⭕A Serious ALERT: “DON’T Question MY PATIENCE”-GOD| God Message Today| God’s Message Now

God is speaking to you right now I want everyone to understand that I am right

here with them at this very moment and that I adore them all have faith in my

time I am the one who orchestrates the cosmos to work in your best interests I

want to comfort you and show you new unexplored parts of me your love is

already on its way to you your root has been cleared it’s your turn to accept my

blessings right now however you can see yourself differently and have no belief

in any Gods at all chances and blessings will present themselves regardless put

God first and appreciate each day he has provided you quit stressing you become a

partaker of my goodness when goodness by Nature grows within you given to the

procedure it has concluded although asking for assistance might be difficult

it is a necessary step in the process recall that glory is on the horizon the

gospel continues to save and Satan is still a manipulator it will appear for

you have patience and faith in my timing don’t be content to just have a survival

mindset and worry about getting by every day I am an immortal being of abundance

not one who barely makes hands meat Divine knowledge directs every action

you perform although you can only dream of a plethora I am transforming your

suffering into strength with your infinite potential and unbounded love

you are a work of heavenly creation there is going to be change if you can

see that Lord is preaching let me assist you Mir irle and vice versa trust me

with your life you can now rest assured that at all times I am with you while

being patient never give up looking for him give up trying to be in control and

allow life to unfold as it Wills dreams come true you will get what you have

prayed for May my heart always be true and radiate Your Love jaw and serenity

from wherever I go change is not something to be afraid of because it

leads to development advancement and Priceless learning there are only good

chapters to come you’ll progress from being patient to becoming successful

positive energy is radiated by you everywhere a person who finds happiness

God is impermeable too connections never stop up on your aspirations

turn your worries into concentration and your challenges into

determination no matter where you are or what you are going through give yourself

to the Lord and see how you might cooperate with him throughout his

healing process he also wants us to come to him with hearts that are

compassionate when faced with obstacles or trying situations we wonder if God is

Limitless I’m on board you will experience the relief that the Lord will

offer and your suffering is about to cease experience joy in every aspect of

your existence have faith in the root that is being presented to you as it

will ultimately lead to the Fulfillment of your most profound aspiration since I

made the world I want to play a significant role in your life harm to

themselves or others but he wants us to know that we are not able to cause harm to other people or

have conversations on Earth I selected you to be my child you’re headed in the correct

direction taught this remarkable -minute message starts at it makes

no difference whether some people are incapable of forgiving whether the

people in your life will give you what you need and want to be successful

doesn’t matter there are rooms you haven’t yet entered where your existence

is being mentioned according to the almighty your financial circumstances

will improve as a result of the wonderful work I am doing put your faith

in it and accept it if you think of it type for many blessings God claims to

have created you inside of my self and that you are his child you bear my

sonship or daughterly beckoning as I have fashioned you after myself

punishing us as we deserve or when in whatever circumstance never give up hope

since breakthroughs will eventually come betrayed by people in a variety of ways

including those who are fed up with hanging on alongside those who are sewing seeds for your intuition to grow

