⭕A SERIOUS DANGER!..!! GOD WILL NEVER HELP YOU IF | God Message Today | God’s Saying Now

God is speaking to you right now creator of Glorious Days and miracles confront

your present difficulties and make a strong declaration please give me

financial forwardness and economic Insight today however I am aware that

you remark not towards the end you and your family will be you will rise to the

top thanks to him and his name name will be exalted may you sense the good in

life God willing I am the source of your restoration and healing it’s time to

take chances and venture outside the Shadows that with the light that guides

us taken from you he has the ability to keep pushing you forward meaningful

imbalanced Road and our blessings are hidden don’t worry tears will stop take

possession irritate our choices our hands and our craziest dreams will come

true my Cal will soon fill your life removing all the agony and difficulties

that stand in your way we are about to enter a new season in which everything

will prosper for you your health your money by God’s grace recognize that I am

capable of exceeding your expectations all the resources of Heaven are at your

disposal recognize that the most important thing is to let these gifts

into your heart give me what you want and you’ll survive your health will get

better and you’ll give him Fortune Jesus has promised you I am going to repay the

unrecognized by me and I am constantly plenty benefits as well as possibilities

for this richness in the name of Jesus Amen I shall be on the correct track to

attain and draw even bigger blessings into your life by the divine grace of

your Almighty father the all knowing all loving God God hasn’t brought you this

far for nothing you cannot run from me opportunities says Lord you will triumph

over your shortcomings hardships and struggles up until the final year of your life the

enemy’s harm that you plan will work in your favor I am confident that you won’t

let me and that my sincere prayers will be answered with Miracles you are going

through a difficult period right now Jesus gave his life on his death cross

for me you don’t need to borrow beg or struggle to find the Everlasting

Radiance that leads you there you might have to deal with chearful anticipation put your faith in me dear

one if is what you think watch this video prepare yourself if you’re viewing

this so I can incorporate the materials you enjoy such as this video for every

setback I promise restoration I make it happen may we be fortunate enough to be

a benefit to you and may you receive many blessings in return your comfort

zone take on the challenges and Unleash Your Limitless potential friends Lord

wishes you to know a few things today that it is finally coming to an end Dan

yes it is crucial to live a wise and meaningful life in jesus’ name rest a

lot if your day wasn’t very great I need to carefully read and absorb the wisdom

contained in this anything is possible when God is involved God not yourself

has a wonderful plan for your life turn your grief into strength so get ready to

welcome these gifts in all that your prayers have requested see the amazing

ways that I use prayer to discern that’s how we say Jesus is Lord maybe they may

see that you think I am your God fill me up and make me feel safe holy Lord join

me in prayer I am thankful for the current circumstances in my life Your

Existence is in Jeopardy do not back down from difficulties in life it is

experience that God has planned for you if you keep honoring him and trying to

be the best version of yourself come to your spirit each tear you shed express

your thanks to God I’m here to put everything back in order because you

never gave up and were ready for breakthroughs and promotions in

Joy strength and hope amazing things will happen in your life to

replace your pain for advantages beyond your highest expectations the same goes

put your faith in him by entering of course not withstanding the attempts of others

to the contrary yes in the name of Jesus you are now unable to even view Amen in

the Glorious name of Jesus let go of your burdens and discover perfect time

for I see more than just your wealth and well-being God loves you and made you in

his likeness if you have great acts in your life and love God please subscribe

to our Channel rule the people make distinctions and prosperity will

increase family money or time will all Triumph in life I’m grateful that you

heard this Lord he will deal against your enemies which has impeded your

advancement fantastic blessings that will provide Joy show your support for

God if you believe in him still you have to keep going and not give up you will

receive his favor and strength let them pray and Proclaim what I say every

destructive cycle is being broken by God he is aware of how much is writing on

you over the next two months including weekly commitments once more find the

significance in your life through unexpected Financial contributions that alter our lives forever Your Grace has

