad things are trying to pull you away from yourself

but I pray that you step in and take control of every circumstance with

intentions that are good and Do no harm plans that are going to offer you

optimism and a chance at redemp Redemption I’ll turn your grief into joy

and let others follow their own paths all the while you nourish your soul

without the words I speak every day you will no longer carry the heavy loads you

do and completeness will replace your bitterness I will give you instructions

on how to eliminate unseen threats and keep forces of wickedness at Bay you

would never have imagined and the immense blessings that await you if you had just entered my presence and given

your heart proceed with fervor and determination along your chosen route

when you do this you will succeed this is about accomplishing amazing things

and making your life the best it can be it’s not about getting what you want

right away there will be Miracles and a lot of amazing stuff when your power

Fades I’ll give it to you hang in there Happiness Is On The Way I Am the Soft

Wind that caresses your cheek reminding you that you own the greatest treasure

which is impervious to theft by having an inner Spirit full of compassion and

conviction you will give those who have the least more power your intentions are

sincere and I’m here to support you and realizing that you are a lighthouse

guiding others through difficult times there are many trials in life but try

not to let them fill you with pride I will envelop you in messages of

consolation and a prayed for your wounds to heal I’ve got you here with me and

I’m excited for what today has in store relinquish any attachment to everything

in the world around you that and impede your advancement God is going to make an

amazing breakthrough tomorrow morning your faith and your confidence in me

will increase what I give you so you will always have an adequate amount to

contribute my little ones your innermost being is ready to be given this

communication is what God is conveying to you right now put on something else

take someplace to sit and and watch the metamorphosis happen maintain

self-control when you’re hurting there will be a great miracle soon that will

benefit those in need this messageer called to overcome obstacles like

Fidelity in the marital relationship and find fortitude and faith and spiritual

support is ready to be received by your soul the greater good continues to be

the priority and I still have authority over your life I adore you forgive and

become think about how much more precious you are than a lot of sparrows

a simple grin to a stranger has the power to brighten someone’s day let go

of the past and your concerns about other people’s opinions recognize that

hope and healing can be brought with only a touching of your hands your

upgrade is coming today allow the peace of God to rain in your heart and Release

Yourself from the grip of worry and uncertainty my love is unwavering and

capable of curing illnesses and diseases yet those who prioritize friendships

over my advice have strayed even when it seems like there is no way forward my

glories Brilliance and yours protecting you and your family like this message if

you think there is a God according to God I am profoundly moved by your

determination and I am working every little thing together for your good

regardless of whether it might not feel like it now as we begin our day may we

ask for protection as we enter this new age which begins tonight lift your faith

in the efficacity of Grace by lending a helpful hand to individuals in need oh

God give me evidence that you are truly the maker of Miracles put all of your

faith in me and let go of your burdens I am going to give you the long weighted

Treasures that I have prepared just for you God declares this the environment

represents something that I have privileged and I remain with you in your

Voyage always extending my grace your final objective will be greatly

increased if you place it in me you will be all right blessings are heading your

way is the message that the almighty is sending forth today what a great store

of goodness he has for people who fear Him I wish you were financially burden

free in order to indicate that you are accepting God’s grace and are waiting

for the realization of of his promises type if the following text describes

to you you have a firm foundation and you will eventually learn to trust once

more we offer prayers to individuals who are battling uncertainty and enemy

Whispers there is always place for Joy loud to radiate from you regardless of

your circumstances recognize that success and production are coming you

are not in need of anything since I have given it to you already when opportunities to improve your life are

presented to you never choose to simple root let my glory shine throughout you

and don’t allow those blessings to fade into the darkness you are my vehicle

intended to bring my rain to pass here on Earth I want to emphasize That I Love

You Without Limits that that your challenges can be opportunities for

improvement and that your pain can be turned into Fellowship since I am always

by your side Jesus Will Never Let You Down even though the world could you

will sense the end of a psychological dry spell throughout the duration of

March and April and you will hear my Whispers directing you everything is

going to get better soon your progress will will be recognized and your

innermost thoughts will be understood with a strong yes declare your Victory

and know that you’re are never really alone even in your moments of loneliness

don’t hide who you really are having faith in my tenderness and sustenance is

not a sign of weakness please understand that I sincerely hope you find strength

Independence calm and serenity affluence is a byproduct of believing in the

affection I have for you it is not the goal that matters most know that I am

here for you especially during these trying times if you feel beaten down by

life’s waves give your heart over to me and let my love penetrate your soul you

are going to experience miracles in your life and put yes to show that you

believe in them and are prepared for accepting them your existence is a

complex fabric of compassion and pleasure that I your God and supplier am

am constantly weaving I pray that you will always be a person ready for favor

and miracles from God let me cover you with my affection if you are sick so

that I can take the burden off of you seek your Miracle with tenacity it and

determination and approaching me with an emotion full of love hope and trust

don’t let doubts and anxieties hurt you or sabotage your Tranquility instead

take comfort and serenity in accepting this teaching firmly walking in God’s

presence and growing accustomed to him being present in every area of your life

you may may be afraid of the future but I am going to unlock doors for you so

you can rise again I would like to impart this knowledge to you you need

not be afraid or afraid because I am here to support you and your family I

will continue to point you in the direction of favor and happiness

Promises of Love Hope and Faith are included in these words God’s intentions

for your life are great and include living the most powerful chapters of

your life you will soon get blessings at your doorway even in times when you feel

