Keep Your Faith in Me – Listen Everyday | Lord Jesus Say | God Message Today | Daily Jesus Prayer

hello and welcome God is speaking directly to you revealing signs every day across various mediums in your dreams your interactions even in the sky pay close attention for within these signs lies synchronicity guiding you towards a profound Revelation today your auspicious number is , remain Vigilant as you encounter it for within your … Read more

Shift Your Focus To God, STOP WORRYING God is Bigger Than Your Problems | Lord Jesus Say

hello and welcome have you ever pondered on how big the universe is the oceans the skies the hills and now picture your problems alongside those magnificent Creations beloved your troubles are brief notes in the vast Symphony of existence like a Soaring Eagle in the sky God’s mightiness transcends all your worries there’s nothing … Read more

Give Me a Moment | God Message Today |God Message For You | Gods Message Now| God Message

my cherished child may I have your attention for a moment trust that what I’m about to impart could revolutionize your world amid life’s Relentless demands it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the weight of obligations clouding your days with concerns let’s pause halt the ceaseless cycle of daily tasks and truly absorb my message … Read more

Forgiveness | God Message Today | God Message For You | Gods Message Now | God Message

dearest child today I wish to discuss the profound impact of forgiveness it is a remarkable manifestation of love and empathy a Priceless gesture that grants Liberation to both the one who forgives and the one forgiven forgiveness paves the path towards healing and Reconciliation transcending mere action to become a mindset a deliberate decision … Read more

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