and flourish the following couple of minutes had the potential to completely

change your life so pay carefully to what God has to say send them a signal

that you are present by clearing your head whenever necessary because I have

removed your disobediences from my record I wasn’t able to find them even

if I tried has your record been cleared of your transgressions and failings as

well if you’re sure type Heavenly Justice’s balance is tipped

in your favor if the messages resonate with you type thanks as a sign that you

received them type the tears of Sorrow pain and nights of insomnia you’ve

recently experienced all that he has accomplished already has everything in

line if you agree with this message please show your faith by liking this

video there is no way that God will leave you behind he is incredibly

devoted to you use your mind’s power wisely since it creates your world Let

the Good Times come you’ll find genuine love and your financial condition will

improve because I care about you I will help you make wiser judgments it will

all be resolved because because of how much I love you your suffering

importance impact and wealth God knows when your prayers will be answered so

don’t rush it should you find yourself in a period of being patient I am making

room for you not only in the future but also right now anticipate significant

success and Prospects your goals will be financed by the investors I am send

within the next hours God promises you financial success praise heaven for

it he is your support your safe place and your Beacon of Hope God is currently

taking care of everything so don’t be afraid of something in this life God

wants to give you all you need for success and pleasure in life he puts

challenges in your path knowing you’ll conquer them I implore for you to take

in only half of it though if you’re still dubious and think it’s a lie I

desire to be your best friend companion and your greatest trustworthy and your

health will miraculously improve you no matter where you go the th verse of

psalmus I will work for your goat what the adversary meant for evil why do

you think you can’t accomplish any thing has a separate Spirit or understanding

related to one another as a beloved child of the cosmos you are Amplified

but alone supported and adored at all times the benefit that comes next is

that it shows that God was with you every step of the way again Smile as I

lead you to significant turning points a new chapter is about to begin for you I

live in inside your soul therefore you are never alone I find it simple to

become anxious about the situations I face every day assist me in keeping in

mind your constant presence if we hear what he has to say and adhere to his

teachings we are set free from sin and guilt as the one who created everything

I am God I would like to talk to you about how I can help you rece receive

undeserved and unreserved eternal life because I love you when you feel lost

look within and make a new connection towards the spirituality that is within

you congratulations for being present during the miracle Jesus asserts you are my

child I am delivering to you what the passage of yours have Stripped Away he

is greater than your fear and eager to see see the transformational effects of

your good deeds he is directed by God to make an investment in you pay off your

obligations and give you something more that has the power to totally change

your life your finances will go better and all your expenses will be paid in

full I want and wish for you to lead a life that is Meaningful and purposeful

the world does not Define what you are worth Lord tells you to rise above your

limitations and constitute an encouragement for your spiritual

progress by becoming still every day numbers n of the Psalm

you are to name the son she anticipates giving birth to Jesus in six

months I’ll be times better old it through an intricate structure of

thankfulness everything in existence works in your favor the thought of dying

should not worry you because God is always by your sigh via his love he

longs to bring joy into your life and bestow upon you Prosperity you have days

full of unimaginable blessings ahead of you the best is still to come I would

extend you my kindness and Elevate you to position of great favor even if you

were the final individual alive have faith in my guidance to lead you towards

the ultimate goal at all times what can a young person do to keep on the path of

Purity God is doing wonders and wants to help you through this trying period

because he loves you through following your instructions throughout life be

brave enough to constantly Act act more even when others don’t and exercise

patience in doing so my focus is for each person’s unique needs and desires

therefore I will support and uplift you my darling child you are my most valued

asset and I want the best for you I’ll take care of everything always refrain

from quit upon your dreams that is what I am telling you now what he has in

store for you is truly amazing sees all that I have given you access to today

better than what’s gone is what’s coming I am here for you at every turn

something you might not have fully understood before but you are incredibly

powerful and significant in my opinion you are really valuable and I want the

best for you in life since you don’t give up all the difficulties and

suffering you have recently experienced will be repaid this is your moment to

make the most of life and lead the life of your dreams go forth with a fresh

start releasing the weight of the past you are going to meet three people who

will positively impact your life till the end of time allow the knowledge that

nothing is ever definitive to bring you hope and serenity if this makes you feel

changed location type indeed the Messiah in the comments don’t worry any longer

the almighty has taken already care of everyone a huge wave of blessings is

going to hit you you are treasured joyful and full of love the almighty

Lord reminds you that you are not traveling alone if we let him he will

guide us through this time and as a special plan only for each of us you’ll

be shocked to see what the almighty is about to accomplish you will allow that

love to reside within you and express itself through you you have my love you

won’t get harmed God is telling you today that we are not supposed to travel

this path by ourselves he desires for us to be aware of the importance of our

life and to set ourselves up for his glory he will mend any strain

relationships you have and fortify those who are in need of his help God has

guided you to this point when you choose to think ideas of Plenty joy and love

you will see Miracles come to pass you will come to the conclusion that threading was pointless when we most

need him God is always there and will never leave leave us I’m with you so

don’t be afraid everything will come together for your benefit venturing

beyond your zone of familiarity is important as it is an inevitable aspect

of the journey get ready for any obstacles that may rise throughout your

travels typ how man if you trust that God will work in your best interest all

debts will be eliminated consider where moment what God is trying to tell you

today give up judging his time because you’re eager if you find meaning in this

message please share it with bravery and confidence seize the possibilities that

present themselves because you deserve them as well my affection for you is

incomprehensible you are my darling sharing your light throughout the world you are a conduit for divine love seek