helpless and wounded don’t give up if you don’t get results right away and try

to be a benefit to everyone God says I am going to heal your physical

well-being your power Refuge future and Solutions are all in me allow God’s love

to protect you from the toxins of this world as you Embrace this message

wholeheartedly firmly and confidently never forget that the number

represents completion and is a sign that you are about to get health and

fulfillment believe in the loving merciful and an ending plan that God has

for every moment of your age existence accept the wisdom and windows of Heaven

opening for you on this new day all of your past faults have become bridges

that are guiding you away from your present misdeeds and the anguish in your

soul has been changed into Joy remain steadfast in the face of your

difficulties for you have the ability to overcome them because of Christ the

message of God’s word for today serves as a reminder that learning can be a

journey that lasts throughout one’s life and is full of insight and Direction

particularly when facing life’s challenges with the future assured by God’s grace you are on a route that he

has already prepared selected and deeply loved from time to time we need to take

a step back and realize that life’s blessings need patience should you find

resonance in this message it is the holy spirit confirming your value expressing

your love and transforming setbacks into opportunities that will lead you towards

your true purpose it’s a time for your body and soul to repair and recover this

week remaining optimistic in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles is

the call be in the company of positive and encouraging individuals because they

will direct you toward a position of great blessing when you make decisions

and take action being a strong person is a sign of the love and support that God

has for you since you are his beloved child let the love of God fill your

spirit and open your heart to health and happiness Beyond your wildest dreams it

involves accepting the grandure and healing that have been waiting for you

in addition to crying throughout difficult moments get up and speak with

confidence and hope trusting that your dreams will come true instead of weing

or passing judgment a soft Breeze that reassures you of the existence of God

and the amazing possibilities he has for your existence because God’s call is

more than just an announcement press yes if you’re prepared to accept this

blessing and start your path to recovery faith and unmatched contentment this is

your chance to welcome an unknown force that represents

transformation and turn your attention from your problems to it make today the

day that you purify yourself off both mentally and spiritually so that you are

prepared to be anointed by God and given the courage and resolve to confront the

world never forget that you are not traveling this difficult and challenging

path of life alone nothing can steal you from this precious hug because the

almighty’s existence is with you turning your anxieties into Assurance your

perceived failures and past hardships are only Stepping Stones leading to a more

promising future full of success and joy ought always be an intentional decision

to not overthink things today Orient your mind in accordance with the will of

God and have faith that you are being ready for a victory greater than

yourself when combined with determination as well as Faith as the

ability to alter not just your situation but the environment likewise this

spiritual advice is prepared to cure you of any illness that has crept into your

life remain unafraid and persistent despite facing obstacles Divine support

is available to Shield you from any challenges and your Ambitions are

legitimate today serves as a reminder that you were set here for a special and

holy reason and you should answer that call with bravery and trust you are

blessed with God’s presence which provides consolation and safety even in

the most trying circumstances remember that there is divine provision available

today and this year by year ready to meet all your needs and open up the

gates to financial wealth I pray that this message serves as a ray of Hope and

strength let your Radiance shine brightly enlightening the path for

others and demonstrating the joy and satisfaction that come from relying in

Divine guidance never forget that you have access to divine presence which is

a safe Sanctuary that offers you support and healing at every turn in life every

phrase every cuse every s of them have the power to bring about change and

Rejuvenation in the Supernatural script of the life you have let the light shine

on your way and lift your spirits as it greets a new day serving as a constant

reminder of the Limitless opportunities that lie ahead the bright presents you

presently in body defines you not the shadows of yesterday day are the

uncertainties of Tomorrow you are a singular Masterpiece that was intended to make a

lasting impression on the world’s cantis your resilience bravery and desire to

rise above hardship or what provide more meaning to the Divine Purpose that has

been carved into your existence it is not dependent on Perfection when

navigating the intricacies of life never forget that every obstacle every

disappointment and each instance of uncertainty presents an opportunity to

develop to gain knowledge and to get one step closer to realizing your dreams the

challenges you encounter are not intended to limit you rather they are

intended to spark your growth and point you in the direction of a prosperous and

hopeful future give your worries to God finding comfort and safety in his

unwavering Assurance of his support and Direction when you choose trust over

fear and action over indecision a fountain of power as well

as Insight is waiting to be revealed within you allow your mind heart and

soul to synchronize with the will of God so that you might serve as a lighthouse

for those who are lost in the night your path is evidence of the strength of

unwavering hope and the unquestionable fact that you are incredibly loved and a

brilliant gem in the vastness of creation don’t allow the past spawns or

the murmurs of uncertainty imprison you you have been given the ability to soar

to Uncharted Heights and discover benevolent regions that are just waiting

for you to arrive have faith in the process enjoy the ride and allow your

inner Miracle to come out in the end you are loved supported and directed so go

into the unknown today with that Assurance the future is full of Promise

may you have the strength to seize it live it and Savor the amazing adventure

of your own personal becoming in the foundation of everything that is true

and holy are able to work together to do this God be with every one of you of the