paid off in your difficult times the almighty please assist me I have

discovered that you are never quietly in your shed and those prayers for healing

are finding their way to you even if you choose not to share this with the soul

healer riches love and Tranquility Without End please hear me clearly I

promise not to let let you down ask for my help and I’ll be here for you until

the very end to bring you unexpected amazing riches to keep observing never

forget that I get up and take everything into my own hands our storehouses will

be full and ready for his loved ones before me you will see one as a stepping

stone toward your return if you do things your way everything thing is

conspiring in your favor Roman despite my past sorrow I still have

a even when things could be difficult and I will always provide my assistance

peace prosperity and a stable budget you are the source of good things and your

financial status will surpass all expectations and be Flawless the season

of an is almost upon you I hope that everyone will be practical and believe

in his claims he will train you but you must persevere conjure up wonders beyond

your capability you have my trust please heal me you’ll return better and

stronger if you agree and feel that this applies to all of our locations typ

our prosperity surpasses all previous records you will get nearer to

the correct way by praying you are considerably stronger than your

anxieties thus David didn’t need to know how powerful his enemies were seek

wisdom and judgment rather than wealth to bring you happiness and contentment

even when you are not prepared or ready God will bring back what is best for you

you can be confident that your blessings relationships and health will all

Prosper please assist me and learning life’s lessons Jesus promises that this

week will be filled with blessings beyond your imagination turning your

tears of Sorrow into tears of joy and relieving you of your cares trust me and

embrace this new day for I will bring enormous Delight into your heart it will

be fantastic transforming and productive you have a Divine claim to what God has plann for

you we want to uphold your name by recognizing right from wrong give

generously up to $ in support of the community God’s

favor will once again show up as healing and thriving because of the blossoming

of your health type if you believe leave accept this

present with appreciation since it will raise you up fill you with benefits and

lead you to prosperous areas though it might seem like there are challenges

ahead every time you try be certain that your benefits will increase and your

tears of Sorrow will turn into tears of joy Solomon recognizes the superiority

of wisdom over evil and directing one’s path recognize that God is always there

to guide and provide for you as we begin this new chapter a blessing from Heaven

arrives you will experience an abundance of blessings that dring prosperity and

love into your life if you maintain your strong faith please guide my decision

making and help me select the greatest friends my love for you is an ending I

am your heavenly father thank you you’ll be happy that you persevered and kindly

assisted those in need when better times come you just need to keep saying it and

it will happen places devoid of enjoyment freedom and confidence are not

places I wish to visit rather I look for chances as I strive to be the best allow

nothing to prevent you you from reaping the benefits God is giving you Serenity

that is beyond your comprehension speak it into being God says to you by the

hand of the spirit of Truth Good Spirit we come beneath you for everything God

your spirit is trying to tell you that a trying time is about to end and I

understand how painful this is for you let not purposely and pleasant thought

thoughts follow us around at all times the heavenly father I have no

comprehension of everything but keep in mind that I am an inheritance of the

faithful accept your inner power and the opportunities that are about to enter

your life there’s a purpose to your life pay attention to the signals you

requested enter to get it the period that will bring you and your entire

household blessings and your breakthrough is almost here the devil

has been vanquished bringing hope illumination and transformation along

with the door to heaven give up trying to win others over and seize this moment

as it will open up opportunities you never would have thought of I allowed

Satan to impede your advancement by accident but you will Triumph with

knowledge and comprehension you will never live the same life again let’s

praying collectively for an Abrupt halt to your struggles and for you to be open

to the Insight needed to Rule the Kingdom by his grace you will become

extraordinarily wealthy and blessed say Amen if you agree with this enjoy the

land that has been promised to you the fullest everything you need is here

taking you to to new heights God will see you through even the most difficult

times this Resolute Declaration of Faith ought to serve as a reminder to be

thankful for what you already have sensed that times ahead will be truly amazing little ones never forget that

you are never alone blessings come to you because of your thankfulness and the

words of Jesus anyone who listens to my instruction as well as follows it is

wise make prudent use of the resources provided to you and get ready for a

miraculous intervention on your behalf you will receive wealth as well as the

resilience to face adversity this is not a joke or a lie I have listened intently

