✝️ Gods message today: Release Your Worries To Me| God message Today |God says

release your worries to me my child come

sit with me for a moment and let me

speak to your heart I see the weight you

carry the burdens that weigh you down

but know this my dear child You are not

alone I am here with you always ready to

ease your load and bring you peace you

see my child worries are like heavy

chains that bind you keeping you from

experiencing the fullness of life that I

desire for you they Cloud your mind and

steal your joy leaving you feeling

anxious and weary but it doesn’t have to

be this way I want you to release your

worries to me like releasing a handful

of balloons into the sky let them float

away far from your grasp and feel the

lightness that comes from surrendering

them to my care for I am the one who

holds the universe in my hands and I can

surely handle whatever troubles you may

face feel the freedom that comes from

letting go of control and surrendering

to my perfect plan for your life for I

Am The God Who calms the stormy seas and

brings peace to troubled hearts you can

rest assured knowing that I am always by

your side guiding you with my gentle

hand and leading you into Green Pastures

of peace and

Tranquility tough times can hit you hard

whether at work or home catching you off

guard they mess with your mind heart and

body making you feel like you can handle

what life throws your way but remember I

know you’re strong enough to tackle any

challenge big or small now more than

ever you’re in my hands this is what

you’ve long long for since you were

young but now it’s different I’m taking

charge feeling completely in my hands is

a deep spiritual journey holy spirit

will heal you take away your sickness


sadness give you back your strength and

happiness so you can praise and serve

with a renewed Spirit now and

forever I’m fed up with feeling sick and

tired today I reach out to you for

healing I believe in Walking free and

Victorious Give me the faith to make it

happen Holy Spirit fill me with pure

thoughts guide my actions to be good

turn my heart towards what’s right help

me stand up for what’s holy keep me holy

always God of Peace you’ve taught us

that rest brings salvation and quietness


strength Lift us up by your spirit to

your presence where we can find

Stillness and know that you are God

through Jesus Christ may you be filled

with inner strength and power through

the spirit so that Christ May dwell in

your heart through faith rooted and

grounded in love when darkness surrounds

us be our light when we’re lost in

despair give us hope when we fall lift

us up when doubts flood in give us faith

when everything seems uncertain give us

trust guide us when we’re lost that we

may find peace in your presence and

purpose in following your will it’s easy

to drown in overwhelming thoughts and

emotions when times get tough but

turning to Faith for guidance can offer

comfort and peace there’s no one right

way to heal but prayer can be a safe

haven where you find strength when

you’re at your

weakest my child lean on me through

every moment as day Fades to night and

the world quiets down when life’s frenzy

ends and you’ve completed your tasks

rest assured In My

Embrace I’ll Grant you a peaceful

sanctuary and ultimate

Tranquility may my love and grace which

bring Eternal Solace and Hope soothe and

strengthen your heart for every good

deed and word dear one find in me the

serenity to accept what you cannot

change The Bravery to alter what you can

and the discernment to

distinguish between the two lean on me

for I am your comfort and shelter my

Tender Love envelopes you always

offering Solace and

Assurance child when your efforts reach

their limits seek my forgiveness for

what’s undone give thanks for what’s

achieved and draw strength from me for

what’s Yet to Come rest now in my

incomprehensible peace I am your refuge


distress turn to me for comfort amidst

life’s wounds and strength to face

adversity rest in my eternal promises

for I am with you blessed one in the

warmth of my love pres to me your

haunting memories perplexing anxieties

and frightening despair find my

forgiveness in your past and my peace in

your turmoil let my light and hope fill

your being my beloved when weakness

overwhelms you remember I am your

strength when loneliness Creeps in feel

my love surrounding you in fear find

courage in my presence let my wisdom

wisdom guide you through foolishness and

in turmoil discover my

peace my child amidst the glaring lights

and deafening noise of Life seek solace

in my comforting darkness and

silence rest securely beneath my


Wings forgive me my child and Trust in

my protection throughout the night

Blessed Mother hold my dear child close

God guardian angels and Saints intercede

for them sweet Jesus have mercy on all

who seek

salvation I am the light that shows you

the way when you feel lost and

confused when you’re unsure of where to

go look to me for I am your guiding map

leading you to safety and peace in times

of trouble and pain remember that I

suffered as you do I am with you always

seeing every every tear you shed and

