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open your God is saying to you today

your energy is super Amplified at the

moment it’s the perfect time to readjust

as your higher self is encouraging you

to dream bigger and leave behind the

restrictions and limitations of your

past you have the ability to blast

through the status quo right now you’re

fully capable of accomplishing far more

than you ever have whatever ever you lay

your hands on at this time will turn to

approved p and

congratulations your elevated energy is

capable of advancing any of your goals

and setting you on track to match your

dreams to your reality this is your time

type I am awareness to

affirm today’s

message it’s really all about your inner

freedom that’s what you really mean when

you say you want peace freedom is

knowing that you can be anywhere doing

anything and be in control of your mind

body and emotions whether you’re at work

laying in bed or talking to a friend all

of those occasions are being met with an

authentic you because you’re no longer

all over the place freedom to be in

control freedom to let go freedom to

thrive freedom to fall and not

care this is what you’re working towards

and it’ll wind up being your most prized

manifestation type I believe in myself

to affirm Universe message for you what

is my purpose in life I asked what if I

told you that you fulfilled it when you

took an extra hour to talk to that kid

about his life or when you paid for that

young couple in the restaurant or when

you saved that dog in traffic or when

you tied your father’s shoes for him

your problem is that you equate your

purpose with goal-based

achievement the universe isn’t

interested in your

achievements just your heart when you

choose to act out of kindness compassion

and love you are already alive Ed with

your true purpose no need to look any

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God today’s message everything won’t

always go your way but it doesn’t mean

that your emotional response needs to be

any different than when it

does we’re finding a balance between

improving what we can

control and becoming like a river to to

what we

can’t water doesn’t stop for any

obstacles it is fluid and flexible

enough to adopt a new shape and continue

flowing you’re no different your

emotions and feelings can harmonize when

you can adapt to any situation your

circumstances can no longer affect you

God says you may be growing and changing

but your foundation has always been

consistent the basics of what’s

important to you hasn’t changed at all

just your acknowledgment of it has

you’ve always wanted peace you’ve always

wanted abundance you’ve always wanted to

feel secure and loved none of that has

changed except for the manner in which

you take responsibility for ensuring you

have them you’ve always sat on your

truth but your circumstances would

wouldn’t allow you to embrace them your

freedom now does this isn’t a new

chapter it’s a whole new book type yes

if you feel this angels are saying to

you today if you stand behind a tall

building on a sunny day you’ll be in the

shade but does the sun still not shine

behind it of course it does narrow

Vision leads to narrow living when you

see an obstacle look past it when you

feel stress feel Beyond it when you

encounter difficulty gather your

strength the universe is always shining

in the backdrop of these minor

discomforts but only you can see it only

you can feel it for yourself only you

can choose to

overcome every single time let’s get it

type six

if you believe this God is saying

your impermanence is a thing you should

meditate on every day there is nothing

more sobering nor scary nor a faster way

to cut the negative bullsh than to

remember that you do not have

forever what defines your life when it’s

all said and done is how much you

influence other people’s lives often

times just through through your daily

interactions and the courage with which

you live your

own that’s what people remember that’s

what you will be known for when you’re

no longer around to Define

yourself God message tonight the reason

you go through so many ups and downs is

not because your life is so volatile but

because your mind latches on to whatever

is happening right in front of you you

get so focused on individual experiences

that they overbear you you have to

remember to go outside and look up at

the clouds your day-to-day events are so

small in comparison to the totality of

the life that’s out there for you this

is why something can appear like the end

of the world today and like nothing at

all months from now it all stems from

your center of focus and attention snap

out of whatever doesn’t feel good type

if you believe this God is saying to

you today some of your frustration comes

in wanting a quick fix you feel as

though your energy has turned and so

your immediate environment should

reflect it and it will but you should

understand that you did a lot of moving

in the opposite direction in the past

you let a lot of things be when they

needed your

attention so instead of now needing

immediate satisfaction and change see

this as a transformative process it

requires effort but the rewards are

longstanding and self-

sustaining you don’t want to do any of

this over again but feel the joy that

comes in find finally reversing the

damage that once was the progress is

already here the shifts already under

Way Type I am aware if you are Angel

says do you ever acknowledge how much

you’ve changed how much you’ve grown in

many ways how you’re an entirely

different person than someone from

years ago would remember you to be

you’ve gone through fundamental changes

that have rocked the core of everything

you once believed or thought you were do

you ever acknowledge how Monumental that

was of you to do for yourself how much

you had to fight and ultimately conquer

within you to instill that type of shift

the decision to face your own demons was

the bravest thing you’ll ever do type I

believe in myself to affirm

today’s message for me the universe

never speaks to you using words yet you

always feel the message clearly you can

feel what the right decision is you can

feel what’s best for you you can feel

when someone who isn’t around is

thinking of

you the language of life does not use

words charts or graphs it comes from

within and if you had any idea how

unbelievably powerful you are you’d

never go outside of yourself for


again listen from within speak from

within feel from within allow your

authenticity to Surge through you and

let the world experience who you are

type I’m optimistic if you’re ready

Universe message for you it’s not about

reaching a state of

Perfection but it’s about being able to

live more fully without the weights of

your past it’s about being in a state of

empowerment when you’re met with

resistance allowing yourself to grow and

experience in new ways you’re not asking

for a lot at all to be able to finally

slip into the shoes that were made for

you full of enlightenment maturity and


this isn’t a new you but a new found you

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