guidance from from God if you are having trouble determining your life’s purpose

go on working diligently and you will see the blessings of your labor the Lord

responds not by might not by power instead through my spirit the water that

gives life has been given to you you are God’s healer we have an obligation to

use our Gifts of freedom and life responsibly until Heaven appears in your

circumstances keep taking initiative and being proactive Amen in the name of

Jesus renew them hope your family is going to be blessed and you will receive

a cash release because God is good at his core he is not merely trying to be

good expect to cross paths unexpectedly among the right individuals at the

appropriate times as you declare triumph over your tomorrow it is a promise that

God will guide us and make sure we travel through life with wisdom and

Grace as the one at the door of our Destinies he opens the doors wide

orchestrating everything for our Welfare by providing repentance and hope to

everyone who believes Jesus’s sacrifice demonstrates God’s unending love for the

world it is urged that you accept the spiritual gifts that have been given to

you and embrace your Divine connection other to one God or several by releasing

old worries and celebrating your accomplishment this acknowledgment

allows you to truly become aware of yourself God imbued us with a spirit of

compassion and optimism when he created us in his likeness our desire for

fulfillment is not complete if we are not connected to God as you move through

even the most difficult moments and live out all that has already been made known

to you no weapon created against you will be successful accept your

thankfulness as it holds the key to opening doors to miraculous discoveries

your prayerful breakthrough could change everything you come into come contact with and everyone you meet realize how

deeply God loves you and that he has promised to deliver you from disgrace

and shame as well as to provide you the complete life he has for you even in

situations where it may seem like it God promises that he is not going to abandon

you or forsake you keep your mind at ease understanding that you are in his

capable hands and pay carefully to the cues he gives today’s word from God is

one of Hope and mercy reaffirming is unwavering love and providing peace of

mind for you you are his beloved creation meant for greatness never

forget that I pray to God acknowledging that he has blessed us with life it

establishes our distinct worth and gives us a sense of worth maintain a proud

demeanor and show consideration for others you find it easy and at times it

seems that way too don’t be afraid to take risks or fail at anything what I am

in your life and who I am I’m bringing you a blessing although I am by your

sigh you are still in this place Christ continues to rule because the church

remains vital the spirit continues to reside Within than me kids you have so

much life to live that you shouldn’t even consider fearing it say a prayer to

Christ and seek refuge in his consoling presence whenever you are feeling

overwhelmed like I said I’ll do it once more only their own capacity to accept

compassion and love is hampered by their refusal I want to comfort you today

there are many blessings in store for you in the future the guidance of the Holy Spirit alone is forming you into a

Divine entity and you are able to participate in it just ask for help and

I’ll be here for you whenever you need it I am aware of that breathe deeply and

embrace me as your source of comfort blessings to the world and recognition

for myself there will always be people and employment my ideas for you are

exciting so get thrilled again your circumstance is being changed by God God

bless your family and your loved ones you are an individual and cannot be

compared so let go of the impulse to compare please show your support by

liking this video if you agree with the lessons provided he has nevertheless

made himself available to us via Jesus Christ Our Lord so that we can benefit

from his love you are the beneficiary of a miracle your talents should be used

for the benefit of others and the greater good yes it is difficult to

continue when faced with opposition the devil is a liar and wants you to be

preoccupied with worries concerning the future so that you won’t be able to

enjoy the present God speaks in many ways some of which we are unable to

fully understand just feel at ease and trust me even though your heart may be

condemning you I am bigger than it and have complete knowledge you will

experience blessings blessings the gifts I gave you to Millennia ago accept the

gifts extend your hand and let the universe handle the rest God tells you

that things are going to change for the better in your life I’m not the type to come up with quick fixes and remedies to

make your daily existence simpler instead I have a concept that could save

lives and make the world a far better place he is capable of providing you

with support the joy that you will feel will be an unmatched and singular love

that solely he can give this love is a direct result of the perfect moment of

what you deserve chances new beginnings and Limitless possibilities will be

simple to accept every obstacle offers a chance for development and change accept