feeling every ache in your heart you are

never alone and my love for you knows no

bounds you can always come to me just as

you are with your mistakes and

Sorrows I am your loving mother ready to

listen to your prayers and offer you

comfort and

Solace let my presence make you holy my

love save you and my strength uphold you

find refuge in me for I will never

abandon you even in your weakest

moments trust in me my child under my

protection you will find strength and

courage when you rely on your own

strength you may falter but with me you

are strong beyond measure when words

fail you know that my spirit is there

interceding for you with deep groans of

understanding and compassion do do not

seek Vengeance for that is not your

burden to bear trust in my Justice for I

will write every wrong in due time in

every circumstance remember that you can

do all things through me your source of

strength and

empowerment I understand your struggles

intimately for I have walked this Earth

and faced temptation just as you do

approach me with confidence knowing that

I offer you Mercy and Grace in your time

of need my child hold fast to your faith

in me I am here for you always ready to

embrace you with open arms and shower

you with my endless love and

compassion my messages will Empower you

so that you can make it through the

hardest days and if you have a family

member or friend who is

struggling you can share this message

with them to send a little strength

there away my child grant me the

strength to carry you through each day

with the Gentle Touch of grace and the

warmth of Love in Your Heart my dear one

I am great my power is so immense that

even the darkest forces cannot thwart it

in your lowest moments turn to me in

prayer for I am always by your side my

love for you knows no bounds shown

through the sacrifice of my son to

redeem you from sin think of my beloved

Son Jesus emerging from the tomb wounded

yet triumphant bearing the marks of a

victory that transcends human

understanding the Glorious Triumph of

the Soul over adversity Guided by my

Divine hand find joy in the hope I offer

stand firm in times of trouble and

dedicate yourself to the Solace of

prayer ask and and you shall

receive seek and you shall find knock

and I will open doors for you beyond


imagination understand this Jesus is not

just one path among many he is the sole

path to me the way the truth and the

life believe that your prayers are heard

and answered and when you pray release

any grievances so that my forgiveness

May flow freely to you blessed are those

who not only listen to my word but also

put it into action for they shall no


fulfillment chase after me and my

strength seek my presence

ceaselessly know this truth you will

witness the son of man seated in glory

surrounded by Heavenly Radiance and

descending upon the Clouds Of Heaven

what good is it to gain the world if you

lose your soul

nothing surpasses the value of your soul

embrace my message without shame for

when my glory returns I shall proudly

Embrace those who have stood by it

Faithfully listen closely dear child for

I am the radiant son too dazzling for

Mortal eyes to

behold yet fear not for I have sent

Jesus the beautiful prism to illuminate

your path and reveal the Wonder colors

of my love those who recognize their

spiritual emptiness are truly blessed

for it is they who shall inherit the

Kingdom of Heaven embrace your neediness

for in your weakness my strength is made

perfect when you come to me in prayer

believe with all your heart that your

desires will be granted and they shall

be yours but remember as you stand

before me forgive others just as I have

forgiven you so that your heart may be

free from bitterness and your spirit May

soar reflect on this truth the Sinners

whom Jesus embraced were not those who

followed every religious ritual but

those Society deemed

unworthy they accepted the gift of Grace

With Open Hearts while the

self-righteous relied on their own Works

embrace my grace for it is freely given

to all who humbly seek it I am your

strength and your protector dear one

trust in me with all your heart and I

will fill you with joy and gratitude

inspiring songs of praise from your lips

my kingdom is not of this world it is a

realm of eternal love and boundless

Grace where Earthly power holds no sway

seek first this Kingdom and all else

shall fall into place Place May the God

who grants endurance and encouragement

fill you with unity and love so that

together with one heart and voice you

may glorify me the God and father of our

Lord Jesus

Christ let the same attitude that Christ

Jesus displayed dwell richly within you

fostering love and humility among one

another embrace the truth of the Gospel

you cannot save yourself yourself

through your own efforts only through

the sacrifice of Jesus can you find

Salvation treasure this truth above all

else for it is the key to eternal life

therefore do not store up Treasures on

Earth where they may perish but store up

Treasures in Heaven where they are

secure For

Eternity for where your treasure lies

there your heart will be also trust in