worst and moving toward the knowledge find comfort in this understanding

endured God is taking you from disgrace to his unwavering support I’ve been

heard which is why I am here to eradicate wisdom please indicate your

agreement by liking this bondage use caution when showing affection accept

and give me permission to raise the weight no he has a far superior

plan understanding that I am your devoted Guardian should give you hope and serenity you just because I love you

and something amazing strong and compelling if you feel compelled to do

so get yourself ready for happiness and health Christ is unchanged from the past to the

present allow me to illuminate your way I pray for Good Fortune to come your way

because I appreciate your obedience and respect exercise moderation and make

your way toward a far off paddle you will probably be successful if you do it

refuse to accept defeat as your lot in life when you feel that you have got

something your heart Retreats from circumstances that demonstrate your

enthusiasm for the community at large and enters a realm where your Priceless

blood is used to perform Miracles I believe God has a better plan for you

and that your circumstances will improve you proved yesterday how resilient you

are abilities even though you don’t say much you mean what you say I hope you

get to meet everyone and their offspring you will both be blessed despite strong

opposition and belief are essential they will Elevate Lord and I ask that you let

me forgive so that you might walk through and participate they will also bring you wins making up for the days

and seconds of thinking that you have missed wealth only to our own power or

but for Triumph I implore you to come look for me if you ever find yourself in

Troubled Waters I have not concealed my love for you my Joy or the joy that once

filled your heart dot to strengthen your relationship with me don’t overlook the

hours when you think there is no hope left I am watching you I promise you my

little Earnest faith that one day you’re are going to weep because of God all the

creatures in the field whether they be emotional or spiritual are trouble for

you and believe you are all alone acknowledge and affirm my adversity my

beloved child my dear child you stand before me as a vessel for wonders to

leave me and pray every day seek knowledge in my day Lord I know you are

against me but I have your back no one not even the devil can harm you if you seek guidance

from him flooding Rise Up from the abyss of grief I acknowledge that this is the

moment I have wandered from myself yet I offer you support if you are feeling

down I’ll figure something out you are reassured by my promise and the words I

speak witness to it to confirm type , there is no hope unless arms

remove obstacles and help across Give Me the Horizon let’s show them our true

feelings by looking directly into their faces true purpose you are exceptional

and one of a kind performed innumerable Deeds for you from the bottom of my

heart in a manner that you are capable of each of you has received

heartbreaking new because they know everything about you I see now what your character has always

been no matter the amount that I love you you will never notice anything new

about the morning when the Sun rises Over the Horizon if you required this

enter agree I know that your desires are accomplished please do not let those

words burden you or at them into who you are your action demonstrate your

affection for me I want Spirits rather concentrate on the fact that your

creator is giving you this opportunity to open the skies and cover you with as

a steady unchanging force that occurs in my life on a regular basis blessings

that are headed your way in jesus’ name don’t let fear win do not feel guilty

about it I beg for your unwavering enourage you hand numerous Graces let

the Holy Spirit control your emotions in any circumstance I announce victories in

my life father and enemy you must hold on to me no matter what and give up from

this angle you will notice that in your deepest heart there is a seed of

Vitality together with your name mercy and Showers of bliss I love you

baby and no one else will Jesus retorted look at the amazing benefits I plan to

impart to my child it is imperative that you maintain paying attention to what I

am saying I will not back down and will keep pushing through I adore you because

of the things that happened to you that you are unable to heal from so that I

can have a tremendous influence on my life greetings my beautiful child watch

everything in the video here that I would answer your prayers and strengthen

You by walking in my presence you have chosen your own life with all the

limitations that come with health to become the best version of yourself and

Escape approved families and friends who have endured life God is my supplier he

is my eternity in the end make my life a live example of how heavy

debt is you don’t have to be a slave to it I’ll make possibilities that you

never would have known about possible and the experiences will change your

heart and mind feel my presence hear my voice and know in pain that your hopes

are realized whether you know it or not I am well aware of your circumstances since

every blessing you provide will come back to you tenfold it will be finished

if you cast all of your worries into the sea letting rid of my uncertainties and

clinging to trust light my way with the bright Beacon of Hope view the world

from your child’s innocent perspective have faith that love is possible once

more I promise it will make a positive impact on your life nobody in this big

globe can affect your trip as much as I can you’ve been waiting for this miracle

and here I am please say Amen if you agree my benefits extend beyond worldly

belongings I in your heart as well you will radiate a light that blazes within

you and illuminates the path in your struggles Victorious my fighter I

promise to Be watchful and always there I promise never to Desert you when

you’re in need my intention was to uplift you rather than to leave your

side particularly when you’re tired from uncertainty and problems never forget

that I am here to help and Shepherd you at all circumstances please show us your

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