hardship as you work to embody the Messiah so that many can see him and you

you’re going to have an incredible Year God is telling you you can never lose

what is really meant for you Isaiah – your money will grow exponentially

you have worked hard stay devoted your mental and emotional health will be

safeguarded and preserved by understanding your progress and

development are hindered by the delusion of nervousness boost your faith in God

more the lesson for today is to trust rather than worry if you didn’t realize

I adore you I’m pleased with you you have my support and my affection I give

you my plenty of money dear God if you think the response is be fortunate that

what you assumed you wanted never materialized then typ yes the emotions

you feel fuel your thoughts keep your ambitious plans for yourself f fillment

you have been cherished by me to such a degree that I am willing to compromise

everything for your sake the word of God I am sending you the ever praise the

Creator not my w however let you are an extraordinary and wonderful Masterpiece

crafted with ultimate purpose you probably carry around un resolved guilt

resentment rage and tension is go for for us is greater than anything we have

started and he desires to give you hope you risk missing some significant

blessings from me if you don’t watch this video through to the Finish God has

traditionally ban our source of strength and safety when we Face financial

difficulties similar to all others you are unique and it might not always be

simple to determine why you are here on Earth by means of Christ Jesus he is

going to offer you assistance and guidance I am going to assault with my

peace that is greater than everything I bless you my Miracles worker amen come

up and claim your identity I shall support your dreams it could be

sufficient to persuade you of its veracity in you the accompanying video

the voice of God is is telling you that it’s time to acknowledge the anguish

burdens and grief within your heart what you genuinely deserve sometimes exceeded

what you sought allow the creative force that is within you to direct your

artistic expression and have faith in the richness of what comes your way

there will be no success for any weapon created hold on to your prayers as the

Peace of I offer is not the world’s peace do not allow it to disturb your

heart I love you God says and I love you without boundaries soon you will have

everything that you’ve ever imagined in your circumstances so expect good

fortune and miracles in plenty nothing can ever ruin you because I am here for

you my love is for you my child the gift you have to offer the world are eagerly

anticipated the path to Freedom is in forgiveness never give up you and I both

have this you persisted even when things got difficult I keep my word you will be

healed and given a fresh start by me you’re going to find doors opening up it

is almost time for your harvest the shift has happened the circumstances

have shifted there is progress being made and Recovery is imminent

opportunities will come your way because of me for the purpose of showing you the

real root to happiness I shall throw obstacles in your way without exception

everyone is loved by God accept instead my fullness which is all me for Every

Teardrop worm and every painful moment your actual nature is about to be

revealed be sure to pay close attention as I communicate with you through

intuitive Whispers be it as small as a tiny Mustard Seed all you need is trust

we want you to know that everything is possible for you if you put your faith

in Christ think bigger and understand that that’s where it all begins it’s

important for you to comprehend that you are being called by God to action in

these situations say I’m going to succeed make the decision for embracing

the existence of God the atonement of Jesus for the transgressions of mankind

and his resurrection from the dead stay in his presence and do not give up

either hope or dread will take root in your mind if you let it if you have the

kind of faith that you say you have in the universe then maybe you have a more

conventional understanding of God and believe in anything that comes within

your reach instead than worrying about anything focus on praying your time for

healing is coming it is intended that you live your life to the fullest

savoring each second with my goodness and presence the concept whose time has

arrived has an unbreakable strength that these crashing Seas will never forget

your tale will now be one of success happiness and healing thanks to me you

are loved I am in need your assistance he needs each and every one of us to

help bring about the inner healing of our planet God promises that regardless

of you go it will be evidence of how deeply I love everyone you will

eventually come to understand the Great great importance of the commands of God

if you make the leap for this reason it is essential that we Lo to God’s word

for direction until we speak again May the grace and peace of God be with you

now and always when you’re ready type please Sue then love me you’re going

to learn something new it will all be worthwhile in the end when you make the

decision to keep going and focus on the good things in life there’s going to be

something pleasantly surprising doing every effort to bring consolation and

healing to those impacted by tragedy is one of the most important prayers you

can offer blessings are going to rain down on you I’m sending you my positive

energy back I’ll let you experience the fullness of my abundance today and enjoy

en Joy shedding tears it’s going to be phenomenal I’m going to write a happy

successful and healing version of your tale love is what I have for you give

yourself permission to be unique and let your true personality shine through

thought to be locked entrances will eventually Open putting your trust in is the only thing left to do it is his

intention for you to realize that he’s clearing the way for you please show us

your thanks by leaving a like commenting and subscribing to our Channel dot the

affection that you conveys in the name of Jesus I pray amen thank you for being

a part of this journey share this video to your friends and family in order to

spread the message of love to every corner of the world your actions can

have a big impact on how much this crucial message is shared amen

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