me dear child and I will guide you with

love and compassion every step of the

way my child ensure that your

understanding of me aligns with the

teachings of scripture let truth be your

guide my Truth born of Love judges all

creation with

compassion the falsehoods of envy and

hatred belong to the deceiver to truly

know me is to understand yourself deeply

seek me earnestly for in knowing me you

discover your true self follow my son’s

example align your desires with mine

crave a world where my will reign

supreme a world known as my kingdom seek

me in The Quiet Moments for I am found


silence nature Whispers of my presence

let silence be your companion in


Souls my message is is not confined to

scripture alone it’s written across

creation see me in the beauty of the

world around you I am unchanging

eternally loving and

compassionate know me as your constant

father merciful and kind utilize every

gift I have bestowed upon you let your

life be a testament to using all that

I’ve entrusted to you Embrace each

moment as a blessing from me for I

orchestrate all things for your good

remember you are my reflection live in a

manner that mirrors my love and grace to

others all are welcome in fellowship

with me regardless of circumstance or

condition those who spend time with me

intimately gain my trust and

understanding turning away from me only

deepens your

challenges have the courage to

prioritize my commands ments above those


humans let every relationship be an

opportunity to demonstrate my love to

others just as I have loved you child

understand this deeply before your heart

can truly connect with others it must

first be aligned with me your

relationship with me is the Cornerstone

upon which all other relationships are

built when you seek me earnestly know

that I am already gazing upon you with

love your prayers reach me and I am

always mindful of you remember the

pursuit of knowing me is not solely your

Endeavor it is I who first sought you

out drawing You Into My

Embrace as you walk this path of Faith

let your connection with me grow

steadily for it will anchor you in truth

and give you the strength to endure


challenges even even when you feel like

you have nothing else take pride in our

relationship it is a precious bond that

sustains and uplifts you regardless of


circumstances know that in my presence

you are held and supported finding peace

in the midst of life’s

chaos trust me to bring the right people

into your life while gracefully allowing

those who do not belong to fade away

forgive others as I have forgiven you

embodying the essence of Christian love

and grace do not fear the uncertainties

of the future for I am the unchanging

ever knowing god who holds your tomorrow

in my hands through prayer allow me to

transform your heart aligning your

desires with

mine understand that True Fellowship

with me cannot coexist with exclusion or

judgment Embrace others with the same

love and acceptance that I have shown

you in times of darkness and sorrow

remember that I am closest to you my

light shines brightest in the darkest

moments bringing comfort and hope to

your weary Soul Child let these words

sink deep into your spirit may they

guide you on your Journey of Faith

drawing you ever closer to me your

loving Creator and steadfast

companion when I work in your life I

bring enrichment and meet your

needs sometimes I even give you gifts

not just what you need but what touches

your heart simply to show you my

kindness but my dear one beware of false

teachings that promise worldly riches

and constant happiness if you follow me

life will have its trials and it’s not a

sign of your faith lacking if you you

face them I want you to know that I

desire the best for you showering you

with blessings and caring for your needs

trials are inevitable in this world even

for those who follow me but fear not for

I am always with you guiding you through

the hard times even in the midst of

Trials I find ways to pour out my

blessings upon you bringing goodness

into your life when you step into

someone ‘s home speak words of Peace for

my peace dwells within you if the home

is receptive my blessing will stay if

not it will return to you my child

remember Jesus is the ultimate blessing

the source of all spiritual

blessings when you Embrace him as your

life he provides everything you need for

living a Godly life know this my beloved

before the the foundation of the world I

chose you you are not a result of chance

or Evolution I specifically crafted you

with love and purpose Desiring you to be

my own though you may stumble and fall

into sin remember that sin does not

define you in me You Are Holy because I

am Holy your past actions do not

determine your identity My Sacrifice on

the cross has cleansed you clothing you

in my righteousness and granting you a

new life so my child rest assured in my

love I am your provider your comforter

and your guide trust in me lean on me

and I will always be there for you

surrounding you with my blessings and

filling your life with my goodness in

Jesus name amen

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