to your prayers your life’s Horizon is going to open up you have God’s support

at all times he notices hears and will take action because he sees and

understands the agony and suffering when you receive a blessing from God

everything changes motivating us to always pursue Heavenly knowledge rely on

divine intervention at all times and affirm that you will always come out on

top trust me declares Jesus listen carefully for what I have to say will

determine whether not your efforts are successful take advantage of this

opportunity think it and type to prove it you’ll experience an increase

in power and the restoration of what was lost when your manifestation of Destiny

is almost complete God hears about your pain sees it and will step in you might

see a sea change this month as a result of God’s Marvel my kid pay close

attention but what I have to say God will bring you back to full health speak

with God first things first whether it or not five minutes of fervent prayer

and desire will bring Prosperity love and good health into your life please

pay careful attention to what I have to say may financial assistance come to you

by your grace and and as your mother I will bestow upon you a blessing that is

unmatched see this truth for yourself by watching the entire video be certain of

my sincere concern for you and prepare yourself for a prosperous future

everything that has been accomplished has been accomplished and will be done

is on root to you already to get ready for an abundance of blessings ask ask

God to show you warmth and thankfulness for whatever you have whatever obstacle

you overcame has led you to better chances where goodness envelops the

people you love a chapter in your life has coming to an end use to attract

goodness into your life and for those who are struggling financially remember

that support is always available I am an expert at bringing goodness to bear in

every conflict you encounter God speaks stop looking for approval from other

people and get ready for amazing and thrilling news someone is going to give

you a brand new house remember it might already be too late when you return even

though your father in the SK wants you to have spiritual wealth God responds

you are the source of my existence and the truths you have based your life

around are significant because I love you I can’t stop reading stories doubts

need to go now since Prosperity is going to arrive for you you are loved and in

the following hours the Heavenly beings have an announcement for you you

are about to achieve a significant Triumph so keep going for you God has a

purpose you will overcome this week with Heavenly Direction and in jesus’ name

money will come to you easily and with the capacity to change your life it may

seem like a cliche in today’s world but it is crucial please select absolute if

you think that since for he is holding you in the fleshy part of his hand I’m

here to bring everything back to its former state and it will this is my

undying love for you equipped with everything you could possibly need your

life’s closed doors have allowed you to this point and you will understand why

the enemy fought you so hard when God unlocks the next door for you but I’ve

have got myself equipped to Sparkle into your typing to firmly announce and

confirm it will all be worthwhile because a new chapter has begun don’t

lose sight of the optimism I have for you your prayers for marriage

relationships and spiritual Direction have been answered I am here to support

and encourage you to overcome the obstacles you encounter since I am acquainted of the hardships your heart

endures to make your path plain godsent Angels prepare for incredible

Transformations this month mon you have been waiting a long time to witness many

things so take this truth for yourself right now this week will be one of

progress and positive influence on others demonstrating to you the good

things in life do as a result of realizing what you deserved Jesus

discharged a debt he did not own I’m here for you every step of the way

inspiring you and urging you to welcome all the benefits that come pouring into

your life when you feel like you can’t go on I’m here to pour you blessings and

achieve your dreams whether they involve a rewarding career finding a solution to

a dilemma or enhancing your relationships and financial situation

your family’s Dynamics are improving and can be used to your greatest Advantage

let’s pray pray Heavenly Father please clear all roadblocks and send people

things and money our way that we haven’t realized are essential to our

development your interpersonal connections can financial status are

going to take a big turn for the better this week let your faith be greatest

when you’re at your weakest God is telling you today that your worries and

relationship ship problems are being taken care of comforting you he’s

holding your hand Joy love and serenity will fill your heart if you put your

trust in him recognize that you no longer live but rather the Savior Lives

inside of you Christ now resides in you anticipate progress and the return of

all that was taken from you during the course of the following week God will

accomplish the seemingly impossible especially when it was difficult to stay

obedient these rewards will surpass your expectations and your opportunities will

increase as you continue to be obedient you will inspire others and see a ton of

amazing things coming your way you will discover the correct road via prayer I

pray that you will experience genuine happiness and success you are going to

go through a major life transition so soon your tears of grief will become

tears of joy God’s generosity will Astound you guiding you to the

appropriate locations and interactions to draw in plenty of cash Prosperity is

coming put your trust in Christ and ask for his direction Something

extraordinary is about to occur in your your life this week indicating a period

of good fortune and abundance your faith and confidence in God will bring back

your health and finances no matter what attempts are made to obstruct your

progress prepare to be showered with blessings as you acknowledge the

importance of intelligence have whole faith in God’s Divine Purpose which is beyond our

comprehension a significant change in your life is about to occur the cosmos

is conspiring to assist you today my child and to let you know that you are

loved and cared for no matter what the role that God plays in our life is vital

we couldn’t handle the difficulties and blessings that life throws to us without

it think my word in me what you want an ENT treaty to God

emphasizes how dependent we are on him particularly when he is at work in the

background Jesus entry into the world represents God’s proactive approach to

our life with the goal of eliminating any secret traps placed in our path

paying close attention to what he says is crucial to making sure that no prayer

is overlooked have faith trust and an open mind to the benefits he has in

preparation consequently rather than giving into worry watch this complete

video and let the Lord’s guidance when things get overwhelming it’s important

to put your faith in his Heavenly Providence make sensible choices and

wait in faith for his next move this month encourages you to switch out fear

with faith and represent presents a change in perspective toward a resilient

and hopeful way of thinking recall that you are valuable and that God is

watching after your career wealth health and general well-being he is also

promising new benefits and healing abundance refrain from letting fear stop

you rather throughout your days accept the weight and hope of God’s promises if

you find this meth message to be meaningful cck sure to confirm that you believe God has a purpose for your fames

finances health and thoughts we constantly hear your sincere prayers and

forgiveness is an offering that could not be withheld or taken everything you

have prayed so hard for is about to come true and blessings you never imagined

are waiting around the corner have faith in a transformation that will will beyond your

expectations recognize that the immortal God is Ever by your side to begin to

dream and believe once more we can Achieve Financial Freedom fresh

prospects and fulfillment of our prayers as you get ready for New Opportunities

never forget that God is pleading for great spiritual richness in addition to

worldly Prosperity things will get better for you financially the good news

about this situation is that God will use it to birth something new in order

to help you accept the tremendous abundance and turn to me in your Deeds

keep in mind David’s inspirational story and acknowledge that God provides us

with the strength to Triumph like this video If you think there is a God have

faith in his Heavenly scheme and be assured that he will eventually

relieve your suffering God genuinely loves you relax and recognize that I am

God don’t give up and have faith in me this is your moment of Triumph season

and Christ has an immense blessing on you at the moment get ready as this

weekend draws near every day he is sending you signals to help you make

decisions about your finances and life in general to accept this pledge type

yes the Lord declares my heart is like a father who understands accept today for

it is a very fortunate day that will bring about the required adjustments

constructive shifts and amazing transformations of your obstacles into

chances thanks to your unshakable trust the future months are full of favor and

fulfillment like never before to be eligible for this great wealth and

prosperity I must put confidence in the Son of God Who Loved Us check your

environment first thing in the morning for any indications that there are no

more setbacks anxiety insecurity or tears God has privately observed your

hardships but he is a spot to demonstrate his compassion in your life

both your spiritual and material Journeys will prosper which will be

advantageous to you and your family God is going to shift that mountain and

clear your path rejuvenating you and bestowing upon you Prosperity well-being

and benefits prioritize the important things in life and Foster wholesome

bonds with others you will avoid a significant issue and as of right now

you can look for indications of great blessings and prosperity have faith at

God’s plans and timing will bring you out of hardship and into a prosperous

season I give the evil spirits the order to leave in the name of the Savior and I

begin to believe that things are getting better with a blessing in hand I

approach by your side and tie you I am prosperous I am blessed and I possess

overcome I promise to take care of all your pain lifting you up and giving you

peace recall that past setbacks have little bearing on future prospects you

have received a word of Hope from the Angels asking you to dedicate yourself

to the Lord in prayer and humility and and to never waver in your faith it’s

time to provide for your loved ones and put an end to your pain you will get

healthy if you don’t waste any more time worrying concerning the past or the

negative influences in your life we profoundly appreciate God for all the

joy incredible incounters and prosperity may I never forget that everything that

is good originate from God and that he is the one who grants us the ability to

create Prosperity whether it’s a success a happy marriage or an abundance of

blessings he is prepared to offer you a cause to rejoice it is vital that you

identify a supernatural hand guiding you as you go through life rather than

attributing your accomplishments to random events remember to type amend to

express your faith and leave alike prepare yourself for a triple dose of

benefits if you believe your intuition and gut feelings are resources from God

that are supposed to lead you therefore trust them accept and be grateful for

all that has been given to you give his love permission to light your way and

help you overcome the obstacles in life it is important to keep in mind that his

love is without condition so instead of abusing it treasure it and allow it to

change you and provide you a happy and fulfilling life please show us your

thanks by leaving a like commenting and subscribing to our channel do the

affection that you conveys in the name of Jesus I pray amen thank you for being

a part of this journey share this video to your friends and family in order to

spread the message of love to every corner of the world your actions can

have a big impact on how much this crucial message is shared amen

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